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X, Darcy - From the TV movie Rock 'n' Roll Mom (1988). Played by Heather Locklear, this temperamental star stomps out of a recording studio, allowing suburban mom Annie Hackett (Dyan Cannon) to step up and sing the song, and become a star. See also Mystere.

X-Presidents, The - Cartoon versions of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush Sr. from one of Saturday Night Live's animated TV Funhouse segments (later spun off to its own show on Comedy Central), masterminded by Robert Smigel. After a hard day fighting supervillians they kick back with a little Archies-style pop rock. Carter gets the wimpy tamborine, hee hee! Groovy!

XT - From the TV show Freaky Links (01/12/01).


Ya-Hoo Recovering Alcoholic Jug Band, The - From the TV cartoon The Simpsons (03/26/92).

Yard, Ike - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

Yeah - MTV's po-mo sock puppets, The Sifl & Olly Show, held their First Annual Sifl & Olly Show Battle of the Bands in the 01/12/99 episode. The third and last entry were this four piece prog/art rock band in silver jumpsuits. Their influences are Yes, King Crimson, and Medusa. They win, but their lead singer says, "We do not make music for it to be judged. We make art for the mind, not the ears. And in protest of sound, we shall not accept this award, break up, and live in silence forever." The show is the brainchild of Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch who do the voices and compose and record the music. See also Clear Fog, Kee Kee & The P.P. Gang, Sgt. Blind Kiwi Tarzan, Zafo.

Yeah! - From the comic book Yeah! (1999-2000). All female trio and protagonists of the Gilbert Hernandez/Peter Bagge/DC comic book of the same name. They're huge in outer space, but come back to their home of New Jersey for some reason. Lineup: Krazy (guitar), Honey (drums) and Woo Woo (keyboard). It lasted nine issues. Thanks to Austin for this one.

Yinkleyankle, Daffy "Mal" - From the TV show Mr. Show (//).

Yodeling Andy - Artist mentioned in the "Master the Possibilities" episode (02/07/88) of Married with Children. Has the albums Yodeling Andy's Yodel Songs, Yodeling Andy Yodels the Blues, Yodeling Andy Yodels the Hits, and The Best of Yodeling Andy. According to son Bud (David Faustino), he's a mix of Burl Ives and Trini Lopez, which is strange, as neither of them yodel. See also Burned Beyond Recognition, Jimmy Dick and the Night Sticks, Joanie and the Slashettes, Oozing Meat, Otitis Media, Shoes 'n' Socks, Tears and Vomit, The Tuxedos, The Wanker Triplets, The Why.

Yodelin' Zeke - From the TV cartoon The Simpsons (03/26/92).

Young Caucasians, The - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (11/12/77). Thanks to skip heller for this one.

Young Savages, The - From the "Valentine's Day" aka "The Valentine" episode (02/14/86) episode of Mr. Belvedere, a sitcom so mind-numbing it was only left on the air to send coded messages to our spies*. Teen drummer hopeful Kevin Owens (Rob Stone) joins this band that, to his disappointment, is nowhere near as cool as their name, because it's actually named for members Stan Young (Howard E. Writwright) and the three Savage brothers, Herb (Johnny Bisaha), Bud (John Glaudini), and Ernie (Eric Peterson). Thanks to Jon Pennington for this one. (* Jason's theory, anyway.)

Young Snots, The - From Sonic Disruptors #6 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Jun. 1988.

Youseffi (sp?) - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (04/20/03).

Youth Bandits - From the TV show Ed (2002). Thanks to Charles Rempel for this one.

Yvonne - From the movie Smashing Time (1967). Dolly bird who hits swinging London with gal pal Brenda (Rita Tushingham) and gets turned into a tone-deaf pop singer. Played by Lynn Redgrave. See also The Snarks.


Zack Attack - From the lightweight comedy series Saved by the Bell. Named for the band's (and show's) pretty boy egomaniac preppie leader, Zachary "Zack" Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). The band exists because having a band is just something that high schoolers in TV land do. In the most band-centric episode, "Rockumentary" (11/30/91), Casey Kasem guest stars as himself and narrates a dream sequence where the band become big and famous. But usually the band just shows up playing the occasional school dance. Lineup: drummer Albert Clifford "AC" Slater (Mario Lopez), bassist Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), guitarist Zack Morris, keyboard player Samuel "Screech" Powers (Dustin Diamond), and sometimes Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Amber Thiessen) or Jessica "Jessie" Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) on vocals. The Saved by the Bell soundtrack album features several Zack Attack tracks: "Love Me Now," "Make My Day," "Friends Forever," and "Did We Ever Have A Chance?" Thanks to Alex Brounstein, Hooper_X, Ariail King, Ryan A. MacMichael, MonPetitRouge, Naylon and Queen Margot for this one. (See also The Five Aces, Hot Sundae, Stevie)

Zafo - Puppet rock star from two episodes (02/23/99 & 03/02/99) of MTV's oh so po-mo sock puppet show, The Sifl & Olly Show. He did a concert on top of Mt. Rushmore. Sifl and Olly idolize him, and rightfully so, as a meteor headed straight for earth decided not to collide with us after hearing about Zafo. The show is the brainchild of Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch who do the voices and compose and record the music. See also Clear Fog, Kee Kee & The P.P. Gang, Sgt. Blind Kiwi Tarzan, Yeah.

Zak, Piotr - From BBC radio program (by Hans Keller and Susan Bradshaw), June 5, 1961.

Zann, Erich - From The Music of Erich Zann (1922). From the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. Excerpt:
On the night I arrived I heard strange music from the peaked garret overhead, and the next day asked old Blandot about it. He told me it was an old German viol-player, a strange dumb man who signed his name as Erich Zann, and who played evenings in a cheap theater orchestra...

Zatapathique, Inspector Jean-Paul - The singing forensic expert from the Monaco Murder Squad, played by Graham Chapman. He sings the bouncy 'n' nonsensical "Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong" in a Eurovision Song Contest-like competition he's won at the end of the "How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body" episode (11/24/70) of the now legendary BBC sketch show Monty Python's Flying Circus. See also Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Arthur Ewing and his Musical Mice, Bolton Choral Society, The Herman Rodriguez Four, The Hunlets, Jackie Charlton and the Tonettes, Rachel Toovey Bicycle Choir.

ZaZu - From the animated TV show Tom Goes to the Mayor (12/19/04). Blonde dance-pop chanteuse featured in the "Rats Off to Ya" episode of the Cartoon Network's inexplicably popular "Tom Goes to the Mayor." We see the "Rats Off to Ya" video- taken from A ZaZu Xmas (Croeche Records) - which features ZaZu singing in front of what looks to be repeated images of show co-creator Eric Wareheim dancing in tragic bicycle shorts. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Zeke Benny and his Mad Mountain Boys - From the TV show The Jack Benny Program (11/4/51).

Zeke Benny and his Ozark Mountain Hillbillies - From the TV show The Jack Benny Program (10/28/50).

Zephyrs, The - From a TV commerical for Air New Zealand (2002-2003). This fake band had a real hit in New Zealand with "Something New." The singer is John Barker.

Zero Gravity - From the TV show Drake & Josh (200?). The Zetales- All the way from Looprevil, folks.

Zetales, The - From the collectible figurines (200?). Some wicked cool person sent me this figurine set- The Beatles as alien greys! Meet Ohn, Eorge, Aul, and Ingo- Ingo has the biggest nose- haw! My only question is it pronounced "ZEET-les" or "ZET-les" ?

Zetta Bytes, The - From the TV movie Pixel Perfect (2004). Disney Channel fodder; some kinda crazy, low-budget teen version of S1m0ne. A garage band adds a holographic AI frontwoman, Lorena Modern (Spencer Redford). Soon the band's leader, Samantha (Leah Pipes), is taking a backseat to her and the band gets renamed Lorena Modern and the Zetta Bytes.

Zhivago, Johnny - Number two artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Really Play." Pretty teenybopper Marty (Barbara Scott) asks her pretty teenybopper friend Sonietta (Gillian Hills), "Who you gettin' bratty? Goggly Gogol? Johnny Zhivago? The Heaven Seventeen?" just before Alex (Malcolm McDowell) sweet talks them back to his place for sex. Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it, check the miscellaneous page. Thanks to Joe Blevins, Kim Newman, and Peter Ledebur for this one. See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Cyclops, Goggly Gogol, The Heaven Seventeen, The Humpers, The Legend, The Sharks.

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - From "Ziggy Stardust" (song by David Bowie), 1972. Thanks to Wolfsong for this one. Rock and Willy Zilla

Zilla, Rock - From the TV cartoon My Dad The Rock Star (2003).

Zillion Kisses - From the movie Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever (1990).

Zit Remedy, The - See The Zits.

Zits, The - Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni) on vocals and keyboards, Archie 'Snake' Simpson (Stefan Brogren) on guitar, and Derek 'Wheels' Wheeler (Neil Hope) on bass, form the new wave-y trio The Zit Remedy in the low budget, Canadian-produced, coming-of-age show Degrassi Junior High (1986-1989). They had only one damn song, "Everybody Wants Something," available on their 1988 homemade album (or cassingle, to be more accurate), The Zit Remedy: LIVE! After Wheels' parents' tragic death, he drifted in and out of the band and was briefly semi-replaced on bass by Simon Dexter (Michael Carry). Eventually Wheels sold his bass and it seemed the band was dead. But when the show changed its name and setting to Degrassi High (1989-1991), the boys resurrected the band, decided a new, more mature moniker was needed, and so changed their name to The Zits. Much more mature. They tried to get their song on radio station CRAZ, got shot down, made a music video, and other such antics until the writers ran out of stereotypical high school band plots and the band faded from the show. Fan site here. Thanks to: Joey deVilla, Kael Driscoll, Bene Jenner, Kirby McKinley, and The Confused Muse. (See also Gourmet Scum, The Savages)

Zoa, Proto - See Microbe.

Zorak Zorak - Never has a repurposed cartoon brought such joy. Zorak, an evil mantis-like alien, once tried to kill Space Ghost in the original 1966 Hanna-Barbera Space Ghost and Dino Boy cartoon series. But on Cartoon Network's ever zany Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, he is now is forced to serve as the keyboardist and occasional singer. Host Space Ghost and idiot sidekick Brak are also known to step up to the mic. There was also an appearance by The Original Wayouts. Rhino Records released two CDs of their sublime ridiculousness, Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que (1997) and Space Ghost's Surf & Turf (1998).

just a line

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