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just a line


Ian Pearson Band - From music video for song "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits, 198?.

Ice Man McGee - From the TV show The Ben Stiller Show (01/17/93). Thanks to bootsy spankins, p.i. for this one.

Icicles, The - From the TV show The Cosby Show (01/10/85).

Il Duce - From the TV show The Young Ones (1982). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Imitators, The - From the movie Greendale (2003). Thanks to Cynthia for this one.

Impossibles, The - This animated Hanna-Barbera rock band was really a cover for a team of superheroes: Coil Man, Fluid Man, and Multi-Man. Apparently, no one made the connection that the rock band and the superheroes had the same damn name. Cartoon people are so stupid. Anyway, they were part of the 1966-68 Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles TV show.

Incarceration - Oh-so-ironically named faux band created by the Albuquerque Police Dept. as part of a prostitution sting featured in an 0episode of Cops. Can you freaking believe it? A freaking fake band on Cops! The band drove around in a white limo trying to pick up and bust hookers. According to the pre-sting debriefing, the drummer is the lead singer. They looked to be of the Foghat/Eddie Money genre of mulleted older guys who were going to pot but who still hit the stage every night. Thanks to Alan for this one.

Indomitable Spirit - An inspirational band of people with seemingly insurmountable problems playing feel good rock to high school assemblies from a sketch in the HBO comedy series Mr. Show. Terry (Dave Cross) is the drummer with no hands or forearms, Jimbo (John Ennis) the completely armless guitar player [he uses his feet], Mickey (Jay Johnston) the flutist who is just a head, and Fran, who is a woman. But they're all actually whole and healthy. They were trying to make a point. Then their old drummer Tommy (Bob Odenkirk), from when they were Flat-Top Tony and the Purple Canoes (also the name of the episode), shows up. He actually does have one arm, and complains about being kicked out of the band for only having one arm, but he was really kicked out for being a shitty drummer.

InKline Plain - From the book War for the Oaks (1987). "...the most misspelled band in Minneapolis," from the fantasy novel by Emma Bull. Member Eddi McCandry breaks up with her boyfriend Stuart Kline, the band's leader, and then gets involved with fairies. Sorry, I mean "The Faerie." See also Eddi and the Fey

Intervals, The - From the TV series Otherworld (02/16/85). One of the boring popular music groups of boring Centrex City handled by booking agent Billy Sunshine (Michael Callan), and only glimpsed as a picture on his office wall in the "Rock and Roll Suicide" episode. See also Trace and Gina.

Iron Skulls - From the movie The Beat (1988). Played by real hardcore band The Cro-Mags. They play "Hard Times" and "It's the Limit," both off their 1986 Age of Quarrel album. The band was played by: John Joseph, Harley Flannagan, Petey Hines, Doug Holland, and Kevin Mayhew.

Insanity - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Insensitive Spittoon - From Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (PC computer game) from LucasArts, 1993.

Intentional Thumbprint - From the webcomic Wapsi Square (2001). Intentional Thumbprint -- Folky band that opened for Fermented Banana when they played The Plow in Des Moines. The lead singer/guitarist, Heather Mills, later gets involved with Fermented Banana's Shelly Wahnee. See also Fermented Banana, The Pickledippers. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

International Silver String Submarine Band - In the 1934 Our Gang/Little Rascals short Mike Fright, the gang forms this band to compete in a radio station audition. They perform "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" on junkyard instruments.

Irina - From the 1995 James Bond movie, Goldeneye. The fetching mistress (despite her lack of a surname) of Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane), ex-KGB man turned Russian mafia, she spends about thirty seconds massacring "Stand By Your Man" in a thick Russian accent in Zukovsky's club. Played by Minnie Driver?! Well, okay, but I still miss Roger Moore. And Sean Connery.

Ivan and the Terribles - Marijuana smoking rock band who have the misfortune to run into really nice psycho Farmer Vincent (Rory Calhoun). He puts a steel bear trap in the road that causes their van to crash, then gasses them, cuts their vocal cords, buries them up to their necks, force feeds them, hypnotizes them, snaps their necks by tying ropes around them and then to his tractor and going for a very short drive, and, finally, smokes their corpses for jerky. Whew! All in the 1980 slasher comedy Motel Hell. Lineup: Ivan (Michael Melvin in a terrible fake beard), the drummer (John Ratzenberger in a terrible fake mustache), the guitarist (Marc Silver) and a female who may be in the band or just a groupie (Victoria Hartman). Thanks to Mark Pritchard for this one.

just a line

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just a line

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