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G-Dog / Jones, Gordon - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (12-02-95 & 04/20/96). Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

G Men, The - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996).
Chris Gains Greatest Hits

Gaines, Chris - Country singer Garth Brooks almost ruins fake bands for everyone with an embarassing 1999 release by his "alter ego." Geez, if you wanna rock, just fricking rock, dude! You shouldn't have to hide behind a bad dye job and a jazz patch. Wuss.

Gallagher, Neil - In the 1978 film Tilt, this country and western musician (played by Ken Marshall) meets up with pinball wizard Tilt, played by... Brooke Shields? Needing money for a demo tape, he teams up with her to win a series of pinball competitions that eventually leads to a final confrontation with pinball master "The Whale" (Charles Durning).

Gambolputty de von Ausfern - schplenden - schlitter - crasscrenbon - fried - digger - dingle - dangle - dongle - dungle - burstein - von - knacker - thrasher - apple - banger - horowitz - ticolensic - grander - knotty - spelltinkle - grandlich - grumblemeyer - spelterwasser - kurstlich - himbleeisen - bahnwagen - gutenabend - bitte - ein - nürnburger - bratwustle - gerspurten - mitz - weimache - luber - hundsfut - gumberaber - shönedanker - kalbsfleisch - mittler - aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm, Johann - Undeservedly forgotten German Baroque composer in a Monty Python's Flying Circus skit. His wife was Sarah Gambolputty de von Ausfern - schplenden - schlitter - crasscrenbon - fried - digger - dingle - dangle - dongle - dungle - burstein - von - knacker - thrasher - apple - banger - horowitz - ticolensic - grander - knotty - spelltinkle - grandlich - grumblemeyer - spelterwasser - kurstlich - himbleeisen - bahnwagen - gutenabend - bitte - ein - nürnburger - bratwustle - gerspurten - mitz - weimache - luber - hundsfut - gumberaber - shönedanker - kalbsfleisch - mittler - aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm.

Gangstalicious - From the animated TV series The Boondocks (12/11/05). From "The Story of Gangstalicious" episode. Gangstalicious is voiced by real rapper Mos Def. Thanks to Me Am Hulk for this one.

Garfunkel, Messina, Oates, and Lisa - From the "Lisa's Rival" episode (09/11/94) of long running animated FOX show The Simpsons. Smart saxophone player Lisa Simpson feels threatened about a new, smarter, better saxophone-playing girl at school, Allison Taylor (voiced by Winona Ryder). In a brief fantasy sequence wondering if it's that bad to be number two, she sees herself performing in concert with this supergroup of lesser lights (the crappier halves of Simon and Garfunkel, Loggins and Messina, Hall and Oates). They get ready to play their number two hit, "Born to Runner-Up" before being booed off the stage. As Lisa snaps out of it, she astutely realizes, "Why would they come to our concert just to boo us?" (See also The Be Sharps, Melvin and the Squirrels)

Garfunkel, Oates and Nash - From the animated TV show Family Guy (01/24/02). See Olivia and Stewie. See also Billy Bob and the Nocturnal Emissions, Pearl Burton, Fat, Black, Horny and Joe, Meg Griffin, Olivia and Stewie, Stewie and the Cowtones.

Gargoyles, The - From the TV show Throb (1986-88). Thanks to Robin Edgerton for this one.

Gantner, Robin - For once, Elvis Presley is not playing the singer in an Elvis movie, someone else is, insensitive club singer Robin (Stella Stevens) in 1962's Girls! Girls! Girls!

Gay, Sueleen - Wildly self-deluded waitress who thinks she can be a country singer in Robert Altman's 1975 film Nashville. Truth is, Sueleen (Gwen Welles) can't sing a lick, despite her impressive chest, a fact highlighted in a disturbing scene where she is forced to strip at a party that thinks it hired her to strip and that she thinks she was hired to sing at. (see also Haven Hamilton, Connie White, Barbara Jean, Tommy Brown, Linnea Reese, Sueleen Gay, The Smokey Mountain Laurels and Tom, Bill & Mary.

Gear, The - From Red Rocket 7 (comic book series by Mike Allred), 1998.

Gears, The - From the comic book Millie the Model (February 1966). Long running comic book heroine trades the runways and catwalks to be a go-go discotheque dancer at The Pudding Bowl for this quartet in issue #135. Lineup: Limeys Marv and Koko, and American brothers Joe and Russ Brockman. Thanks to Mark Lungo for this one.

Geary, Cathy - See Cathy Geary Rush.

Gee, Nanny - From the TV show Cheers (11/30/92).

Geeks, The - From Sonic Disruptors #5 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), May 1988.

Gellar, Ross - From the TV show Friends (1994-2004).

Gemini's Twin - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (2000-2002). Modern R&B trio consisting of Joanette (Ana Gasteyer), Britannica (Maya Rudolph) and whoever's guest hosting. Appearances:
Total Request Live (11/04/00) Interviewed - 3rd member is guest host Charlize Theron.
Total Request Live (12/16/00) Interviewed - New 3rd member is guest host Lucy Liu.
Cribs (02/10/01) The band shows off their place. The 3rd member is guest host Jennifer Lopez.
Gemini's Twin (11/10/01) - They release a patriotic album; the 3rd member is guest host Gwenth Paltrow?
Just Funnin' (05/05/01) Former Gemini's Twin members have their own group- played by musical guest Destiny's Child.
HBO First Look (02/02/02) The band talks about their new song "Planet of Mens" and then preview their movie Damn My Dixie's on Fire a Civil War epic featuring the song "Dance Nation Proclamation." This time the 3rd member is Dijionaise (Britney Spears). Thanks to Jim Dopkin, Rob Lenihan for this one.

Generation O! - Rock band from the animated WB network afternoon kids show of the same name, featuring Molly O, your average 8 year old girl with a internationally renowned rock band with a purple kangaroo for a drummer. Lineup: Molly O (voice of Chantal Strand) on lead vocals, Eddie (Molly's female cousin, voice of Tabitha St. Germain) on lead guitar, Nub (from England, voice of Scott McNeil) on bass guitar, and Yo-Yo (mute purple Australian kangaroo, so no voice artist) on drums. Yo-Yo's first band, with three other kangaroos, was Baby Joey. The music is actually done by the band Letters To Cleo. See also The Dancing Schuberts)

Gentlemen Callers, The - From the TV show Malcolm in the Middle (03/02/03). Thanks to Galen Black for this one. Dad Hal (Bryan Cranston) and his all African-American poker buddies have this folkish sextet in the "Long Drive" episode. Son Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan) innocently almost manages to split up the band on the day of a country club gig.

Georgie and the G-Men - From the movie Double Trouble (1967). Thanks to Charles Rempel for this one.

Geri and the Atrics - From the TV show The Muppet Show (07/24/79).

Germaine, John - Sexually unadventurous -- yet still "sponge-worthy" -- saxophonist played by Jeff Yagher in "The Rye" episode of Seinfeld. Germaine's jazz combo, which also includes Kramer's pal Clyde (Leonard Lightfoot), has a regular gig at a joint called Bradley's. He and Elaine are hot and heavy, but her interest in a certain sexual maneuver causes him to flub his big showcase before a recording industry weasel (Steve Ireland). Thanks to Alan for this one.

Geronimo Jackson - From the TV series Lost (01/18/06). There's a glimpse of the album cover, looking super hippy-dippy trippy and oh-so-late sixties, or early seventies. Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) mentions that he's never heard of them, musical expert that he is. There's a chance it's real, but incredibly obscure, but I think it's probably fake, so I'm going to go ahead and list it here. One of the other albums seen is The Pousette-Dart Band, which is real. Another band glimpsed when Hurley the fat guy (Jorge Garcia) is flipping thru records is "Ooklah the Moc" which is a reference to the 1980-1982 cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, which had a character called "Ookla the Mok." Ookla was apparently named after UCLA. There's a Hawaian reggae band called Ooklah the Moc, but they've only been around since 1997, and the cache of vinyl albums Charlie and Hurley find supposedly hasn't been touched since the early 80s. Lost films in Hawaii, so it's probably somebody on the show giving a tiny shout out to this local band by slipping them in the record pile. Thanks to Jason Torchinsky for this one.

Getting Gay With Kids -
Live in Costa Rica!
In the "Rainforest Schmainforest" episode (04/07/99) of gleefully tasteless Comedy Central animated show South Park, the kids (Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny) sassmouth choir teacher Miss Stevens (voiced by Friends' star Jennifer Aniston) who's come to speak to their class about this kids choir with a horrible, horrible name. As punishment, school counselor Mr. Mackey (who's on the choir's board of directors) makes them join on the eve of the choir's trip to Costa Rica to sing a dorky song about the rainforest. The choir takes a trip into the rainforest, but when their guide is killed and eaten by a snake, the kids and Miss Stevens wander lost and suffer various horrors of the green hell. Fortunately, they are rescued by heroic construction workers and their bulldozers, just in time for their performance for the President of Costa Rica and his people. They change the lyrics of their cheesy, tape-backed, pro-rainforest song to an anti-rainforest song. See also The Avenue Ghetto Street Boys, Fingerbang, The Ghetto Avenue Boys, Jerome "Chef" McElroy, Raging Pussies, Timmy! and the Lords of the Underworld

Ghandi's Hairdryer - From various Robert Rankin novels, 19??. Thanks to Atrax for this one.

The Ghetto Avenue Boys - From the "Something You Can Do With Your Finger" episode (07/12/00) of animated Comedy Central show South Park. Stan's dad, Randy Marsh, gets upset when his son wants to join a boy band, because he himself quit high school to be in this boy band. After a short time at the top (looks to be the early/mid '80s), he and the other four members he doesn't even know get thrown over by their producer for a new group he's put together, The Avenue Ghetto Street Boys. Randy quickly crashes and burns and penniless, comes crawling back home. See also The Avenue Ghetto Street Boys, Fingerbang, Jerome "Chef" McElroy, Raging Pussies, Timmy! and the Lords of the Underworld

Gianni, Julie - From the movie Vanilla Sky (2001). Thanks to David Sanger for this one.

Gidget and the Gories - See The Gories.

Gilbert, Ron - From Maniac Mansion (PC computer game) from LucasFilm, 1988.

Gilda - From the movie Songwriter (1984).

Gillis, Dobie - From the TV show The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (10/22/59).

Gitterfenster, Friedrich - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

Gladwell - From the TV series Love Monkey (2006).

Glickstein, Sholem - From the film American Dreamz (2006). An Jewish rapper contestant on the fictional TV show American Dreamz, an American Idol parody. Played by Adam Busch. See also Sally Kendoo, Omer.

Glitter Rock - From the cheesoid Sid and Marty Krofft show Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, a Batman rip off, down to a batcave (electracave) and an Alfred-helper (Norman Alden as Frank Heflin). But all the more insane and ridiculous for it. And oh those spandex and lyrca costumes! Grrrrowl! In this particular episode, the evil super villain is a glam rock star in green clown wig and Bootsy Collins sunglasses (John Mark Robinson) who incapacitates his enemies with psychedelic guitar shrieks. He's after a prince's (Michael Blodgett) mystical jewelry. Glitter Rock, like Electra Woman, has a sidekick, too! The appropriately named Sideman, who's evil super power is apparently to say "man." A lot. And people wonder why only eight episodes were made of this show. Thanks to Robert Schell and Paul Freitag for this one.

Global Heresy - From the movie Rock My World (2002).

Glock Pointers, Da - From the animated TV show The Simpsons (02/13/05). Rap group playing the Springfield Murder 4 Life rap concert. In the "Pranksta Rap" episode, Bart sneaks out of the house to go see the concert after being forbidden to go. Bart even gets onstage and raps a bit. But when he gets back home, he finds that his folks have discovered his absence, so he fakes his own kidnapping. Real rapper 50 Cent has a cameo as himself, but doesn't play the concert. Other rappers at the concert who are just glimpsed in the tv commercial for it are Romeo Smooth, Queen Booty Shaker, and MC Champagne Millionaire.
Does that one member look like Dr. Hibbert?

Glockk, Johnny - From the animated TV show King of the Hill (11/09/03). Yes, it's "Glockk" with two "K"s. A dreadlocked, goateed musician whose poster is on Bobby Hill's wall in the "Reborn to Be Wild" episode. We learn that Glockk attacked a car because he was dissed, but we never actually hear him perform. Real rockers Gene Simmons and Sum 41 provide voices for this episode. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Gnats, The - The men of Gilligan's Island (Skipper, Gilligan, Mr. Howell and the Professor) form this terrible band so that visiting Beatlesque rock group The Mosquitoes will take them back with them, as an opening act. Unfortunately, they're so terrible The Mosquitoes want nothing to do with them. Gilligan was on drums, the rest on guitars. From the September 29, 1967 episode, "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes." (see also The Honeybees and The Mosquitoes)

Gnosis, Tommy - Young, arena-filling, rock superstar played by Michael Pitt in the 2000 indie rock opera Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His video for "Tear Me Apart" is number one on MTV and Rolling Stone magazine has crowned him Artist of the Year. How did he do it? Well, his transsexual former lover/mentor Hedwig carefully groomed him from a classic rock-lovin' Jesus freak into a moody alterna-rock hunk. In gratitude, he ditched her and stole her songs (such as "The Origin of Love"). (see Hedwig and the Angry Inch) Young, arena-filling, rock superstar played by Michael Pitt in the 2000 indie rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. See also Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Go-Go - From the comic book Tippy's Friends Go Go and Animal (1966-1969). This Archie rip-off comic featured Go-Go, a folksinger, with a Moose-like boyfriend named Animal. In 1969 the comic title changed to Tippy's Friend Go-Go and ran for that year. Scans here.

Gogol, Goggly - Number one artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Mass in G." Pretty teenybopper Marty (Barbara Scott) asks her pretty teenybopper friend Sonietta (Gillian Hills), "Who you gettin' bratty? Goggly Gogol? Johnny Zhivago? The Heaven Seventeen?" just before Alex (Malcolm McDowell) sweet talks them back to his place for sex. Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it, check the miscellaneous page. Thanks to TMBGHAL, Peter Ledebur, and Paul Lefrak for this one. See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Cyclops, The Heaven Seventeen, The Humpers, The Legend, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

Golding, Jerry - In the 1952 remake of the famous 1927 talkie, The Jazz Singer, Jerry Golding (Danny Thomas) defies his cantor father (Eduard Franz) to become a singer. He sings "I'll String Along With You." (see also Jack Robin and Yussel Rabinowitz)

Goo Girls, The - From the TV show The Ben Stiller Show (11/15/92). Thanks to bootsy spankins, p.i., and Daniel Dey for this one.

Good Ole Boys, The - The country & western band The Blues Brothers impersonate at Bob's Country Bunker from the 1980 Blues Brothers movie. Leader and driver of the Winnebago Tucker McElroy (Charles Napier) was the only member who actually got a name. The rest of the band was played by Russ Bruzek, Blair Burrows, Jack Callahan, Gene Janson and Gil Pearson. (see also The Blues Brothers, Murph and the Magic Tones and Street Slim)

Good Time Funk Attack - From the animated TV show Futurama (07/27/03). In a deleted scene (available on DVD) from the "Obsoletely Fabulous" episode, Fry and Leela are at Roboticon 3003, and check out this latest robot band, a parody of the Showtime Pizza animatronic bands. They're so realistic, drummer Keith Moo (he's a cow, get it?) chokes on his own vomit.

Goodnight, Orvis - From the movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986). Thanks to Charles Rempel for this one.

Goofy Feet, The - From Maniac Mansion (PC computer game) from LucasFilm, 1988.

Goofytunes, The - From the TV show Mr. Show (). Thanks to Peter Ledebur for this one.

Gordon, Barbi and Jeff - A Carpenters-esque duo consisting of Jeff Gordon (Judge Reinhold!) and Barbi Gordon (Sarah Purcell!!). Seemingly nice, they turn out to be bad guys who swiped some master tapes of missing, presumed dead folkie Billy Dero to give to blackmailers, who try to get label head Eric Landau (Curtis Credel) to cough up big bucks for 'em. When Dero turns up alive, ruining the blackmail scheme, they incapacitate him with feedback in the recording studio and try to kidnap him. Wonder Woman sees that they get their comeuppance, natch. See also AntiMatter, Lane Kinkaid, Kathy Meadows, Hamlin Rule.

Gories, The - From the TV show Gidget (01/20/66). Gidget goes goth! No, seriously! In the "Gidget's Career" episode (01/20/66) of sitcom Gidget, Gidget (Sally Field) is trying to get her shy ugly (sorry, but she clearly is) friend Larue (Lynette Winter) out in the world. Gidge forces her to take up an invite to join a little beach guitar jam with Paul (Jimmy Hawkins) and Doug (Murray McLeod) from her guitar class. Paul and Doug get the idea to form a band. They let Larue in, but get cute Gidget to front it, banging a tambourine, the biggest crutch instrument in rock history. As the boys say, though: "Girls as cute as you don't have to do anything." The new nameless foursome play an uptempo folk number at the Noon Dance the next day. After getting asked to play another show, Gidget sees Rick Farmer (Sandy Kenyon) on TV announcing a band contest. She writes in about her band, getting them an on-air audition in 10 days. The band buckles down to brass tacks, changing their Up With People image. Gidget announces in whiteface, heavy mascara, and a black wig, "We've gone spooky!" Gidget looks like the cutest li'l Marilyn Manson ever! They change their sound too, bringing on a drummer, Ringo Feinberg (Dennis Joel) and rocking out. But Larue's guitar playing isn't up to snuff, so the boys want to dump her, and make Gidget the bearer of bad tidings. Meanwhile, dad (Don Porter) visits Farmer and finds out that it was the band's fresh-faced, no-gimmick appeal he liked, Farmer complaining it's all "moaners, wailers and funny jumpies" these days. Dad chortles they have "hoisted themselves by their own guitars," when it's finally time for their TV performance. But Farmer likes the new look even better! But Gidge isn't on the show or in the band! She demanded they take Larue back or she'd quit. So the guys replaced her (and Larue), and changed the name from Gidget and the Gories to just The Gories. And generic valuable lesson about friendship inserted here! Thanks to Mike Dugo for this one. See also The Dingbats, The Horribles.

Gortlick and Hammerjug - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Gospelodeons, The - An African American gospel sextet playing Harlem's Apollo Theater in the finale of the entertaining 1970 blaxploitation pic, Cotton Comes to Harlem. The group is comprised of three young ladies and three boys. They're singing onstage when evangelist Deke O'Malley (Calvin Lockhart) reveals himself for the skunk he is when he hits and curses one of the boys in front of a capacity crowd, while trying to wrest a mic away from him.

Gossamer Axe - From Gossamer Axe (novel by Gael Baudino), 1990.

Gothskull, Sheena - From the web game Curiously Strong All Night Long (2005). Fake bands from corporate web games is as low as I will sink "Local celebrity punk rocker" featured in the "Curiously Strong All Night Long" game on the Altoids Web site. In the game, which is drawn by Thomas Herpich, Gothkill hangs out in the Goth Room of Club Nightclub. It's your job to guide the very Leisure Suit Larry-esque Big Bad Al to her. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Gotham Boulevard Offramp - From the TV show Batman (12/28/67). In the "Funny Feline Felonies" episode, record producer Little Louie Groovy (Dick Kallman) mentions this band. Thanks to DAVID MASKA for this one.

Gottfredson, Gus - From Sonic Disruptors #3 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Feb. 1988.

Gourmet Scum - This band features most prominently in two third season (1988-89) episodes of Canuck teen series (later seen in the USA on PBS) Degrassi Junior High. In "Twenty Bucks," Melanie Brodie (Sara Ballingall) gets invited to a concert by Snake Simpson (Stefan Brogren), only she has to go dutch and doesn't have the titular moolah. Desperate, she steals from her mom's purse, gets caught, grounded, and sells her ticket to teen mom Spike Nelson (Amanda Stepto), for yep, twenty bucks. In the two parter "Taking Off," druggie Luke Cassellis (Andy Chambers) gets irresponsible Shane McKay (Bill Parrot) to try LSD at a concert. In the manner of cautionary anti-LSD tales everywhere, someone must injure themselves thinking they can fly, so Shane jumps off a bridge, falls into a coma and suffers irreversible brain damage. (See also The Savages, The Zits)

Gran Mal - From Sonic Disruptors #2 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Jan. 1988.

Grasshoppers, The - Cartoon insect rock band of, duh, grasshoppers from the 1970 cartoon, Doctor Dolittle, loosely, LOOSELY based off the hit 1967 Rex Harrison movie. This would be like a real band calling themselves "The Humans." Now that I've got the snarky comment out of the way, would you lookit that grasshopper chick's ass? Damn!!! That is one HOT cartoon grasshopper ass. Damn. Look at Dr. Dolittle, he's TOTALLY checking it out too, and I don't blame him. Some of the grasshopper voices were done by: Annabell, Ronnie Fallon, and Colin Julian. The band's music and lyrics are... by... sorry, got distracted (is she even wearing pants?!) ... uh, Doug Goodwin, a cartoon composer for decades. Mad thanks to Dave Merrill for this one and the album scans. Damn- that ass! Damn.
Jeeziz fricking Kee-rist on KRIZZUTCH, wouldja scope dat ASS.
Album cover, front.
Yo, you down with the G-hoppa posse?
Album cover, back. Well, most of it.

Great Frog Society, The - From the TV show Saturday Night Live ().

Greefs, The - From the TV show My Three Sons (12/15/66). Thanks to David Cousins for this one.

Green Angels, The - From the comic book Angels? (1989). This delightful comic book/Christian tract is one of the better works of tractmeister Jack Chick. This small time struggling Christian rock quartet is scooped up by mysterious big shot Lew Siffer (get it? hanh? hanh?) and they sign a contract in blood! That's not good.
Haw Haw!
Sure they get big and famous, but then what happens? Well, two years, three months and one week later:
Short blond Bobby, the drummer, has turned gay, married a Hell's Angel looking dude, been given "some AIDS" by Satan himself, and died.
Guitarist Jim has collapsed onstage and probably died of an OD.
Lead vocalist Don has gotten into vampirism and is so uncaring and selfish you could just pinch him.
Guitarist Tom has ecaped to tell the tale, renounce Satan, and hit the road preaching that "...rock music, even much "Christian" Rock, is a powerful demonic force controlled by Satan." The comic peddles the old line that Christian rock is an oxymoron- rock music is inherently evil. I disagree, Christian rock is just inherently awful. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.
Haw Haw!

Green Onion - From the movie Hello Down There (1969). Thanks to Peter Shauger for this one.

Green T and the Sushi Platter - From Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (PC computer game) from LucasArts, 1993. Thanks to BKelly9505 for this one.

Greg and Paul - From the TV show A Year at the Top (1977). Thanks to Raymond Tucker for this one.

Greydon, Clark - From the TV show Moonlighting (10/29/85). Concert pianist played by Robert Joy in the "My Fair David" episode.

Grezhinski, Count Victor - From the movie Victor/Victoria (1982). Kicks the funny of men in drag up a notch by having a woman, Victoria Grant (Julia Andrews), playing a man playing a woman. This film was made back when writer/director Blake Edwards was still funny. After this movie Edwards immediately plowed ahead with a couple of crapola unfunny Pink Panther sequels after Peter Sellers was already freaking dead for the love of Christmas!

Griffin, Brian - From the animated TV series Family Guy (01/08/06). In the "Brian Sings and Swings" episode, Brian, the family dog, hooks up with real life singer Frank Sinatra, Jr. and he and Stewie start hanging around with him, forming a "New Rat Pack" and singing with him and his orchestra. Unfortuanately, this leads to Brian drinking even more heavily than usual.

The Family Bunch

Griffin, Meg - From the animated TV show Family Guy (06/05/05). In the "Don't Make Me Over" episode, plain jane Meg Griffin gets a free makeover at the mall and is turned into a total hottie. While attending her dad's band's disastrous first gig at a prison, she stops a prison riot with her new good looks. To keep the crowd tamed, Lois throws her a mic and tells her to sing. The rest of the Griffin family backs her up on a bouncy pop tune "Gonna Buy me a Rainbow" right out of a Brady Bunch episode. Jimmy Iovine, head of Interscope Records, and also a prisoner, hear the performance and signs them! They go on tour, record three albums with producer Dr. Diddy (It's a Family Thang, Statutory, and Meg on Your Face), and become wildly successful because America loves hot white jailbait. Meg turns into a spoiled brat and treats her mom like crap. But the end comes when she is tricked into losing her virginity live on nation television to Jimmy Fallon as part of the opening sketch of Saturday Night Live. Devastated and humiliated (who wouldn't be after having sex with Jimmy Fallon?!), she leaves show business, and goes back to being her old self. See also Billy Bob and the Nocturnal Emissions, Pearl Burton, Meg Griffin, Olivia and Stewie, Stewie and the Cowtones, Garfunkel, Oates and Nash.
Meg's first album
Meg's second album
Meg's third album

Grim Reaper, The - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (01/17/98). Goth band playing Tampa, from the "Goth Talk" sketch, a Tampa local cable access show of the same name. Theirs is a "morbid elegy to the horrible squallow of life." Just so you know, "squallow" isn't a word. See also Satan's Answering Machine.

Grimley Colliery Brass Band - The brass band of a British coal mine, both over 100 years old, from the 1996 indie film Brassed Off. They have a varied repetoire, including "Danny Boy" and Rossini's William Tell Overture. Members include bandleader Danny (Peter Postlewaithe), his son Phil (Stephen Tompkinson) and flugelhorn player Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald). Now, what's a colliery?

Grinning Americans, The - From the TV show Cheers (02/28/95). Thanks to Mark Loyd for this one.

Grisham Frord Close Harmony Singers - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Grivo - See Death Lurks

Groovie Goolies -from the animated 1970 Saturday morning TV show Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies. A spinoff of The Archies, they were Drac, Wolfie and Frankie, a vampire, a wolfman, and a Frankenstein monster, respectively.

Group, The - From the movie Bummer! (1972).

Grungies, The - Monkees/grunge parody in a sketch from the short-lived The Ben Stiller Show (1992-3). They end up borrowing instruments from another, riot grrrl-type band. Anybody remember their name?

GT and the Suction Cups - From Maniac Mansion (PC computer game) from LucasFilm, 1988. Thanks to BKelly9505 for this one.

Gumby and the Clayboys; also Gumbies, The - Gumby had a band with his friends (Pokey, Prickle, Goo) in the 1988 version of his TV claymation cartoon. Then, when he stars in Gumby: The Movie (1995), he dumps them all for a bunch of ringers (Fatbuckle, Thinbuckle and Nobuckle). What a jerk! That's the cutthroat, take-no-prisoners world of animated clay lumps for ya. Gumby always played lead guitar. His band only did instrumentals, as far as I remember. The Blockheads had a rival band, of course, but whose name escapes me.

Gunn, Tommy - From the movie Uptown Girls (2003). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Guys Next Door, The - From the TV series The Guys Next Door (1990-91). Boyish band that all shared the same house a la The Monkees, and did skits and music videos in this Saturday morning show. Thanks to Jim Mullahy, TC Kirkham for this one.

Guys2Boys - From the animated TV show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (02/13/04). From the "Love Potion #976/J" episode. The name is a parody of Boyz2Men.

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