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Pace, Danny - From the TV show The Human Jungle (04/06/63). Pop singer Danny Pace (Jess Conrad) is hallucinating, seeing his own reflection taunting him. His manager Laurie Winters (Annette Carell) calls in pyschologist Dr. Robert Corder from this BBC show. Dr. Carder was played by Herbert Lom, later better known as Chief Inspector Dreyfus, the Pink Panther movies' straight man foil to Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau. Bizarrely, in the 1963 musical Summer Holiday, in a shot of a newspaper article about other fake singer Barbara Winters, there's another article about Danny Pace, claiming his window smashing at a recording studio was purely accidental. Thank you DVD freeze frame!

Pain - Rotten, nogoodnik punk band in the "Battle of the Bands" (1/31/82) episode of seventies TV show CHiPs. They steal guitars from another artist's van (Snow Pink) and let it roll down a hill, trash a club bathroom, threaten the owner with a knife, tie him up, and start a riot at the club, all of which would be admirable in a punk band if it wasn't just to win some lame ass battle of the bands. (see also Snow Pink and Moloch)

Pale Horse - From the comic book Watchmen (1986). In the background of the comic, sorry, "graphic novel," are mentions of this band, who represent an invented punkish-gothish youth subculture/gang called "Knot Tops." They're pretty popular, playing New York City's Madison Square Garden at the climax. Just in case you're all ign'ant and sh*t, the band's name refers to Death- Death rides a pale horse: It's in the Bible, Book of Revelation, chapter 6, verse 8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." See also Krystalnacht. Thanks to Austin for this one.

Pallazzo, Enrico - Just your basic generic fat Italian tenor singer about to sing the national anthem at a baseball game, when Lt. Frank Drebbin (Leslie Nielsen) clubs him and takes his place to so he can stop Reggie Jackson from assasinating the queen of England. From the 1988 cop spoof Naked Gun. Played by Tony Brafa.

Palmer, Dylan - From the book Girl Talk #20 'Rockin' Class Trip (1992). Thanks to Cynara G. for this one.

Paper Dolls, The - From the movie Down and Out with the Dolls (2001).

Paranoias, Los - From "Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias" impromptu song by The Beatles at end of "Step Inside Love", 1968; 1996. Thanks to Steve Morris for this one.

Paranoids, The or Sigmund Freud and the Paranoids (?) - From The Crying of Lot 49 (novel by Thomas Pynchon), 1965. Thanks to Tom Chao for this one.

Parappa the Rapper - From Parappa the Rapper & Parappa the Rapper 2, Sony PlayStation and PlayStation2 video games, 1997; 2002.

Parker, Billy - Bob Dylan played this reclusive rocker who re-emerges to help other rocker Molly McGuire to fame in 1987's Hearts of Fire. Waitaminute. Bob Dylan?! (see also James Colt, and Molly McGuire)

Parks, Bud - From the movie Falling from Grace (1992). Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

Parlow, Jimmy - Singing star in the 1959 movie Girls' Town. He comes to do a charity show at the titular institution, where a crazed fan thinks he's in love with her. Played by real singer Paul Anka. This movie was given the business but good as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Trivia Time! Other real singer Mel Tormé plays a hot roddin' no goodnik in the film.

Parry, Nonnie - From the movie The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

Partridge Family, The - From the 1970-74 TV show of the same name. This singing TV family was loosely based on real life singing family The Cowsills ("Indian Lake"). Apparently they were also set to star in the series, but the network insisted in Shirley Jones as Mom, so the Cowsills bailed rather than not have their real Mom involved. But later we all got to see Susan Dey naked, so it all works out.
Partridge Family, with Bus
Shirley Partridge (Shirley Jones) was the singing/keyboard-playing Mom, who sang in real life (Oklahoma!), but she frequently ended up taking a vocal back seat to feather-haired and feather-talented teen heart-throb Keith Partridge (David Cassidy). As a rock star, he was given lead guitar duties. Why Mrs. Partridge never demanded he cut his hair and get a real job, I'll never know. Laurie Partridge (Susan Dey) frequently faked playing the keyboards and acting. Danny Partridge (Danny Bonaduce) was shown playing bass. Christopher Partridge (Jeremy Gelbwaks 1970-71 / Brian Forster 1971-74) was the little boy Partridge who played drums. Tracy Partridge (Suzanne Crough) was the little girl Partridge who played tambourine. Reuben Kincaid (Dave Madden) was the incompetent, yet creepy manager.
There was also a short lived Saturday morning animated TV show, The Partridge Family, 2200 A.D.

Party Posse, The - After taking on rock, country and barbershop, The Simpsons finally get around to manufactured boy bands in the 02/25/01 episode, "New Kids on the Blecch." Classified Records producer L.T. Smash (who put together Boyneudo and New Kids In a Ditch) turns Bart Simpson, Milhouse Van Houten, Nelson Muntz, and Ralph Wiggum into a quartet of preteen crooners, thanks to studio magic and songs like "You're My Special Girl" and "I Gotta Spell Out What I Mean." Unfortunately, as Lisa Simpson discovers, the band is really part of the U.S. Navy's Project Boy Band, and has subliminal messages and backward masking (Yvan Eht Nioj) in their songs ("Drop Da Bomb" and "Let's Re-Up Tonight") to brainwash the youth of America to join the Navy. The band ends when the Navy tries to stop the project before a planned Mad Magazine spoofing, only to have L. T. Smash (really Navy Lt. L.T. Smash) go nuts and kidnap the band and destroy the Mad offices. Real group 'N Sync guest starred as themselves. See also The Be Sharps, Garfunkel, Messina, Oates, and Lisa.

Pashkorian, Rea - From Wizard (novel by John Varley), 1979.

Pastor K - From the TV cartoon King of the Hill (11/09/03).

Patty and the Bops (?) - From the TV movie Cotton Candy (1978). Thanks to Guy Benoit for this one.

Pavarotti, Johnny - From the TV show SCTV (). Thanks to Bernadette Adams for this one.

Paxton, Del - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996).

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm - From the TV cartoon Flintstones, The (09/17/65).

Peel, Ruttling Orange - African American Mississippi Delta blues singer from whom the Rutles, the Everly Brothers, Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Welk all stole their material and style from. Or just a big pathological liar. From the 1978 documentary All You Need is Cash. Wonderfully played by Bob Gibson. See also The Rutles, Punk Floyd, Les Garçons de la Plage, Arthur Hodgeson and the Kneecaps, The Machismo Brothers, Blind Lemon Pye.

Pee-Wee Runt and his All-Flea Dixieland Band - Cartoon flea band in the 1954 Tex Avery cartoon Dixieland Droopy. Formerly a circus sideshow attraction, John Irving Pettybone (Droopy) lures them into his fur, where, completely hidden, they play hot dixieland jazz, to the bafflement of onlookers. The "Dog of Mystery" as he becomes known, eventually performs at the Hollywood Bowl. The fleas (rather generously, I think) let Pettybone take all the credit. Pee-Wee, the band's leader, plays trumpet. The other four members play piano, stand-up bass, drums and trombone, albeit very tiny ones.(see also John Irving Pettybone)

Peoples, The - See Spinal Tap

Permanent Waves, The - From the "Band on the Run" episode (02/26/87) of hit 80's sitcom Family Ties. Sibling Jennifer Keaton (Tina Yothers) has this all-girl rock band that auditions for the Leland College 10th reunion dance, where her brother Alex (Michael J. Fox) is on the entertainment committee. After wowing the committee and winning the audition, Alex talks himself into becoming the band's manager. He changes the band's name to The Swinging Corporate Raiders, and makes the girls dress up and sing golden oldies. Midway through their now-boring set, they rebel and play their original stuff to the crowd's delight. Band members were keyboard player Kitten (a pre-Married with Children Christina Applegate), Ashley Berkhart (Rainbow Phoenix), Brooke Bowman (Yael Nucci), and Jill (Margaret Nagle). Thanks to John DePietro, Damin Loi, Little Fish, Robert Geis, and Jennifer Whiteford for this one. See also Bloody Awful, The Permanent Waves, The Polka Boys.

Personalities, The - From the TV series Otherworld (02/16/85). One of the boring popular music groups of boring Centrex City handled by booking agent Billy Sunshine (Michael Callan), and only glimpsed as a picture on his office wall in the "Rock and Roll Suicide" episode. See also Trace and Gina.

Pete's Italian Jug Band - From the animated TV show The Powerpuff Girls (12/06/02). Animatronic band featured in the "Keen on Keane" episode. OK, "featured" is a little strong. They were playing in the background while Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane were on their date. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Pettybone, John Irving - Cartoon character Droopy plays this dog in the 1954 Tex Avery cartoon Dixieland Droopy. John loves dixieland jazz, and with a little help (see also Pee-Wee Runt and his All-Flea Dixieland Band), ends up fulfilling his dream of playing at the Hollywood Bowl.

Pez People - From the movie The Big Picture (1989). Thanks to Charles Rempel, mr. pip, Patrick Mari, and Liath Falcon for this one.

Phibes, Dr. Anton - From the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971). A famous turn of the century organist and doctor played by Vincent Price in this horror flick set in the 1920s. He turns serial killer to off the team of surgeons who couldn't save his injured wife's life. An extremely creative serial killer, as each death is based on one of the Biblical plagues. A sequel was made, Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972). Thanks to ronald smith, Alan Benson for this one.

Phillips, Jay - See The Riptides.

Phillips, Molly - From the TV show So Weird (1999-2001). Thanks to Waco Hill for this one.

Philouza, John Baptiste - From the TV show Mr. Show (11/07/97).

Phlegm - In the 1995 The Brady Bunch Movie, various plots (I use the term loosely) from the TV show are integrated into the movie remake. So borrowing from the "Amateur Night" episode, the Brady kids enter a talent show to raise money and put their sunny 70's pop up against this grunge-sounding band and their song, "We Are Phlegm" (written by Steve Tyrell, Michael Landau & Stephanie Tyrell). The Bradys win because the judges are three-fourths of The Monkees. (See also The Banana Convention, The Brady Six, Johnny Bravo, The Silver Platters)

Phoenix - Is the lovely young female vocalist that evil Death Records impresario Swan (Paul Williams) can't wait to get his filthy mitts on, chew up and spit out in the 1974 movie Phantom of the Paradise. She sings "Special To Me" and "Old Souls" and is played by Jessica Harper. (see also The Beach Bums, The Juicy Fruits, and The Undead)

Phoenix, Kris - From Rock Star (novel by Jackie Collins), 1988.

Phynx, The - From the movie The Phynx (1970). Thanks to Mike Dugo, and Adam Villani for this one.

Piccolo Pete - From the "My Music Rules" episode (11/08/99) of the animated PBS children's show Arthur. Piccolo Pete is the never seen leader of a musical clown band who was scheduled to do a show at the Elwood City public library, but he ran away from the circus to join a family (rimshot, please). That's according to the librarian, Ms. Paige Turner (and another rimshot), voiced by Kate Hutchison. Fortunately, this kicks off the plot as the kids of the show cast about for a replacement musician. D.W. Read, the title character's little sister, talks an animated version of classical cellist Yo Yo Ma into performing. Unbeknownst, Francine Frensky (voice of Jodie Resther) has arranged for her uncle, an animated version of jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman to play. When both show up, the kids take sides and butt heads over which is better, jazz or classical music. Redman and Yo Yo teach them the painfully obvious lesson and jam together. (See also BINKY, The Squabs)

Pickle, Tom - From the movie The Guru (1969). Another day, another web comic

Pickledippers, The - From the web comic Wapsi Square (2001). Monica from Wapsi Square's "favorite punk band." One of the members is "a real sweetie" who "loves poetry an' all that crap." See also Fermented Banana, Intentional Thumbprint. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Pigeon Toed Orange Peel (?) - From the movie Coogan's Bluff (1968). Thanks to Mike Dugo for this one.

Piggy, Miss - An actress-singer hyphenate, Miss Piggy was the egocentric diva of The Muppet Show (1976-81) and subsequent Muppet specials and movies. Here's a compromising picture. She first appeared in the 1974 The Herb Alpert Special, and the 1975 Muppets pilot Sex and Violence. Her lust for fame and celebrity was only overshadowed by her lust for fellow muppet Kermit the Frog, though it got pretty close sometimes. She may play at being a fainting violet to get her way, but make no mistake, she packs quite a wallop for a foam-rubber puppet, karate-chopping those who displease her with a vigorous "Hiiiii-ya!" She has appeared on various Muppet albums, but only got one all to herself, 1982's bandwagon-jumping Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Workout Album. She has published two books, Miss Piggy's Guide to Life (1983) and In the Kitchen With Miss Piggy (a cookbook, 1996). Trivia Time! She had her own TV special in 1982, The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, which guest starred Andy Kaufman's fake singer, Tony Clifton! She was voiced by Frank Oz, who had a bit part in The Blues Brothers movie. Also, when the character was first conceived, she was called "Miss Piggy Lee," the name a parody of singer Peggy Lee. This got dropped quickly and she was always officially referred to as just "Miss Piggy." Official proof here (scroll down to Question #95). Thanks to Orange Mike Lowrey for that tidbit. See also The Blues Brothers, Tony Clifton, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Rowlf the Dog.

Pill, Billy Blue - From Sonic Disruptors #3 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Feb. 1988.

Pimp Franklin - Rapper mentioned in the 2002 season premiere of King of the Hill (11/03/02). According to prepubescent Bobby Hill (Pamela Segall), "He don't need your respect, 'cause he don't pay no man no mind." Thanks to Alan for this one. See also The Bluegrass Brothers, Cane and the Stubborn Stains, The Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience, 4 Skore, The Harris Twins.

Pinciotti Polka Explosion, The - From the TV show That '70s Show (2003). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Pine, Buck and Harriet - From the TV show Fernwood 2Nite/America 2-Night (04/20/78).

Pinheads, The - Marty McFly's (Michael J. Fox) band from the beginning of Back to the Future. They audition to play the school prom, but are turned down for being "just too darn loud." The other, unnamed Pinheads were played by Paul Hanson, Lee Brownfield and Robert DeLapp. Trivia Time! The judge who turns them down is an uncredited Huey Lewis, of Huey Lewis and the News. (see also Marvin Berry and the Starlighters)

Pink - From the movie The Wall (1982).

Pink Poodles, The - From Heather and the Pink Poodles (children's book by Marion Engle), 1998.

Pink Slip - From the movie Freaky Friday (2003).

Pink Triangle - From The Watchmen (DC comic book mini-series written by Alan Moore, drawn by Dave Gibbons & John Higgins), 1986.

Pipes, The - From the TV series Love Monkey (2006). Band that major label A&R man Tom Farrell (Tom Cavanagh) signed.

Pittman, Penny - From the film Chatterbox (1977). Penny Pittman (Candice Rialson) one day discovers her vagina can talk and has a mind of it's own. Worse, she then discovers it can sing. When she shows her doctor, he puts them both on tour. Thanks to for this one.

Plague, The - From the TV show Sledge Hammer! (01/15/88).

Plaids, The - From Forever Plaid and Plaid Tidings (stage musicals by Stuart Ross), 1989, 2001.

Planotones, The - See Professor LaPlano and the Planotones

Plautus, Geoffrey - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

Plavalaguna - Blue, hairless, presumably female alien opera singer from director Luc Besson's ridiculous 1997 sci-fi fairytale, The Fifth Element. A.k.a. "the diva," she gives a concert at the opera hall in the floating hotel/space ship Fhlosten Paradise orbiting the Hawaii-like planet Fhlosten in the Angel System. She has an enormous head like an elf shoe, with tendrils coming out of the sides and sings "Il Dolce Suono" from Gaetano Donizetti's opera "Lucia di Lammermoor," which then picks up a techno beat and becomes "The Diva Dance," written by Luc Besson. Moments after her standing ovation performance, the bad aliens (Mangalors) attack and she is shot in the gut. After exhorting Bruce Willis to save the universe, love Milla Jovovich (how hard can that be?), and that the magic stones they're after are in her, she dies. Whereupon Bruce has to root around in her ooey gooey bluey guts and pull out the four magic stones. Which raises the question, how was she originally intending to get the stones out in the first place? And the equally unpleasant question how did they get in there in the first place? Plavalaguna was played by Maïwenn Le Besco, who had a daughter with the director, Luc Besson. Hmmmm. Plavalaguna's singing voice was Inva Mulla Tchako.

PMS - From the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation (02/17/02). From the "Cabaret" episode. Members Ashley Kerwin (Melissa McIntyre), Terri McGreggor (Christina Schmidt), and Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins) change the band name from Two Girls and a Keyboard to Three Girls and a Keyboard to Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens to Paige and Terri to finally PMS for a school talent show. Ashley's ballad is "How Can I B.?" The band is originally just Ashley and Terri, then Paige wants to join. Thanks to Noreen Sobczyk for this one.

Pointless Sisters, The - From the TV cartoon Samurai Pizza Cats (1991).

Poke, Johnny - From the TV show The Beverly Hillbillies (11/11/64). Very popular rock idol (Jesse Pearson, who also played Conrad Birdie) is in town to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. Johnny's manager is played by Alan Reed, who was the voice of Fred Flintstone. Thanks to terry gilmer. Allan Wigney for this one.

Polka Boys, The - From the "Band on the Run" episode (02/26/87) of hit 80's sitcom Family Ties. They audition to play the Leland College 10th reunion. Only Alex Keaton (Michael J. Fox) likes them. They lose to Alex's sister's band, The Permanent Waves. See also Bloody Awful, The Permanent Waves.

Ponies, The - The Ponies -- Dream-sequence band featured in the "Ginger's Solo" episode (06/30/02) of the cartoon As Told By Ginger. The power trio features Ginger Foutley (Melissa Disney) on guitar and the dynamite rhythm section of her pals Macie Lightfoot (Jackie Harris) and Dodie Bishop (Aspen Miller). In the dream, Ginger makes a "Born to Run"-esque connection with Sasha (J. Evan Bonifant), her summer crush. Thanks to Alan for this one. See also Lucky Goat Middle Marching Band, and The Wetheads.

Pony - From the movie SubUrbia (1996). Pony - Pop star who's coming back to visit his former high school buds who are still stuck in suburbia and the movie, SubUrbia (1996). Pony managed to escape this grim hellish land, suburbia. Yeah, it's right up there with the Holocaust. Where's a dad to smack some sense into an ungrateful brooding brood when you need one?! So Pony escaped by becoming a rock star, and now perversely envies the tiny, anonymous lives his friends lead and despise. Pony played by Jayce Bartok.

Poor Richard - Fake band from a series of t-shirts from the clothing company Edoc Laundry (2005). They have hidden messages on them that, when deciphered, will solve the mystery of who killed the band's manager.

Poovie, Lou-Ann - Gomer's sometime (1967-69) girlfriend and singer at the Blue Bird Cafe, where Gomer and the gang hang out in The Andy Griffith Show spinoff, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (1964-1970). Played by Elizabeth MacRae.

Poppy Fields, The - From the other source The Alarm (2004). Mike Peters of The Alarm played a great prank on the ageist music industry. He secretly put out his band's new single, "45 RPM" under this name. Then when it hit big, he revealed the shocking truth: he's old!

Porter, Kelly - A Leslie Gore/Patty Duke early 60's square hairspray queen singer with her own TV show played by Bridget Fonda in the 1996 movie Grace of my Heart. The two rival Brill building songwriters, Cheryl Steed (Patsy Kensit) and Denise Waverly (Illeana Douglas) are assigned to write her a hit. They are loath to do so because her material is usually dreck like "Dring Dring Are You Home?" until they find out she's really an emotionally troubled lesbian. Then they write her the coded "My Secret Love," which Kelly sings beaming at HER secret love, Marion (Lucinda Jenney). Trivia Time! The song was actually co-written BY Leslie Gore, with Larry Klein and Dave Baerwald. See also The Click Brothers, Little Tammy Lee, The Luminaries, The Riptides, The Stylettes, Denise Waverly.

Potato Bug - From the movie Bikini Beach (1964). Thanks to George Gimarc and allanbchaney for this one.

Powerline (?) - From the animated movie A Goofy Movie (1995). Thanks to Bryan Daniels for this one.

Powerpuff Girls, The - In The Powerpuff Girls cartoon episode "Mime for a Change" (02/03/99), our superheroines form an impromptu but strangely well rehearsed band to stop evil Mr. Mime from sucking the color and sound out of Townsville. Their bubbly power-pop number, "Love Makes The World Go Round" (written by show creator David Smith) turns him back into lovable Rainbow the Clown (Tom Kenny), who he had been before the accident with the bleach. Lineup: Bubbles on drums, Blossom on lead guitar and Buttercup on bass. vocals by the three voice principals, Tara Strong, E.G. Daily, and Cathy Cavadini. Thanks to TC Kirkham for this one.

Power Steves, The - From the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (07/16/94).

Preston, Mike - From the film Made (1972). Played by Roy Harper.

Princess - From Maniac Mansion (PC computer game) from LucasFilm, 1988.

Problem - From the very short-lived WB paranormal dramedy (that's almost redundant, isn't it?), Dead Last (08/14/01 - 12/08/01). This rock trio finds the "Amulet of Sauryn" which gives them the very Sixth Sense-y ability to see and talk to dead people. So, in addition to rocking out, they are press-ganged into post-life counselor jobs, helping the dead sort out their unfinished business. Lineup: bassist Jane Cahill (Sara Downing), drummer Scotty Sallback (Tyler Labine), guitarist & singer Vaughn Parrish (Kett Turton) and manager Dennis Budny (Wayne Pére). I'm sure the show probably had some more fake bands in it, somewhere. Thanks to knhaw for this one.

Problems, The - From the movie Light of Day (1987). Future Nine Inch Nailer Trent Reznor was in this fake band! Thanks to Peter Ledebur for this one. See also The Barbusters.

Professor LaPlano and the Planotones - One of the artifacts of the 70's fad for the 50's was the 1978 flick, American Hot Wax, which dramatized real-life Cleveland DJ Alan Freed's championing of rock and roll. Real rockers Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins appeared as themselves, but for some reason, fictionalized versions of other real groups were created like this one. Professor LaPlano and the Planotones were a doowop quartet of white, greasy-looking young men in matching suits. Kenny Vance played Professor La Plano, the rest of the band was played by Joe Esposito, Bruce Sudano, and Ed Hokenson. Their version of "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay" (Danny and the Juniors) is on the soundtrack album. Trivia Time! Kenny Vance, a member of real 60's band Jay and the Americans, reformed the fictional Planotones in 1992 and tours with them, performing doo wop. So now they're real! Ahhh! Vance also composed the song, "Countdown to Love" performed by the fictional Sorels in the movie Streets of Fire. See also Chesterfields, Delights, The, Clark Otis, Timmy and the Tulips.

Professor Murder - From the TV show Mr. Show (10/03/97). Thanks to brock ellis for this one.

Profound Anger - From Hi and Lois (comic strip by Brian & Greg Walker), various, 2002. Thanks to mmixingmike for this one.

Prolifik - From the movie Snipes (2001). Rap artist played by real rapper Nelly in this direct-to-video rapsploitation flick. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Pruitt, Ray - From the TV show Beverly Hills 90210 (1994-95). Thanks to Ariail King and Kate McKean for this one.

Pthuii - From The Worst Band in the Universe (children's book w/CD) by Graeme Base), 1999. Thanks to Orinoco Womble for this one.

Pudding People - Former Spinal Tap bassist Ronnie Pudding left the band to form this band in '66 or '67 releasing the single "I Am The Music" and later the album, I Am More Music. He wrote the Spinal Tap single "(Listen to the) Flower People." See also Duke Fame, The Folksmen, The Regulars, Spinal Tap.

Puddlians, The - From the movie The President's Analyst (1967). Thanks to Jeff Patterson for this one.

Puff Smokey Smoke - From the movie Juwanna Mann (2002).

Pugilism and the Third Autistic Cuckoo - From Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (novel by Douglas Adams), 1987.

Puke, The - From the movie Up In Smoke (1978). Thanks to Michael Northrop for this one.

Pump Sounds, The - Rehearsal pseudonym of The Who, 1980s. Thanks to Richard Bensam for this one.

Punk Floyd - Or maybe The Punk Floyd. Dirk McQuickly's (Eric Idle) late 70's post-Rutles punk band, formed with his wife, French actress Martini (Bianca Jagger). He sings. She doesn't. From the 1978 documentary All You Need is Cash. See also The Rutles, Les Garçons de la Plage, Arthur Hodgeson and the Kneecaps, The Machismo Brothers, Blind Lemon Pye, Ruttling Orange Peel.

Punk Monks, The - Band that performed "Karmic Love" on the June 14, 1978 episode of Fernwood 2-Night. The Punk Monks were played by Sondra Bernhart, Sandy Helper, Paul Ryan and Maryedith Burrell.

Punk Nation (?) - From the movie Up In Smoke (1978). Thanks to Michael Northrop for this one.

Purple Filth - From the animated TV show Grim & Evil (08/01/03). This Nazi-helmeted trio-turned-quartet appeared in the "Battle of the Bands" episode of this almost-watchable cartoon. As a trio, PF play generic hard-rock riffage, occasionally pausing so the lead singer/guitarist can whisper "Purple Filth." Then they meet the Grim Reaper, who grabs the leader's pink, heart-shaped guitar and rips some Malmsteen-y licks that loose demons from hell and burn down the neighborhood. Later in the episode, we see the now four-member PF on stage at the battle of the bands. They're kicking out the jams in a vaguely Motorheadish (with less interesting vocals) way. Then Billy (remember Billy? It's a show about Billy) and his dad, painted like a cross between KISS and Braveheart, crash the stage. Billy ends up winning the whole schmiel by arm-farting "The Farmer in the Dell." And thus, another lame battle of the bands episode comes to a close. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Puscifer - From the TV show Mr. Show (11/03/95). Thanks to Charles Rempel, and E. Knigge for this one.

Pussycats - From the movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990). Thanks to Kjell Ringstrand for this one.

Putrid Rage - From Western Union TV commercial, 1998-1999. Thanks to Steve Lew for this one.

Pye, Blind Lemon - African American Mississippi Delta blues singer who learned everything he knew about music from the Rutles, according to the 1978 documentary All You Need is Cash. Played by Jerome Greene. See also The Rutles, Punk Floyd, Les Garçons de la Plage, Arthur Hodgeson and the Kneecaps, The Machismo Brothers, Ruttling Orange Peel.

just a line

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