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just a line


da Capo, Allegro - From the book The Road to Oz (191?). Weird denizen of Oz who apparently can't NOT make music.

Daddy-O aka Phil Sandifer aka Pete Plum - From the movie Daddy-O (1959). Thanks to Diana Goodman for this one.

Daffy Duck Band, The ? - From the TV show The White Shadow (01/06/81). Thanks to Robin Edgerton for this one.

Dain, Samantha - From the TV show Ironside (11/23/67). Hippie songstress in "The Man Who Believed" episode. She commits suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, or was it... MURDER?! Played by Marcia Strassman. Thanks to Mark Lungo for this one.

Daisy Bang, The - From Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth (book by Kim Cooper & David Smay), 2001. Thanks to Vom Doom for this one.

Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience, The - From "The Bluegrass is Always Greener" episode (02/24/02) of FOX animated show King of the Hill. Pre-teen violin prodigy Kahn "Kahnie" Souphanousinphone (voiced by Lauren Tom), takes a break from her tedious classical exercises to jam in the alley with Hank Hill's (voiced by Mike Judge) acoustic guitar playing on some bluegrass tunes. It's so fun, Hank's beer swilling buddies join up and they form a garage bluegrass band. Mush-mouthed Boomhauer (voiced by Mike Judge) reveals a previously hidden ability to play the banjo and actually sing (singing voice done by country star Vince Gill) on the Bill Monroe classic "Blue Moon of Kentucky." Dale Gribble (Johnny Hardwick) plays bass on his electronic keyboard and Bill Dauterive (voiced by Stephen Root) chips in on washboard. Hank thinks they're pretty good- Branson good, even, and enters them to compete in the 15th Annual Old Time Fiddle Festival. Kahnie ditches her Fort Worth audition for the boring ole Van Cliburn Summer Orchestra to hit the road with Hank and co. In Branson, Hank turns into as demanding a taskmaster as Kahnie's dad and sucks all the fun out of the outing, so Kahnie bolts before the contest with Hank's son, Bobby (Pamela Segall). Hank has to go after her, leaving the band two members short. Dale tricks country legend Charlie Daniels (playing himself) into replacing Kahnie on fiddle. Hank and Kahn (voiced by Toby Huss) find their kids busking for bus fare to Appalachia, and reconcile. See also The Bluegrass Brothers, The Harris Twins

Dan Rancid and the Afflicted - OOPS, THEY'RE REAL!

Dancing Schuberts, The - In the "Deviated Tonsils" episode (2001) of the animated WB kidvid show Generation O!, the titular band has a brief clash backstage at the tv dance program Dance Jam with the irritating, goody-two shoes, insincere, phony-bologna brother-sister duo, The Dancing Schuberts. Generation O! has to suffer through their song, "Mom and Dad Know Best," before they can take the stage. Later in the episode, Molly's bratty brother Buzz, torments her by playing a Dancing Schuberts CD. Tragically, "Deviated Tonsils" turns out to be Molly's medical condition and not the name of any band. See also Generation O!

Dandi and Pandi - Whew. Where to begin. Okay, this interracial singing duo comes from the jaw-droppingly, mind-numbingly bad 1980 movie The Apple, a sort of train wreck combo of Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Phantom of the Paradise and The Book of Revelations, set in 1994. Dandi (Alan Love) is exactly half Roger Daltrey and half Davy Jones. Pandi (Grace Kennedy) is yer standard hot black chick. They are the super huge, sequin-spangled singing sensation of the BIM company (Boogalow International Music), controlled by satanic fop Mr. Boogalow (Vladek Sheybal). He uses them to seduce the fresh-faced innocent folk duo Alphie and Bibi. See also Alphie and Bibi.

Dangles, The - From the animated TV series Rocko's Modern Life (09/19/93). In the "Bedfellows" episode, this fake band is playing a nudist party.

Dane, Diane - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996). Danger Kitty's CD single

Danger Kitty - From the TV commerical for Discover Card (1999-2000). Super perfect hair metal band simulacrum circa 1983 with the big hit "Love Rocket." But really a lesson on fiscal responsibility from Discover Card. Played by real L.A. band Metalshop. Lineup: lead singer Michael Diamond, Rikki Ratchet on guitar, Ginger Roxx on bass, and Blackhead on drums. For awhile you could get a free CD single of "Love Rocket" online at the now long dead website www.dangerkittytheband.com. Relive the glory here. Thanks to Blossom for this one.

Daniels, Buck ? - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (09/24/94).

Dann, Maury - From the film Payday (1972). Country-western singer played by Rip Torn, who does his own singing. Thanks to David Cornell Hurd for this one.

Click me for an amusing Quicktime clip!
Pic courtesy of Jack Stalnaker
Dark, Deacon - Real pop star and former U.S. Representative (R, CA from 1994 'till his untimely death in a 1998 skiing accident) Sonny Bono portrays this Alice Cooper slash KISS-style rocker in the (08/11/79) episode of that guest star-studded series, The Love Boat. As Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) says, "He's no Jerry Vale!" He falls in love with a deaf girl and sings her a sappy love song. Sellout! Booo! Hisss! Click here for a hi-larious Quicktime video clip, digitized by Planet Jomo Productions (Thanks to them & Peter Ledebur). Thanks to Tom Bagley, Andy Mansur and Jon Pennington for this one.

Dark, Gulliver - From the TV show The Tracey Ullman Show (12/13/87 & 11/05/89 & 05/05/90). Thanks to Matt Rowe for this one.

Darlings, The - The stonefaced sons of the hillbilly Darling clan on The Andy Griffith Show. Possibly also known as The Darling Boys. They were played by real life bluegrass group The Dillards. They were in at least the three following episodes: "The Darlings Are Coming" (3/18/63), "Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bea" (10/28/1963) and "Divorce Mountain Style" (3/30/64). Possibly they were in three more: "Mountain Wedding" (4/29/63), "The Darling Baby" (12/07/64), and "The Darling Fortune" (10/17/66). They also appeared in the 1986 reunion TV movie Return to Mayberry. Lineup: Rodney Dillard -- guitar, dobro and vocals, Doug Dillard -- Banjo and sang baritone, Dean Webb -- mandolin and tenor vocals and Mitch Jayne -- bass and acted as MC for the group and comic monologues. Father Briscoe Darling Jr. (Denver Pyle) would occasionally chip in on jug.

Darrock, Jimmy - From the TV show The Flintstones (03/12/65).

Darryl and the Chaos - Darryl McPherson's high school band in the "Hurtin' Inside" episode (04/08/00) of animated series Baby Blues. The foursome (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) was in a battle of the bands against such notables as the punky Steve and the Apocalypse and the Jim Morrison-meets-Dylan-meets-bad Nick Cave-esque Flack and the Calamity. D and the C's planned entry was "Becky Won't You Read My Heart," an attempt to woo back a gal who'd thrown over Darryl for tortured jerk Flack. But Darryl quits the show because Flack's band performed first. In a classic sitcom crossing of paths, Darryl later discovers that Flack grew up to be a high school janitor. Thanks to Alan for this one. See also Roadkill Hoagie, and Scissor Bitch.

Dave Dunn and His Swing Cats - From the TV show Roseanne (04/09/96). A "marvelous" and "very peppy" wedding band that Beverly Harris (Estelle Parsons) auditions for David and Darlene's wedding in the "Morning Becomes Obnoxious" episode. We never see the band, so their actual levels of peppiness and marvelousity are unknown. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Dead Girls, The - From the movie Dead Girls (1990).

Dead Pink - From the movie Friends 'Til the End (1997). Made-for-TV movie starring Shannon Doherty as sorority girl Heather Rumley, a who fronts this, her guitarist boyfriend Simon's (Jason London) rock band. Psycho co-ed Zanne Armstrong (Jennifer Blanc) joins the band to make Rumley's life miserable. They play in a battle of the bands. One of Dead Pink's songs, "Don't Be", is by real band astroPuppee, and another, "Up Above The Clouds" is by defunct North Carolina band Soccer. Thanks to Jon Hetman, Neese29, Kristen Quaedvlieg for this one.

Dean, Johnny - From the movie Wag the Dog (1997). Thanks to matt zalev for this one.

Dean, Ricky - Former eighties pop star Huey Lewis stars in the 2000 flick Duets as Ricky Dean, a lowlife professional karaoke hustler. Uh, excuse me, professional karaoke hustler? Yeah, they really ruin it for the rest of us. Anyway, his modus operandi is to go to karaoke bars, act like an ignorant jerk, dare to belittle the art form that is karaoke to its fans, then challenge the local karaoke cock of the walk to a heavily wagered upon singing contest. At which point he whips out his own custom karaoke CD (warning sign!) and blows the chump off the stage. In the plot, he is reunited with his long-abandoned daughter Liv (Gwyneth Paltrow) at her mother's funeral and has to learn to like, love her and stuff. The soundtrack album has his versions of "Feeling Alright" and Jackie Wilson's "Lonely Teardrops." All the stars did their own singing.

Death, Buddy - See The Buddy Death Band.

Death Lurks - Anger 'n' angst-filled metal band fronted by long-haired metal dude Grivo (Bruce McCullough) who sings "Some Days It's Dark" at The Suicide Club in the 1996 Kids In The Hall movie Brain Candy. After taking Gleemonex, the miracle antidepressant drug of the title, he becomes a happy-go-lucky popster with a sunshiny new song ("Happiness Pie"), that wins the World Video Award for best new contemporary song. Both songs are on the soundtrack album; Bruce did his own singing, backed by real Canadian band The Odds. Several Kids in the Hall members appeared in The Odds music video for "Heterosexual Man" and Odds' member Craig Northey scored the film. Thanks to Anna Truwe for add'l info. (see also Cancer Boy)

Deathtöngue - See Billy and the Boingers

Debonairs, The - From the movie That'll Be the Day (1973). Late 50s blue-suited rock and roll quintet (piano, drums, guitar, bass, vocals) from the 1974 UK film That'll Be the Day. They play a dingy, discouraging dance hall attended by protagonist Jim MacLaine (David Essex). He's watching the band while he's supposed to be attending night school, the bastard. The band's not credited in the credits either, the bastards. See also The Stray Cats, Stormy Tempest.

Decade, Ace - A glam rocker from "The Diabolical Disc Demon" episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? He's found out to be the disk demon when the gang figure out a song the phantom is after has spells out A-C-E-D-E-C-A-D-E in musical notes. He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids. Thanks to Joe Blevins for this one. (see also Jimmy Lewis)

Ded Lizards (or Dead Lizards) - From the TV show Lovejoy (01/27/91).

Dee, Tommy - From the movie The Idolmaker (1980). Spoiled 50s rock star played by Paul Land. The first star molded by manager Vincent "Vinnie" Vacarri (Ray Sharkey). See also Caesare. Thanks to Karl A. ProhaskaKristen Quaedvlieg for this one.

Deej, The - From the TV show Roseanne (11/07/95). The show does this episode, "The Fifties Show," as a parody of black-and-white 50s sitcoms. The Deej (Michael Fishman) appears at the end, fake-playing a guitar with the name "The Deej" in rhinestones on his guitar. He looks like a Brian Setzer- esque 50s rocker. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Defcon One - From the "G Thang" sketch on the 11/20/99 episode of Mad TV. African American rapper (Phil Lamarr) who comes out of the closet on a talk show (hosted by Michael McDonald), then raps a gay rap. See also Dr. Dazzle, The Erascists, Hoppy Potty, Darlene McBride, Savante, Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne, Shaunda, Little Hassan Taylor, Willow.

Defiler - From the TV show The Sopranos (03/14/99). Thanks to angelo madrigale and jeff breil for this one.

Def Zepplin - From the "Toon TV" episode (11/09/92) of cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures. Warner Brothers needs to send its animators back to school, since they can't spell zeppelin. In a music video for The Contours' oldie "Do You Love Me," Babs Bunny (voiced by Tress MacNeille) puts on a walkman to ignore Buster Bunny (voiced by Charlie Adler), so Buster drops in this band's CD (Live at Folsom Prison) into her walkman, causing her head to swell and explode. Now, if only someone will name a band "Led Leppard." See also Fuddonna, Skinhead O'Connell,Ruffee, Vanilla Lice.

Delights, The - One of the artifacts of the 70's fad for the 50's was the 1978 flick, American Hot Wax, which dramatized real-life Cleveland DJ Alan Freed's championing of rock and roll. Real rockers Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins appeared as themselves, but for some reason, fictionalized versions of other real groups were created like this Chantels/Shirelles stand-in. See also The Chesterfields, Clark Otis, Professor LaPlano and the Planotones, Timmy and the Tulips.

Denny and Brian - The born again surfer duo that sang "Surfin' to Heaven" on the June 7, 1978 episode of talk show spoof Fernwood 2-Night.

Dero, Billy - From the "Amazon Hot Wax" episode (02/16/79) of tv show Wonder Woman. A successful folk singer on the Phoenix Records Label, his disappearance drives the whole episode's plot. Turns out he faked his own death so his memorial album, Farewell to the Master, would go through the roof. But he left clues hidden in the songs and on the cover of his What's My Moniker, Veronica album (which resembles the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's cover). Phoenix label-mates AntiMatter figure them out and discover Billy (Martin Speer) hiding out at his boarded-up Santa Monica house. Hey, dumbass! You can't cash royalty checks if you're supposed to be dead! See also AntiMatter, Jeff and Barbi Gordon, Lane Kinkaid, Kathy Meadows, Hamlin Rule.

deSalle, Marie - Ex-Cosby kid Lisa Bonet has an extended cameo as this uber-sexy, dreadlocked, nose-studded singer at Chicago's Lounge Axe club, in the movie High Fidelity (2000). She sings, sells her CD, and has a meaningless one night stand with Championship Vinyl store owner Rob Gordon (John Cusack), because she believes sex is one of the "basic human rights." She sings an acoustic version of Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" in a way that makes it not suck (alas, not on the soundtrack) and mentions a song she wrote called "Eartha Kitt Times Two." (See also Barry Jive and the Uptown Five, The Kinky Wizards.
The Marie DeSalle CD Rob pops in has the following tracks listed on it:
1. Baby I Love Your Way
2. Eartha Kitt Times Two
3. Ghostbusters
4. Beat It
5. Baby Got Back
6. 911 is a Joke
7. I Will Survive
8. Mmm Bop
9. My Heart Will Go On
10. You Can't Have It
11. The Time is Now

Desmond, Ronny - Never seen teen pop idol who sings the hit song, "Puberty Love" in the 1978 cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The horrible song is the only thing that can stop the killer tomatoes, a gimmick lifted completely by Tim Burton for his crapfest Mars Attacks! The song's title and singer's name are parodies of "Puppy Love" and its singer, Donny Osmond. Trivia Time! This high-pitched ditty was sung by then 15 or 16 year old Matt Cameron, future Soundgarden drummer!

Devil Cats, The - From the movie Devil Cats: The Movie (2005). All girl band from an indie movie directed by Anika Poitier, and produced by respected actor Sydney Poitier who, by a staggering coincidence, is also her Anika's father! It smells like some horrible celebrity offspring vanity project, but since I haven't seen it, I'll withhold judgement. The movie/band has it's own website: http://thedevilcats.com/home.html

Devin Shire and the Zipperheads - From Sonic Disruptors #2 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Jan. 1988.

Diamond, Bobby - From the TV show Murder, She Wrote (12/02/90).

Diamond Dead - From the movie Diamond Dead (2005). All male rock quartet who get accidentally killed by their new female singer, who then cuts a deal with Death to bring them all back to life. Zombiemeister George Romero directs. Richard Hartley, the composer for Rocky Horror Picture Show, composes. There's also a stage musical version: www.ddonstage.com.

Diamonds in the Rough - From the 2001 flick Saving Silverman. Main characters J.D. (Jack Black), Wayne (Steve Zahn), and Darren Silverman (Jason Biggs) like to occasionally don wigs and shiny duds and perform on street corners as this band, probably the only all Neil Diamond cover band in fiction or reality. Or so one would think, but then these guys showed up!

Diaper Rash - From the movie Hardbodies (1984). This brainless beach jiggle flick also features real all-girl metal band Vixen. Thanks to Wil Raymond, d-tension for this one.

Dickie Dark and the Days - From the movie Graveyard Rot (????). Thanks to Bob Lee for this one.

Dicky and Dino - From the TV show The Young Ones (1982). Thanks to Tim Lowell and Alan Benson for this one.

Diddlybops, The - From Lake Woebegone Summer 1956 (novel by Garrison Keillor), 2001.

Diggler, Dirk - In the 1997 movie Boogie Nights, Burt Reynolds fails once again in a comeback attempt, but more importantly, the former Marky Mark (of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) Mark Wahlberg draws critical praise as fictional large-genitaled 70s and 80s porn star Dirk Diggler. You'd think that would be enough for any man, but no, the former Eddie Adams also wants to be a singing star and cuts an album, but runs out of money to pay the recording studio. Trivia time! One of the songs he performs, "The Touch," is a cover of a song from the soundtrack to The Transformers: The Movie (1986). Shoot, if the drugs hadn't killed him, the embarrassment should have.

Dill Scallion and the Dillionaires - From the movie Dill Scallion (1999). Thanks to Charles Rempel for this one.

Dimension - In the "I'm With the Band" (11/20/99) episode of short-lived/critically acclaimed tv show Freaks and Geeks, freak Nick (Jason Segel) bails out of his friends' as yet unnamed band (they kick around the names Creation and Mission Control) to try out for this band. His drumming is not up to snuff and he fails the audition. Dimension was played by various members of the show's production team, including the creator, Paul Feig, on bass. (see also Feedback)

Dingbats, The - From the TV show Gidget (02/24/66).

Dingoes Ate My Baby - Rock band from the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The lead guitarist, Daniel "Oz" Osborne (Seth Green), is a werewolf. They play occasionally at club called The Bronze. The band's music is done by real band Four Star Mary, but they don't play the band in the show.

Diplomats, The - From the TV show Full House (01/07/92).

Dirty Dogs, The - See California Dreams

Dirty Mops, The - From Kraft Macaroni & Cheese TV commercial, 2003. Thanks to mmixingmike for this one.

Dirty Name 5 - From the animated TV show Battle of the Planets (1978). From episode #34, "The Space Rock Concert." The G-Force team is enjoying this concert when the band is kidnapped by evil Spectra. Of course, this series was originally "Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman" (1972-74), so who knows what the original Japanese band name was. Thanks to David Sevilla for this one.

Disaster Area - Fans agree, the best sound balance for a Disaster Area show is in large concrete bunkers some 37 miles from the stage. Douglas Adams created this louder than loud, mega-rich rock band in the sequel to his 1979 novel The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980). Both started life as a 1978 BBC radio series, but the band was not originally in it. Then, when everything was re-redone as the 1981, six-episode BBC TV series, the sequence was used a second time. I won't even mention the 1980 rerecorded and rewritten albums of the radio series or the 1984 Infocom text-based computer game version of the books. Oops, too late! Group member Hotblack Desiato (Barry Frank Warren) [instrument unknown], is spending a year dead for tax reasons when his former pal Ford Prefect (David Dixon) tries to strike up a conversation with him at Milliways, the aforementioned restaurant at the end of the universe. Rebuffed, Ford and co. go off and unwittingly steal the band's stunt ship, which is preprogrammed to crash into a sun as part of the band's stage show. Trivia Time! Douglas Adams got the name from London real estate firm Hotblack, Desiato and Co. He saw one of their signs and became so enamoured of the name he got permission to use it.

Disco Palindromes - From the TV cartoon Sabrina the Animated Series (1999-2001). Thanks to jhdincal for this one.

Disk-O-Boyz - Boy band in the little noticed 1999 movie Boy Wonderz. They run through a gamut of the usual band-related problems.

Dixon, Eddie - From Wrack & Roll (novel by Bradley Denton), 1986.

DJay - From the movie Hustle & Flow (2005). Small time Memphis pimp and drug dealer (Terrence Howard) who desperately wants to become a rapper. He assembles a motley crew to back him: Key (Anthony Anderson), Shelby (DJ Qualls), and whore Shug (Taraji P. Henson) on backup vocals. DJay hopes to get his old childhood friend Skinny Black (real rapper Ludacris), now a rap superstar, to listen to his demo tape. See also Skinny Black. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

D.J. Milf - From Diesel Sweeties (Internet comic strip by Richard Stevens), 11/22/02.

Do Re Mi - From the movie Summer Holiday (1963). Do Re Mi is a trio of English lasses on their way to their first singing gig in Athens, attempting to cross the continent in a broken down jalopy straight out of Archie comics. Naturally, there's one of each hair color: brown-haired Angie (Pamela Hart), black-haired Sandy (Una Stubbs), and blond haired Mimsie (Jacqueline Daryl). See also Barbara Winters.

Dr. Dazzle - From the "Helpful Hand Gangsta" sketch on the 05/10/97 episode of Mad TV. This African American rap star (Phil Lamarr) shills for rap star life insurance. A comment on the Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. murders (09/13/96 and 03/09/97, respectively). See also Defcon One, The Erascists, Hoppy Potty, Darlene McBride, Savante, Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne, Shaunda, Little Hassan Taylor, Willow.

Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Based Solution - From the TV show Arrested Development (01/16/05). Drug-promoting family folk trio featuring Tobias Fünke (David Cross) on vocals, Lindsay Bluth Fünke (Portia de Rossi) on vocals and autoharp, and Mae 'Maeby' Fünke (Alia Shawkat) on spoken-word side-effect descriptions. See, Dr. Fünke's etc. etc. etc. is just a means of selling Teamocil, a now-banned nutritional supplement that promotes feelings of teamwork... and decreases sex drive, reduces short-term memory, and causes sleepiness. But let's get one thing clear: it doesn't cause hallucinations. The band and the drug appeared in the "I Blank You Mother" episode. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one. See also Motherboy.

Dr. Phibes' Clockwork Wizards - From the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971). These are a life-sized clockwork hot jazz combo that Doc fires up throughout the movie. They aren't real people, so they'd be a fake fake band, I guess. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Dr. Snatchcatcher - From the movie Marci X (2003).

Moments before disaster...
Zoot (left) and Floyd Pepper (right).
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - Extremely groovy rock band from The Muppet Show, various muppet movies and random muppet TV specials. Lineup: Laid back Dr. Teeth (keyboards), valley girl Janice (guitar), man of few words Zoot (tenor sax), the comically violent Animal (drums) and scruffy Floyd Pepper (bass). I'll bet you didn't know Floyd had a last name, did you? I'll also bet you didn't know that both Janet and Floyd play left-handed, didja? Didja didja didja? The band was created for the 1975 Muppet Show pilot, Sex and Violence. Jim Henson based Dr. Teeth on New Orleans ivory tickler Dr. John. The rest of the band were designed by muppeteer Michael Frith. This fan page is far superior to most real bands' pages. I bow before it. (See also Miss Piggy, Rowlf the Dog)

Dog Track Gravy - From Baja Oklahoma (novel by Dan Jenkins), 1981. Thanks to Joseph Thompson for this one.

Dog's Pajamas - From the animated TV series Recess (1997-2001). Mentioned in some episodes. Thanks to davidallen for this one.

Dogs - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (12/05/92). Thanks to James Lister for this one.

Dogs in Space - INXS front man and autoerotic asphyxiation aficionado Michael Hutchence starred as Sam, the lead singer of the band Dogs In Space, also the title of this 1987 film set in 1978 Melbourne, Australia. They played punk rock, and had a song with the same name as the band, a warning sign of likely crappy bands everywhere.

Donatello Triplets, The - From the TV show The Golden Girls (02/25/89). Singing group played by the real-life singing del Rubio triplets (Eadie, Elena, and Milly) in the "You Gotta Have Hope" episode. They're managed by Sophia (Estelle Getty), who agrees to let them play in the hospital variety benefit show if they also take her boyfriend, a lame magician act. Thanks to Jon C. Pennington for this one. See also R.E.M., The Wanker Triplets

Donnie and the Tone Deafs - From Skittles TV commercial w/Don Adams, 199?. Thanks to Jim Ervin for this one.

Doo Dads, The - From Lake Woebegone Summer 1956 (novel by Garrison Keillor), 2001.

Doppel Gang, The - See Spinal Tap

Downtown - From the movie Popstar (2005). Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's little brother, Aaron Carter stars as J.D. McQueen is this Disney straight to video movie. He's a member of this superhot boy band. He's failing home school, so Mom sends him to public school with the threat- no pass, no summer tour. No tour, and the label will replace him in the band. There's some clever casting with former 70s teen pop star heart-throbs David Cassidy (Keith Partridge) as his manager and Leif Garrett as a school janitor. McQueen sucks up to the smart girl planning to cheat off her during tests. The stupid thing is that the supposedly "dorky" smart girl is just as hot as the evil pretty girl. Plus the smart girl can't be that smart, 'cause she doesn't even have glasses. Or her hair up in a bun. What's up with that?! Also, Believe it or not, it turns out McQueen has the pop-psych ailment "test anxiety" - LAME! Official site.

Downtown Sasquatch - From the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2005). From the "Rock and Roll High School" episode (03/08/04). And probably others. In this episode they compete in a Battle of the bands against Craig's ex-girlfriend Ashley's band, Hell Hath No Fury (formerly PMS). Lineup: Craig Manning (Jake Epstein), Gavin "Spinner" Mason (Shane Kippel), James "Jimmy" Brooks (Aubrey Graham), and Marco Del Rossi (Adamo Ruggiero). See also Hell Hath No Fury, PMS. Thanks to Noreen Sobczyk for this one.

Dreamers, The - From Omikron: The Nomad Soul (CD ROM game by Quantic Dream), 1999.

Dreams - From the TV show Dreams (October 1984). Thanks to TC Kirkham for this one.

Dregs of Humanity, The - Or maybe The Dreggs of Humanity. In the depths of the 1980's, before Parker Lewis couldn't lose, before Ferris Bueller had his day off, there was the scheming, conniving Matthew Burton of the short lived '84-'85 sitcom, It's Your Move, played by Jason Bateman. In a two part episode ("The Dregs of Humanity Part I" [01/02/85] & "The Dregs of Humanity Part II" [01/09/85]), Matthew's idiot buddy Eli (Adam Jay Sadowsky) loses the money to hire the band Morning Breath for a school dance. Out of cash and bandless, they resort to a brilliant piece of chicanery: they dress up some science class skeletons in rock finery and manipulate them marionette style as prerecorded heavy metal blares through the sound system and careful smoke machine fog and lighting obscure the truth. Not only do they get away with it, but the band is an instant hit! Too big of a hit, actually. Matthew pays the price for overexercising his promotional skills as new fans demand to know more. Matthew, in WAY over his head, agrees to an interview- conducted by his mom's reporter boyfriend, Norman Lamb (David Garrison, better known as Marcie's first hubby on Married With Children). Matthew sets up his skeletons again, Norman gets suspicious, and as tension mounts, it's all to be continued next week! Except... next week's show is preempted by a speech from then President Reagan (I knew there was a reason I didn't like him)! Fans had to wait for summer reruns to learn the results: The Dregs are no-shows at a sold-out concert, Norman gets wise, Matthew gets sued, and in a second stroke of brilliance, kills off The Dregs by having them drive off a cliff into the sea. And where did this teen con-man get a car? Well, Norman made enough money selling his interview to Rolling Stone to buy a used car. Presumably, he had something to lose if the band is revealed as a fraud, since he inadvertently perpetrated it with his interview. So he is convinced to donate his car to the cause. In a later episode, a newspaper shows the Dregs being posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Trivia time! The Grateful Dead used a similar puppet skeleton band concept for its 1987 "Touch of Grey" video. Were The Dead... Jason Bateman fans!?! For this one, thanks go out to: Todd Beckley, Loki Carbis, Joe Goodwin, Adam from gardenofspeedin.com, Jim LeDuc, Byron Norris, Kurt Ruff, Jim Schweitzer, and Brian Young! See also Morning Breath.

Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations - From the movie Bedazzled (1967). Thanks to Paul Lorello, Jon Pennington, Larry McDonough, and glen (') for this one.

driveSHAFT - From the TV show Lost (2004). Castaway Charlie (former hobbit Dominic Monaghan) says he was the bassist in this semi-famous band on this ABC show, some kinda crazy DRAMA version of Gilligan's Island! Their song "You All Everybody" was in "The Moth" episode (11/03/04), which reveals in flashbacks that Charlie was in the band with his brother Liam (Neil Hopkins). Liam hit the drugs hard and the band broke up after two albums (driveSHAFT and Oil Change). Liam got clean, but then Charlie got addicted. Liam didn't want to put the band back together, but Charlie did- them drugs ain't cheap you know! Then he got into this plane wreck with 47 other poor shmucks. They have an official website, www.driveshaftband.com! In what must surely be aSOME kind of first, driveSHAFT crossed over to the series Alias !! In "The Awful Truth" episode (01/12/05), their song "You All Everybody" is playing in the background at a party. More info at poobala.com. Thanks to Gregor, montdlaw, al fleener, Christopher for this one. See also Meat Coat.

Dross - From The Archers (BBC Radio 4 radio drama), 2002. Thanks to Peter Gedge for this one.

Drummy - All drums band from Living In Greytown (Internet comic strip by Dave Kelly), 2000.

Dudez-A-Plenti - From the TV show Late Night with Conan O'Brien (2000). Thanks to Michael Poirier for this one.

Your boy band of the day... Get it? Hanh? Hanh?
These gents would like to be your backdoor lovers.
DuJour - Parody number one boy band from the beginning of the 2001 Josie and the Pussycats movie. They sing the songs "Backdoor Lover" and "DuJour Round the World" (both on the soundtrack album). They all get killed in a plane crash when they learn THE HORRIFYING TRUTH! Lineup: D.J. (Donald Adeosun Faison), Travis (Seth Green), Marco (Breckin Meyer), and Les (Alexander Martin). Their evil manager was Wyatt Frame (Alan Cumming). Official Site. Thanks to David Connors, Dawn Cavallero, Cheryl Renshaw, and Beth George for this one. See also Josie and the Pussycats.

Duke - From the TV show Roseanne (01/22/92). David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills, and Nash) tapped deep into his inner pudgy, disheveled bar rocker to play, well, a pudgy, disheveled bar rocker performing to a mostly empty house in "The Bowling Show," episode. Duke may have had a last name, but we never find it out. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Duke of the Grill - From the film Grill Skill (1989 ?). In this Wendy's training film for hapless teen burger-flippers, a hapless teen burger flipper is shown popping in a VHS tape to watch a training FILM-WITHIN-A-FILM (guh?). Then on the monitor, the magic rapper the Duke of the Grill appears and SUCKS THE HAPPLESS TEEN INTO THE TV (GUH!?). The Duke of the Grill then RAPS an entire lesson in proper burger flipping procedure (double guh!?). During the guitar solo, he air guitars ON A SPATULA (TRIPLE GUH?!). Fortunately, this hard-to-find nugget is touring the country as part of the Found Footage Festival . Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Dukes of Stratosphear, The - From 25 O'Clock & Psonic Psunspot (albums by XTC under this pseudonym), 1985; 1987. Thanks to Harrison Sherwood for this one.

Dune, Aggie - From the movie Times Square (1980). Thanks to Jim & Gina Kallinen for this one.

Dunne, Ciji - From the TV show Knotts Landing (1982-83). Singer played by Lisa Hartman from 1982-1983, She was managed by show regular and A&R man Kenny Ward (James Houghton), that is, until her character got murdered the day her album came out. Then Lisa Hartman went on to play a lookalike character who was ALSO a singer, Cathy Geary! More info here. Thanks to Gene Sculatti for this one. See also Cathy Geary.

Dupea, Robert Eroica - From the movie Five Easy Pieces (1970).

Dupre, Eddie - From the TV show Family Ties (01/24/88). Thanks to Ronnie McCurry for this one.

Dutchmen, The - See Spinal Tap.

Duvall, Susan - From the TV show My Three Sons (01/09/64).

Dwarfs With Altitude - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Dwyer, Dixie - From the movie The Cotton Club (1984). Thanks to Chris Gruin for this one.

Dyanna - From the movie Where The Boys Aren't 7 (1999). Thanks to Ken Toops for this one.

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