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just a line


Haggers, Loretta - From the TV show Mary Hartman Mary Hartman (1976-1978). Wannabe country singer played by Mary Kay Place. Thanks to Bernadette Adams for this one.

Hagiwara, Hiro - Aspiring Japanese singer/musician recently emigrated to the Big Apple, where he gets into shenanigans with his two Japanese roommates, especially when they have to get rid of the body after one ODs. From the 1997 Japanese movie Sleepy Heads.

Haight, Bucky - From the movie Hard Core Logo (1996). English punk legend who's now a recluse, played by Julian Richings.

Haircuts, The - From the TV show Your Show of Shows / Caesar's Hour (1950-57). Possibly The Three Haircuts. One of the first parodies of early rock and roll by comic legends Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, and Howard Morris. They appeared several times on both shows. Apparently, they would just improvise the act live! Thanks to Cullum Rogers for this one.

Hamilton, Haven - Henry Gibson plays this Nudie-suit-wearing country music traditionalist old timer in Robert Altman's sprawling 1975 film Nashville. He has all the best songs, if you ask me (which you didn't), like: "We Must Be Doing Something Right," "For the Sake of the Children," and "Keep A-Goin'" It's all the more impressive when you consider that the stars all wrote their own songs in the movie. (see also Connie White, Barbara Jean, Tommy Brown, Linnea Reese, Sueleen Gay, The Smokey Mountain Laurels and Tom, Bill & Mary)
Handful of Peter back in the day

Handful of Peter - From the animated TV series Family Guy (04/09/06). In the "Deep Throats" episode, a local talent show inspires Peter and Lois to revive this duo, their old hippie folksinging act. They also revive their old habit of getting massively stoned. When they perform, they're so stoned they think they are performing flawlessly, but it's revealed they are just braying off-key and rolling around on the stage, and they lose.

Hangman's Joke - From the movie The Crow (1994). Thanks to Alan Benson, and Jivepuppet for this one.

Hannigan, "Hot Lips" - An old friend of Fred Flintstone's who now has a dance band in the "Hot Lips Hannigan" episode (10/07/60) of The Flintstones. His band played at the Bedrock club, The Rockland.

Hanover, Hardy, & Dixon - From the movie Holiday Inn (1942). Singing 'n' dancing trio from the opening of Holiday Inn, 1942's blatant excuse to string a bunch of Irving Berlin tunes together ("White Christmas!" "Easter Bonnet!"). The film opens with the group's breakup- their last performance at chi-chi Club Pierre. Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) wants to quit the club scene grind for the simple life of a Connecticut farmer, with fiance and group member Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale). Unfortunately, she's in love with the third member of the trio, Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire), and they want to keep hoofin' 'n' croonin'. After the most civil and pleasant breakup of a love triangle ever put to celluloid, Hardy blows town for his farm. A year of backbreaking labor later, and he's got a better idea- turn the farm into "Holiday Inn"- a hotel open only on holidays- that's 15 days a year, folks. Keep this man away from your retirement fund! On opening night (New Year's Eve), that bitch Dixon has thrown over Hanover for some unseen millionaire and disappeared, leaving Hanover to stagger drunk to the Holiday Inn. Soon both he and Hardy are at it all over again, competing for the affections of Hardy's new gal pal singer Linda Mason. Hardy overhears some scheme of Hanover to steal Mason away and calls in a nuclear air strike- he tracks down Dixon and gets her to fill in for a diverted Mason! Then Bing gets some bug up his butt about selling out. Movie ends with a big song and dance- Hardy gets Linda, Hanover paired back with Dixon. Apparently Hardy blows all the money he makes from each holiday on lavish sets and costumes for the next holiday's show-stopper production number. Again, not the man you want investing your 401K. The movie makes us all nostalgic for the days when we got Lincoln and Washington's birthdays off as separate holidays, instead of this "President's Day" bullfudge. There's an amazing blackface scene! "I got my start as a bootblack," cracks Hardy in an odd moment when he darkies up, er, darkens up Linda Mason's face with shoe polish for an embarrassing blackface number about Lincoln!

Happa-tai / Happatai (Leaf Squad) - From the TV show ? (circa 2002). Video clips of this Japanese fake band singing "Yatta" while parading around in only fig leaves had us American web surfers convinced them Japanese is crazy, dude. It was actually supposed to be funny, dude- it was the work of a Japanese comedy group on their comedy show.Thanks to Tony Rice for this one.

Happiness Unlimited - From the recurring "Mel's Rock Pile" sketch on SCTV. A parody of teen dance shows, in the 04/10/84 show, Host Rockin' Mel Slirrup (Eugene Levy) shows a clip from 1969 where The Tangerine Conspiracy play and Mel freaks out after being slipped spiked water. In the present, he presents the band again, only now they're called Happiness Unlimited, and Mel has acid flashbacks as they play. Lineup: Vocals-Melissa Humphries (Catherine O'Hara), Drummer-Chuck Humphries (Martin Short), the rest of the band played by extras. See also Vic Arpeggio, Big Momma, Tom Munroe, Russ Riley, Speed of Light, The Wally Hung Trio.

Happy Kyne and the Mirth Makers - The house band for the '77-'78 TV talk show spoof Fernwood 2-Night (later America 2-Night). Real life composer and bandleader Frank DeVol (he wrote The Brady Bunch & My Three Sons theme music) was Happy Kine, leader of the quartet. He also ran the Bun 'n' Run fast food chain on the side. Tommy Tedesco played guitar. (see also Tony Rolletti)

Happy Wanderers, The - From the sketch comedy show SCTV. This band first appeared in the May 21, 1982 episode hosting their own show within a show, also called The Happy Wanderers. Playing easy listening polka in the Lawrence Welk mold, it was fronted by the Shmenge brothers, Yosh (John Candy) on clarinet and Stan (Eugene Levy) on accordion. The pair sported the thick eastern European accents of their mythical home country, Leutonia. They made several appearances after that, playing polka tributes to John Williams and New Wave. After SCTV ended, the characters were showcased retiring in the 1984 HBO special, The Last Polka (a spoof of The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese's documentary of The Band). It delved into their history showing clips from their first TV show, the 1952 Strikes, Spares and Shmenges, and their mid '60s TV show, Polka Variety Hour, where they launched (and were possibly romantically involved with) singing group The Lemon Twins. To promote the special, Candy and Levy appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in character and performed their signature tune, the "Cabbage Rolls and Coffee Polka." Their last appearance was on the 1986 Best of Comic Relief album. (See also 5 Neat Guys, The Lemon Twins, Linsk Minyk, The Queenhaters, The Ramblers, Jackie Rogers Jr., Jackie Rogers Sr.)

Hard Core Logo - A Canadian punk band on its ill-fated reunion tour in the 1996 film of the same name. The lead singer is Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon).

Hardened Arteries, The - From the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (11/12/02). From the "Conversations with Dead People" episode. Played by real band Splendid. Thanks to Kael Driscoll for this one.

Hardy Boys, The - From the TV cartoon Hardy Boys, The (1968-1970). Thanks to TC Kirkham for this one.

Hardy, Joe - From the TV series The Hardy Boys Mysteries (1977-79). Played by Sean Cassidy. Joe makes his singing debut at a disco in "The Mystery of the Flying Courier" episode (04/10/77). Thanks to Rob Terrell for this one.

Harland, Cassie - From the movie Up 'n Coming (1983). Thanks to Ken Toops for this one.

Harmon, Sam - From the movie Ocean's 11 (1960).
The Harmonaholics

Harmonaholics, The - From the animated TV show King of the Hill (05/15/05). Men's choir featured in the "It Ain't Over Till the Fat Neighbor Sings" episode. Originally a 12-member group, they expanded to 13 when William Fontaine De La Teur "Bill" Dauterive (voiced by Stephen Root) happened upon them practicing at the Arlen Methodist Church. (Their usual practice space, the VFW, was flooded.) After convincing the maniacal director, Chris, to let him join, Bill is inducted into the ways of the Harmonaholics: singing show tunes and soft rock, wearing custom-made red silk underwear embroidered with one's name, and not commenting on the fact that the band's name is incorrectly punctuated as "Harmonaholic's" on the side of the tour bus. That sort of thing. The group is surprisingly serious for a suburban town's men's choir- one member, Otto, flies in from Amsterdam every week to sing, and Bill risks going AWOL to sing at a Dallas PBS station's fundraiser. That said, the group is not universally acclaimed. According to Dale Gribble (voiced by Johnny Hardwick), "this chorus is the feces that is produced when shame eats too much stupidity." We tend to agree. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.
The Harmonaholics

Harmony Cats, The - Small time touring Country and Western band from the little known 1993 movie Harmony Cats. Lineup: Former concert violinist Graham Brathwaite (Kim Coates), Singer Debbie Hay (Lisa Brokop), her father and the band's leader Frank Hay (Jim Byrnes), drummer Reg (Alex Willows). The sing "Honky Tonk Love Affair," "Embers," "As Long as You're Beside Me," and "Hell Stays Open All Night Long."

Harold and the Hangups - From the movie Hello Down There (1969). Thanks to Sam Elwitt for this one.

Harpies, The - Band barely mentioned in passing by member Monique when Daria gets her navel pierced in the "Pierce Me" (07/27/98) episode of MTV animated TV show Daria. Monique is threatening to leave the all-girl band and strike out on her own. She apparently was in another, unnamed band with Trent Lane (voiced by Alvaro J. Gonzalez), Daria's best friend's brother, who convinced Daria Morgendorffer (voiced by Tracy Grandstaff) to get pierced in the first place. (see also Mystik Spiral)

Harpoons, The - From the TV show ABC STAGE 67 (12/07/66).

Harris, Kayla - From the TV movie Double Platinum (1999).

Harris Twins, The - From "The Bluegrass is Always Greener" episode (02/24/02) of FOX animated show King of the Hill. Unseen pair competing in the 15th Annual Old Time Fiddle Festival in Branson, MO. One holds the fiddle, the other the bow. Tough act to follow. See also The Bluegrass Brothers, The Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience

Harrison, Jude - From the TV show Instant Star (2004). This ordinary sixteen year old singer/songwriter (Alexz Johnson) gets a record deal after winning a singing contest on Instant Star (an American Idol-type show-within-this-show) in this series from The N. See also BoyzAttack, Shay. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Harry Kim and the Kim Tones - Instrumental jazz quartet fronted by Ensign Harry Kim (Garrett Wang) in the "Virtuoso" (1/26/00) episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Harry Kim plays clarinet. Other crew members played drums, standup bass and um, something else. Their performance is not well received by an audience of short aliens (the Komar) whose leader is played by Paul Williams. The opera singing hologram doctor (Robert Picardo) is the big sensation.

Hart, Robert J. "Robbie" - Adam Sandler forgoes his usual drillin' for crude in the tasteful 1998 attempt at romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer. Set deep in the mid 1980's, he fronts a nameless wedding band playing the hits of the day. But when his own bride-to-be Linda (Angela Featherstone) leaves him at the altar, he stops singing. He sinks into depression, only to fall for Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore), as he helps her plan her wedding to cheatin' preppie scum Glen Gulia (Matthew Glave). Briefly mentioned is Robbie's former rock band Final Warning, which he fronted in spandex pants and silk shirt, "licking the microphone like David Lee Roth." Billy Idol, looking only slightly embalmed, makes a cameo as himself, encouraging Robbie to take his terrific songs to Los Angeles and to become a big star. Teddy Castellucci, Randy Razz, and John Vana played the rest of Robbie's band. See also Jimmy Moore and David Veltri.

HartAches, The - Late fifties/early sixties band in CBS' 1999 miniseries Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story, which featured today's rock stars playing yesterday's rock stars. Personally I think the other way around would have been better, but I was told it wasn't feasible. They also inserted this fictional band of Tyler Hart (Brad Hawkins) and Lyne Danner (Bonnie Somerville). I also think the intercapping makes the name way too nineties. They perform "One Bad Stud," "Baby Here I Am," "Side by Side," "My Back Seat," Little Richard's classic "Slippin' and Slidin," "A Touch of Heaven," "Break Out," "Just One Dance With You," and "Detour."

Hawkins, Purvis - From the TV show Lily for President? (05/20/82). Hawkins, Purvis - Lily Tomlin created this character, a black male soul/R & B singer in the mold of oh, say, Marvin Gaye. She performed as him on an episode of Saturday Night Live she hosted (01/22/83), but he also appeared earlier in Tomlin's CBS TV special, Lily for President? See also Agnus Angst, Linnea Reese, Tommy Velour.

Hazelton, Keevy - From the TV show The Andy Griffith Show (04/11/66 ). Thanks to Gary Giessmann and Jon Simmons for this one.

Hazelwood, Paul - See The Coronets.

Headmistress - From the movie Rocktober Blood (1984).

Heardsmen, The - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996).

Heat, Beverly - From the TV show The Equalizer (11/16/88). Ah, the 1980s. America's bloodlust for vengance-minded vigilante ass-kickers knew no bounds, culminating in Rambo III, where he single-handedly wins the Vietnam War. Even the elderly got their own vigilante, the suave, grey-haired Equalizer who had a smooth English accent to boot! In the "Eighteen With a Bullet" episode (11/16/88), Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick plays this young rock singer who needs to get away from her nasty manager. Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick was later in the band Eve's Plum and became Vitamin C! Trivia Time! The show's theme was composed by ex-Police member Stewart Copeland.

Heatherton, Lola - This parody of sixties sexpot Joey Heatherton first appeared on sketch comedy show SCTV on Sept. 16, 1978 in a promo for her concert. Played by Catherine O'Hara, she was a ditzy, emotional car-wreck of a B-level celebrity, frequently appearing in talk and awards show parodies. Over the run of the show, she got more and more unstable, hitting the bottle and checking into the Betty Ford clinic. Her name was given at least once on the show as Lola Heatherington. (See also 5 Neat Guys, The Happy Wanderers, The Queenhaters, The Ramblers, Jackie Rogers Jr., Jackie Rogers Sr..

Heaven Seventeen, The - Number four artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Inside." Pretty teenybopper Marty (Barbara Scott) asks her pretty teenybopper friend Sonietta (Gillian Hills), "Who you gettin' bratty? Goggly Gogol? Johnny Zhivago? The Heaven Seventeen?" just before Alex (Malcolm McDowell) sweet talks them back to his place for sex. Real new wavers Heaven 17 named themselves after this fictitious band. Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it, check the miscellaneous page. Thanks to Arshavir, MFEENEY, TMBGHAL, Adam from gardenofspeedin.com, Joe Blevins, Jeff Patterson, w w, Kim Newman, Peter Ledebur, Joseph Leibrandt, and Paul Lefrak for this one. See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Cyclops, Goggly Gogol, The Humpers, The Legend, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - The 2000 indie rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, based on the way off broadway rock opera of the same name, features the transsexual Hedwig/Hansel (John Cameron Mitchell), who didn't quite become a woman after the surgery (the "angry inch" of the title). But he/she does become an embittered glam rock star never-was, touring the Bilgewater's seafood restaurant chain with his/her band, which includes husband/wife Yitzhak (Miriam Shor). Hedwig taught young superstar/former lover Tommy Gnosis all he knows. (see Tommy Gnosis)

Hee-La - From the Both Mystery Science Theater 3000 (06/13/92).

Heidi the Hippo - From the movie Meet the Feebles (1989).

Heights, The - Rock band from the short-lived 1992 TV show of the same name. Perhaps The Monkees were a fluke.

Heinrich and the West Berlin Nine - From the TV show ABC STAGE 67 (12/07/66).

Hell Hath No Fury - From the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation (2004-2005). From the "Rock and Roll High School" episode (03/08/04). And probably others. Formerly called PMS, they change their name in this episode to compete in a Battle of the bands against Ashley's ex-boyfriend Craig's band, Downtown Sasquatch. They sing a song about Craig called "Mr. Nice Guy" and perform in t-shirts with Craig's face surrounded by flames. Lineup: Ashley Kerwin (Melissa McIntyre), Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins), and Eleanor 'Ellie' Nash (Stacey Farber). See also Downtown Sasquatch, PMS. Thanks to Noreen Sobczyk for this one.

Hellcats - See Spinal Tap

Herby and the Heart Beats - From the movie American Graffiti (1973). Thanks to Larry Sunderman for this one.

Herman and the Hebrew Humpers - From the movie Graveyard Rot (????). Thanks to Bob Lee for this one.

Herman Rodriguez Four, The - A four piece Mexican rhythm combo (guitar, trumpet, maracas, and the leader) having an affair with Mrs. Vera Jackson (Terry Jones) in the "Strangers in the Night" skit from episode (12/21/69) of now legendary BBC sketch show Monty Python's Flying Circus. Unfortunately, they have to get in line behind Maurice, Roger, Biggles, and Algy. Mrs. Jackson must get around, as the band leader implies they met in Acapulco. See also Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Arthur Ewing and his Musical Mice,Bolton Choral Society, The Hunlets, Jackie Charlton and the Tonettes, Rachel Toovey Bicycle Choir, Inspector Jean-Paul Zatapathique.

Hey, That's My Bike - Troy Dyer's (Ethan Hawke) alterna-rock/borderline grunge band in the 1994 blatantly Gen X targeted flick Reality Bites. They cover the Violent Femmes's "Add It Up," but alleged tough guy Ethan Hawkes (lead singer) can't bring himself to say "fuck" and self censors himself. The band also sings "I'm Nuthin'." The rest of the band was played by Nathan December (guitar), Jack Irons, and Christopher Wagner.

Hex Girls, The - From the film Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost (1999). Gothy girl trio featuring the voice of Jane Wiedlin of 80s girl group The Go-Gos as band member Dusk. The band first appeared in this 1999 straight-to-video movie, and then appeared again in the 2003 straight-to-video movie, Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire. They also appeared in "The Vampire Strikes Back" episode (10/18/03) of the latest version of the series, What's New Scooby-Doo. See also The Bad Omens, Matt Marvelous, The Meddling Kids, Two Skinny Dudes, Wildwind. Thanks to BonnieB21 for this one.

Hi-Fye - From "The Girls' Night Out" episode (01/06/61) of The Flintstones. Cartoon character Fred Flintstone is made over by "The Colonel" into this Buddy Holly-looking rocker after a do it yourself record Fred recorded at an amusement park becomes a radio hit. He sings "Rockin' Bird." Betty and Wilma soon tire of life on tour and deliberately ruin his career by starting a rumor that he's a square.

Hicks, Joe Joe - From the movie Dill Scallion (1999).

High, Ray - Real name Raymond Highsmith (John Labanowski). Retired 60's rock star lured out of retirement in Pete Townsend's (of The Who) 1993 concept album/rock opera/concert film, Psychoderelict. Nasty music journalist Ruth Streeting (Jan Ravens) tricks him by writing him, pretending to be an aspiring artist, so he gives her the song "Flame" to record, which she performs under the name Rosalind "Roz" Nathan. It becomes a big hit, then Ruth twists his letters to Roz to make it seem all porno-ey and creates a big scandal on her show which gets the public buying his albums again, and gets Ray out of his funk and back into the studio to finish up an old concept album he had. Thanks to Melinda Hautala for this one. See also Rosalind "Roz" Nathan.

Hilliard, Clarence "God" - A rock star (Timothy Carey) who used to be a bored insurance salesman in the obscure 1962 film The World's Greatest Sinner. He later forms a new political party and runs for president. The film is also notable for having an original score by Frank Zappa, his first.

Hill, Jenny - From the TV show Maverick (03/29/59).

Hippest Underground Marching Band in Brooklyn, The - From T.H.U.M.B.B. (book by T. Ernesto Bethancourt), 1983.

Hoagie, Roadkill - Dutch rock star who played Club Xerxes in the "Teddy Cam" episode (02/03/02) of animated show Baby Blues. Based on the comic strip of the same name, the show was originally on the WB network for all of two months (July- Aug. 2000), then picked up in 2002 by the Cartoon Network as part of its "Adult Swim" lineup. New mom Wanda MacPherson (Julia Sweeney) later purchases Roadkill Hoagie's latest album, which includes these lyrics: "Buried in the basement, starting to smell/buried in the basement, please don't tell/or you'll be buried in the basement..." etc. Thanks to Alan for this one. See also Darryl and the Chaos, Scissor Bitch).

Hodstetter, Billy Roy - From the TV show The Monkees (12/19/66).

Hoffman, Esther - See The Oreos

Hogwash - From the TV show A Year at the Top (1977). From the very, very short-lived show A Year at the Top which ran from August to September of 1977. Greg (Greg Evigan) and Paul (Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's right hand band man) play a naive pair of songwriting Boise bumpkins who come to the big shitty to try to put on their musical. But Frederick J. Hanover, head of Paragon Records, has other plans. Turns out he's the Devil's son, and pop needs two more souls, post-haste. So rather than give the bumpkins and their uncle Mickey (a seriously slumming Mickey Rooney), their deserved bum's rush, Hanover has them step into his parlor. With his satanic powers, he has the talentless twosome both playing the piano and singing like a pair of less outrageous Elton Johns. He convinces them to make the extremely unlikely jump from musical songwriters to pop stars. When Hanover (Gabriel Dell) makes a claim eliciting a cry of "hogwash!" from their Uncle Mickey (Mickey Rooney?!), Hanover is able to make the weak joke that that is the name of a band that sold 8 million records last year. See also Greg and Paul, Billy Worthy. Thanks to Raymond Tucker, Jerry Wolf for this one.

Holiday, Sunny - In the 2001 flick, Jackpot, would-be singer Sunny (Jon Gries) abandons his wife and kid to travel the karaoke circuit in the American West with his manager Lester Irving (Garrett Morris), trying to build up a fanbase so Sunny will poised to be a big pop hit.

Holidays, The - From the TV show Daria (July 27, 1998).

Hollister, Rafe - From the TV show The Andy Griffith Show (02/11/63). In the "Rafe Hollister Sings" episode Rafe Hollister (Jack Prince) auditions for and gets a solo in a concert performance, over the objections of the townsfolk. Thanks to Ronnie McCurry for this one.

Hollyhocks, The - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996). Thanks to LepricahnsGold for this one.

Holy Ghosts - From "Gianni" (short story by Robert Silverberg), 1982.

Holy Moses - From the movie Hard Rock Zombies (1984).

Honey and the Bear - In the "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool"episode (10/10/66) of The Monkees, a pair of rooski spies are after microfilm hidden in a pair of red maracas that Davy Jones mistakenly ended up with. The spies, a femme fatale and her beefy underling, dress up as hipsters to infiltrate the club where the Monkees are playing and pull a hidden gun on them after their song ends. Quick thinking Mike Nesmith introduces them to the audience as the folk protest duo "Honey and the Bear." Faced with an expectant crowd, they sing "Blow up the Senate" to a cavalcade of boos while the Monkees beat a hasty getaway.

Honeybees, The - The women of Gilligan's Island (Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell) form this singing group in the hopes that visiting rock band The Mosquitoes will take them back with them to be their opening act. But they're too good and the Mosquitoes, feeling threatened, sneak off the island without them. They sing the not-so-subtle song "You Need Us." From the September 29, 1967 episode, "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes." Thanks to Rick Zaporowski for this one. (see also The Mosquitoes and The Gnats)

Hong Kong Cavaliers, The - See Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers

Hooray for Everything - This relentlessly cheerful and mercilessly clean cut, whitebread yet multiracial, at least 18-member singing group first appeared in the Bart vs. Thanksgiving episode (11/22/90) of The Simpsons, playing the Superbowl halftime show at the Silverdome, with their tribute to "the greatest hemisphere on earth, the Western Hemisphere! The dancingest hemisphere of all!" Then they go into a cover of the cheesy disco song "Get Dancin" by Disco Tex and his Sex-o-lettes. Their second appearance on the long-running Fox animated series was the "Selma's Choice" episode (01/21/93) where they were featured in a commercial for amusement park Duff Gardens, ruining Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side." The group is a parody of Up With People (who actually did do 4 Superbowl half time shows), Duff Gardens a parody of Busch Gardens and "The Simpsons" a parody of reality.

Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department Band, The - Small town brass band from Petticoat Junction, the unloved middle child of the late sixties CBS hillbilly triumvirate (along with Green Acres & The Beverly Hillbillies). Joseph P. 'Uncle Joe' Carson (Edgar Buchanan) and Sam Drucker (Frank Cady) were both members.

Hoots the Owl - From the TV show Sesame Street (1969-2002). Owl muppet who plays saxophone. He advised Ernie to "Put Down the Duckie" if Ernie wanted to play the saxophone.

Hoover, Bunny - From the film Breakfast of Champions (1999). From both the 1973 Kurt Vonnegut novel and the virtually unknown 1999 movie based on it starring Bruce Willis. This is the gay lounge singer/ivory tickler son (Luke Haas) of the main car-selling character, Dwayne Hoover (Bruce Willis). Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

Hoppy Potty - Swedish ABBA-esque synth pop dance quintet from a couple of Mad TV sketches: "Meet Hoppy Potty" (10/16/99) and "Hoppy Potty Video" (10/30/99), which premieres their halloween video, "Hoppy Potty Shpooky Potty," a parody of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Lineup: Schtein (Pat Kilbane), Inga (Nicole Sullivan), Gunter (Will Sasso), Yarl (Michael McDonald) and some other one (Mo Collins). "Hoppy Potty" is how they pronounce "happy party" with their thick accents. Thanks to Matt Vander Plow and Shawn Eni for this one. See also Defcon One, Dr. Dazzle, The Erascists, Darlene McBride, Savante, Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne, Shaunda, Little Hassan Taylor, Willow.

Hormones, The - From the book Guitar Girl (2003). Molly Montgomery starts this band with her teen friends. They get discovered opening for local band Bikini Dust. Molly idolizes female rock star Ruby X. Young adult novel written by Sarra Manning.

Horn, Nathaniel - From the movie Wag the Dog (1997). Thanks to matt zalev for this one.

Horndogs, The - In a story arc covering multiple episodes of The Drew Carey Show, Drew (Drew Carey), Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Lewis (Ryan Stiles) decide to revive their high school band, The Horndogs, to compete in a battle of the bands. Later, Drew hires an additional guitarist (played by Joe Walsh of The Eagles). Later later, Drew fires Lewis and Oswald, replacing them with a new rhythm section (Jim Fox and Dale Peters of The James Gang). Drew played accordion and sang. They get a regular gig at an airport lounge. (see also The Underprivileged)

Hornsby, Progress - From the TV series Your Show of Shows (1950-1954). Beatnik Chicago jazz musician who is way, way out there, man. Played the legendary Sid Caesar. May have also appeared in Caesar's Hour (1954-1957). Thanks to Jeff Martin for this one.

Horribles, The - From the TV show Gidget (01/20/66).

Hors D'oeuvres, The - From the TV show ABC STAGE 67 (12/07/66).

Hostile Mucous - From Godspeed (novel by Lynn Breedlove), 2002.

Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets - From the TV show Full House (11/08/94).

Hot Date - From the movie Spring Break (1983). All-girl band fronted by Joan (Corrine Wahl, a former Penthouse Pet). Rest of the band played by: Marilyn Max, Lois Chamberlain, Laura J. Galgozy, and Johanna Mileschkowsky.Thanks to Melissa G for this one.

Hot Fudge And The Fudgettes - From the TV show Hot Fudge Show (1976). Thanks to Tom Wall for this one.

Hot Rods, The - From Lake Woebegone Summer 1956 (novel by Garrison Keillor), 2001.

Hot Rollers, The - From the film Nice Dreams (1981). All girl band with hair color names: Brunetta, Auburnetta, Platinum, Ash, and Dishwater. An agent tries to get Tommy Chong interested in them because she thinks he's Jerry Garcia of The Greatful Dead. Played by Cheryl Smith, Linnea Quigley, Debbie Tressler, Haydee Pomar, and Jennifer Child. Thanks to Bubblegum Fink for this one.

Hot Sundae - Girl pop trio of Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen), and Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) in the "Jessie's Song" episode of (11/03/90) Saved by the Bell. Jessie succumbs to the pressures of dealing with the band and midterms and gets addicted to caffeine pills, possibly the lamest drug you can still get technically "addicted" to. After various confrontations with her friends, she bows out of their show at The Max, and spaz Screech (Dustin Diamond) fills in for her. The songs sung in the episode are "Go For It" and "I'm So Excited," the former is on the Saved by the Bell soundtrack album. Thanks to Hooper_X and Ariail King for this one. See also The Five Aces, Stevie, Zack Attack.

Hot Waffles - See Spinal Tap

Houghton, Hunk - Vince Everett's (Elvis Presley) cellmate in Jailhouse Rock (1957). He's an ex-country star who tries to make a comeback once out of the big house, but he gets shafted on Vince's road to success. He sang "One More Day." Played by Mickey Shaughnessy. (See also Vince Everett)

Howard, Corey - From the TV show That '80s Show (2002). Thanks to BKelly9505for this one.

Howard, John Norman - Failing, fading rock star (Kris Kristofferson) in the 1976 remake of the 1927 classic film, A Star is Born. He helps Esther Hoffman (Barbra Streisand) of the Oreos into becoming the next big thing, while he slides into the traditional gutter, lubed by booze. His big song is "Hellacious Acres," penned by Paul Williams. (See also The Oreos)

Howie, Mark, Johny, Jim & Al - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer for this one.

Howling Moon Rocket Limbo - From Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (PC computer game) from LucasArts, 1993.

Hub Kapp and the Wheels - From the TV show It's Wallace? (19??). Thanks to David Whittaker, JOHN APICELLA, and Dusty Baker for this one.

Human Pudding - From the "Is It True About Stephanie?" episode (01/04/94) of featherweight sitcom Full House. Young cast regular Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) runs into a guitar-totin' Jamie (Eric Lively) at DiMaggio Junior High School, who's in this band. They plan a date, but Gia (Marla Sokoloff) is jealous, and tells her to back off. Stephanie sez no way, so Gia starts a rumor Stephanie paid Jamie to go out with her. The date gets called off. Steph demands vengenance and posts a blow up of the not-so-studious Gia's report card at school. The date is back on. At new band night at the Smash Club (owned by Stephanie's uncle Jesse [John Stamos]), Stephanie feels bad about what she did, learns one of those damned sitcom "lessons" and makes up with Gia, right before Jamie's band takes the stage to sing "Human Pudding! Human Pudding! We're human. We're pudding. Human pudding!" Thanks to Kent sugarbuzz and Ihatemattpeters for this one. See also Jesse and the Rippers

Humpers, The - Number three artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Sweaty Club." Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it, check the miscellaneous page. See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Cyclops, Goggly Gogol, The Heaven Seventeen, The Legend, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

The Hunlets - From the "The Attila the Hun Show" skit on the 20th episode (11/11/70) of now legendary BBC sketch show Monty Python's Flying Circus. Attila has his own inane sitcom. The faux credits list the music as being by this band, but Attila's theme is actually "With a Little Love," the theme to the then concurrent The Debbie Reynolds Show. See also Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Arthur Ewing and his Musical Mice,Bolton Choral Society, The Herman Rodriguez Four, Jackie Charlton and the Tonettes, Rachel Toovey Bicycle Choir, Inspector Jean-Paul Zatapathique.

Hunter, Britt - From the movie The Nasty Rabbit (1964).

Hunzz, The - From the movie Light of Day (1987). Thanks to kitagawa and Peter Ledebur for this one.

Hypno Hustler and the Mercy Killers - From Spectacular Spider-Man #24 (Marvel comic book written by Bill Mantlo, drawn by Frank Springer), Nov. 1978. Thanks to hojun hwang for this one.

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