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Nada - A punk band from the 1983 movie Get Crazy (aka Flip Out). Real-life punk rocker Lee Ving of the band Fear played animalistic singer "Piggy." Lori Eastside played the band's leader, Nada. See also Wanker, Reggie.

Nairobi Trio, The - From the TV show The Ernie Kovacs Show (1952-56). Classic sight AND sound gag from the great Ernie Kovacs. This trio of mute mechanical apes with bowler hats mimes to a recording of the instrumental tune "Solfeggio." They appeared several times on the show, first on 04/21/54. Ernie Kovacs played the conductor; the other two apes were played by a variety of people at different times, including Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis!Thanks to Cullum Rogers for this one.

Nathan, Rosalind "Roz" - From Pete Townsend's (of The Who) 1993 concept album/rock opera/concert film, Psychoderelict. Really the manipulative, deceitful rock journalist Ruth Streeting (Jan Ravens). She hates star Ray High, and blasts him on her radio show, Streeting's Street, but cuts a secret deal with his frustrated manager, betting that she can get him to record again. She pretends to be this aspiring artist and starts a correspondence with him. Suckered hook, line, and sinker, he opens up to her and even sends her a demo of his song, "Flame" which she records and sends back to him. Ruth goes back on her show to blast Ray some more, twisting all his letters to "Roz" to make Ray look bad, and uses the controversy to sell the album by her pseudonym! "Flame" goes to number one. Plus, she has a fling with his manager, Rastus Knight (Linal Haft). Thanks to Melinda Hautala for this one. See also Ray High.

Nature's Children - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer for this one.

Naz Nomad and The Nightmares - From Give Daddy the Knife Cindy album, recording pseudonym for The Damned, 1985. Thanks to David Hudec for this one.

Nazgul - From The Armageddon Rag (novel by George R.R. Martin), 1983. Thanks to Orange Mike Lowrey for this one.

Neglected - From the movie Goldirocks (2003). Toronto all-guy bar band that Goldi (Sasha Ormond) sleeps her way into and then gets kicked out of. Lineup: gutarist Miles (Greg LeGros), drummer Darby (Dru Viergever) and bass player Adler (Dominick Abrams). Features many other real local Toronto bands

Nelly - Singing cartoon giraffe from the 1961 Warner Bros. cartoon, Nelly's Folly. An African safari discovers her and brings her to America and fame. She rises to the top, only to fall back to the bottom over her scandalous affair with a married giraffe... I'm sorry, I can't believe I just wrote the phrase "scandalous affair with a married giraffe." So she goes back home to Africa. Gloria Wood was the speaking and singing voice of Nelly.

Nelson, Tom - From the movie Eegah (1962).

Neon Vomit - From the TV show Ready or Not (1993). In the "Wild Life" episode, series regulars and pals "Busy" Ramone and Amanda Zimm both try out for this band, fronted by a guy named "Lizard" (Keram Malicki-Sanchez). Their relationship suffers when Busy gets in and Amanda doesn't. Fansite for the show at: http://www.readyornot.org.uk Trivia Time! Keram Malicki-Sanchez was also in fake band Catwalk.

The Neptunes

Neptunes, The - The cartoon band from the gawdawful 1976 Hanna Barbera cartoon Jabberjaw, the second most annoying cartoon character ever, after Scrappy Doo. Jabberjaw (Frank Welker) is the great white shark drummer of the band who speaks in a bad imitation of stooge Curly Howard and Rodney Dangerfield. The band played in the underwater cities of the future, you know, remember in the 70's we were all going to live in underwater cities in the future? The other members were bassist Clamhead (Barry Gordon), keyboardist Bubbles (Julie McWhirter), guitarist Biff (Tommy Cook), and Shelly (Patricia Parris) on vocals/tambourine.

Nerds, The - From Saturday Night Live, this sketch featured the original appearance of the nerd characters Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) and Todd DiLaMuca (Bill Murray). Only, in this incarnation, they're a band called The Nerds with Charles Knerlman (Steve Martin), playing "nerd rock" and pushing their album, Trying Desperately To Be Liked, to radio DJ Dan Ackroyd. The songs mentioned include: "I'll Give You My Lunch Money," "I Can't Help it If I Have Egg Salad on My Retainer," and "Let My Head Up Out of the John and I'll Give You Tomorrow's Lunch Money." The sketch's writer was inspired by Elvis Costello and how nerdy a rock star he was.

New Beatles, The - From the TV show Club Buggery (1995-1997). Thanks to David Bromage for this one.

New Main Street Singers, The - From the movie A Mighty Wind (2003).

New Monkees, The - Oof. It worked once, why not again, right? Well, the original Monkees actually had proven hit songwriters writing their songs and the band members were chosen for their charisma. Marty Roos, Larry Saltis, Jared Chandler and Dino Kovas sung committee-spawned pablum and were committee-chosen doofuses. And one of their names was Jared, fer Chrissakes. Plus, it was 1987 and everything sucked then, especially music.

New Originals, The - See Spinal Tap

New Kids in a Ditch See The Party Posse

New Rod Torfulson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck, The - See Armada

Nice Neighbors, The - From the TV show The Tracey Ullman show (5/17/97).

Nick the lounge singer - Bill Murray played this cheeseball character to the hilt in eleven sketches on Saturday Night Live, starting in 1977. The character's last name changed from venue to venue, but I don't think he ever travelled without Paul (Schaffer) on keyboards. (see also Sweeney Sisters, the Culps)

Nigel and Patrick - From the TV show The Patty Duke Show (02/14/64?). Thanks to Judy for this one.

N.W.H. (Nigg*z Wit' Hats) - The focus of the 1993 rapumentary Fear of a Black Hat (some called it Spinal Rap). Mark Christopher Lawrence was Tone Def, Larry B. Scott was Tasty Taste, and Rusty Cundieff played Ice Cold. There were plenty of other rap artists in the movie too, mainly as one-joke ponies: their rivals The Jam Boys; Vanilla Sherbet; Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, and others too minor to mention.

Nightingale, Nick - Pianist and medical school dropout played by Todd Field in Stanley Kubrick's final flick, Eyes Wide Shut (1999). He runs into former med school classmate Dr. William "Bill" Harford (Tom Cruise) at a holiday party. The Seattleite was hired for the party becuase, in his words, "I know my Cole Porter and I work cheap." Later, the two meet again as Nick is finishing up a gig at Greenwich Village's Cafe Sonata. Over a scotch and soda, Nick mentions to Bill that he's got another gig that night -- a weird late-night gig where he plays classical music blindfolded. Bill whines at Nick until Nick tells him enough about the party to waken Bill's gate-crashing instincts. For his trouble, Nick may be killed (we never really find out for sure). The moral: Never tell secrets to Tom Cruise. Dominic Harlan was the real fingers on the piano. Thanks to Galen and Al for this one.

Nightmare, The - The AC/DC-inspired bad ass hard rock band from the 1977 muppet TV special "Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas." They won the local talent show with their song, "River Bottom Nightmare Band." The band featured a bear on keyboards, a rat on guitar, a snake on bass, a frog on drums and a spitting fish dancer. You can't get much more ethnically diverse than that. See also The Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug-Band

Nine Inch Snails - From the TV show Muppets Tonight (11/02/97). Thanks to Richard Scholes for this one.

Nittle Grasper - From the animated TV show Gravitation (1999). Thanks to Katie Alexander for this one. See also Bad Luck.

Nitrous Oxide - From Sonic Disruptors #5 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), May 1988.

No Bozo Jam (?) - From the TV series Law & Order (05/05/93). From the "Securitate" episode. Thanks to for this one.

No Refund - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (03/11/00). Real boy band N*Sync shows they either have a marvelous sense of humor, or are totally clueless chumps when they participate in a sketch spoofing boy bands during their appearance (03/11/00) on Saturday Night Live as that week's musical guests. They portray the opening act for 7 Degrees Celsius, another spoof boy band made up of cast members. No Refund sings "Supersize It." Thanks to Jerry Wolf for this one. See also 7 Degrees Celsius.

No Secrets - From The First Cut, In the Spotlight, Sneaking Around, Spring Fever (children's books by Nancy Krulik), 2001.

No Vacancy - From the movie The School of Rock (2003).

Noodles, The - From the TV show Kids in the Hall (somewhere between 1991-92). Thanks to Charles Rempel, Gravybill for this one.

Norma Jean Monster - This duo was a Marilyn Manson/Alien Sex Fiend parody (complete with face paint) that went to a New Age relationship camp in a sketch from HBO's Mr. Show. They had a blast. Dave Cross was Norma Jean Monster, Bob Odenkirk was Adolph Hepburn. (Also in the sketch was Smoosh)

Norm Wooster Singers, The - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996).

North, Sylvia - From the movie Mulholland Dr. (2001). Director David Lynch's headscratcher has a movie within a movie called "The Sylvia North Story" being made about this singer- looks to be set in the late 50s or early 60s. It being David Lynch, it's probably symbolic of something. Fictional director Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux) is bullied by the mob into casting Camilla Rhodes (Laura Harring). Thanks to Danaloi for this one.

Norton, Ozzie - From the film Sweetheart of the Campus (1941). Band leader played by Ozzie Nelson. The band tries to help save bankrupt Lambert Tech College.

Not Noel Coward - In Monty Python's final and greatest sketch film, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983), Eric Idle portrays this terribly, terribly witty pianist with the slicked-back hair at the ritzy restaurant. He sings "The Not Noel Coward Song," which is all about penises. So despite what you might think, he is clearly not Noel Coward. See also Not Tony Bennett.

Not Tony Bennett - In Monty Python's final and greatest sketch film, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983), the newly arrived denizens of Heaven are serenaded by this gent with the white-guy-afro (Graham Chapman), who, despite what you might think, is clearly listed in the credits as Not Tony Bennett. He sings "Christmas in Heaven," a rich Vegas-y show-stopper production number with all the hot topless angels in santa-type costumes you can stand. See also Not Noel Coward

Notorious Fluffy G - Brak's favorite rapper in the "Gimme a Brak: War Next Door" (09/09/01) episode of cartoon Space Ghost: Coast to Coast spinoff The Brak Show." Carmine, a hideous pink lump that has been lodged in Zorak's throat for years, helped Fluffy G rise from "a ball of lint in a fat man's pocket" to a star with the biggest mansion in mansionland. Thanks to Alan for this one.

Nowtones, The - From "We Are The Nowtones" from the album Hello! My Name Is Blotto. What's Yours? (song by band Blotto), 1979. Thanks to Mark Miller for this one.

Nuns in a Blender - During the "A Song for Margo" (3/26/1995) episode of animated show The Critic, Margo Sherman (voiced by Nancy Cartwright), younger sister of the titular critic (John Lovitz), falls in love with Johnny Wrath (voiced by Todd Louiso), the lead singer of "the most relevant band on the grunge rock scene today." Thanks to Alan for this one.

Nutty Squirrels, The - From the TV cartoon Nutty Squirrels (1960).

just a line

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just a line

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