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L.A. Bust '66, The - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer

La Llorona - From Love & Rockets (comic book series by Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez), 1985-1999. Thanks to Bill Sherman for this one.

La Rialta - From The Celestial Steam Locomotive (novel by Michael Coney), 1983.

Lady Bryce - From the TV show Platinum (2003).

Ladybugs, The - From the TV show Petticoat Junction (1963-1970).

LaGoon, Sleepy - From the 1943 Warner Bros. classic cartoon, Yankee Doodle Daffy. A, yes, sleepy-looking kid duck with a big lolly that just sits there as his agent, Daffy Duck (voiced by Mel Blanc) furiously pitches him to talent scout Porky Pig (also voiced by Mel Blanc). At the end, the kid finally lets loose with a deep operatic baritone (singing voice by Billy Bletcher).

Lambert, Guy - Elvis Presley is this swinging American discotheque singer in London in 1967's Double Trouble.

Lambsblood - From the movie The Return of Spinal Tap (1992).

Lamour, Wanda - From the TV show Thunderbirds (03/24/66).

Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution - Everyone loves monkeys. What better than an all monkey band! From the 1970 Lancelot Link/Secret Chimp show. After a hard day spying and defating C.H.U.M.P., secret agent Lance and the band would bang away on their instruments after being introduced by Ed Simian. Here's a little info about the show (scroll down). Here's a review of their 1970 album. Here's a sound clip of their song "Sha-La Love You" in .au format.

Landmines, The - From the film Up the Academy (1980). A cappella group played by: John R. Gallagher, Jack N. Stewart, John C. Ryberg, Charles Lloyd Kephart, and James D. Coddington. Thanks to Christopher Cordani for this one.

Larry Davis Experience, The - From the animated TV show The Simpsons. They initially appear in the first season episode "Some Enchanted Evening" (5/13/90). They play Homer's high school prom in "The Way We Was" episode (1/31/91) (doing Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"), and show up in modern day episodes as a lounge-type act, and also once as The Larry Davis Dance Kings, with a swing band sound. Somewhere along the way they received a gold record for something. I'm a bit disappointed in Simpson fans everywhere that I can't find a site for these guys. And doesn't Disco Stu kinda look like Larry Davis? Hmmm.

Laski, Bert - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

Late Term Abortions, The - From the movie Summer of Sam (1999). Thanks to Jason Torchinsky and Sally Myers for this one.

Lavender Fudge Experience, The - From the TV cartoon Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (2003). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Lay Quiet Awhile With Ed and Id Molotov - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962. Thanks to Paul Lefrak for this one.

Le Serre, Rafealla - From Rock Star (novel by Jackie Collins), 1988.

Lead Balloon - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Leaf Seven - From the "Luck of the Fryrish" episode (03/12/01) of animated Fox comedy Futurama. Twentieth century man in the year 3000, Philip J. Fry researches what happened to his family only to discover that after his disappearance (into a cryogenic tube) his copycat brother Yancy stole his name, identity, and worse, his lucky seven leafed clover. With all this under his belt, former loser Yancy becomes a philanthropist, astronaut, the first man on mars and more importantly, a 21st century rock star with several top ten hits with this band. Then Fry finds out that Yancy didn't steal his name at all, Yancy had named his son Philip J. Fry in Fry's honor. After a teensy-weensy bit of grave-descrating.

Leather and the Suedes - Oh those tuff Tuscadero sisters from Happy Days! Roz Kelly was Pinky Tuscadero. Real life rocker Suzi Quatro played her sister, reform school graduate Leather Tuscadero, who fronted her own band. The Suedes were originally Bertie and Gertie, but in a later episode are Millie and Jillie, although in one episode, Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran) becomes a Suede, or at least tries to. (see also Freddie and the Red Hots)

Leaping Lizards, The - From the TV show Hazel (02/14/66).

Lee, Little Tammy - An early sixties singer just mentioned in passing on the radio in the movie Grace of my Heart. Her song, "Truth Is You Lied" was written by Denise Waverly (Illeana Douglas), the songwriting main character. It plays right before Denise hears the married DJ (who she's seeing) announce he's moving to Chicago and she realizes he's abandoning her. The song was really written by M. Fosson and Paul Marshall and sung by singer Jill Sobule ("I Kissed A Girl"), who also had a tiny part in the film. See also The Click Brothers, The Luminaries, Kelly Porter, The Riptides, The Stylettes, Denise Waverly.

Legally Dedd - From the film In Good Company (2004). Briefly glimpsed in concert, this rap duo was played by Dante Powell and Andre Cablayan. They got their name because the singer was shot a whole bunch, pronounced legally dead, but survived. Thanks to Tina & Jeff McDermott for this one.

Legend, The - Number eight artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Jelly Roll." Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it, check the miscellaneous page. See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Cyclops, Goggly Gogol, The Heaven Seventeen, The Humpers, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

Legends of Brass - From the movie That Thing You Do! (1996). Thanks to Tim Lowell for this one.

Leeds, Simon - From the TV show Just Shoot Me (10/22/02).

Lemon Sisters, The - From the TV show Cheers (02/28/95). Thanks to Mark Loyd for this one.

Lemon Twins, The - Schmaltzy all female pop singing trio, yes I said trio, played by Robin Duke, Catherine O'Hara and her sister, Mary Margaret O'Hara from the 1984 HBO mockumentary, The Last Polka, they were a parody of The Lennon Sisters, longtime Lawrence Welk Show regulars. The girls got their start with The Happy Wanderers and are seen performing in a 1964 clip of their show, Polka Variety Hour. There was a scandal when the girls were romantically linked to band leaders the Shmenge brothers. (See also The Happy Wanderers, Linsk Minyk)

Lennie and the Lazers - From the TV cartoon Bob The Builder (11/27/00). Thanks to Simon Beck for this one.

Lenny and the Pilgrims - From the TV series American Dreams (2003-2005). Set in mid-1960s Philadelphia, Lenny Beeber (Johnny K. Lewis) is a kinescope operator for American Bandstand, and in this band. He becomes the second season boyfriend of season regular Roxanne Bojarski (Vanessa Lengies), who goes on tour with them when the band becomes part of a package tour. Lenny first appears in the "Crossing the Line" episode (10/19/03). The show also featured a lot of current rock/pop stars performing on American Bandstand as 60s acts. Thanks to Chris Wisniewski for this one.

Lenny and the Squigtones - Laverne and Shirley's annoying greaser neighbors, Lenny Kosnowski (Michael McKean) and Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman (David L. Lander) form this two man band to play the Schotz brewery talent show in several episodes. In the "Suds To Stardom" episode (05/11/76), they sing "Starcrossed," and "I Believe." The boys sing "The Jolliest Fat Man" at a mental hospital show in the Christmas episode "Christmas at the Booby Hatch" (12/21/76), but I'm not sure if it was as Lenny and the Squigtones. In the "The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show" episode (01/31/78) they perform "Night after Night." In the "The Third Annual Shotz Talent Show" episode (01/30/79) they perform "Just a Couple of Lover Boys." In the "The 4th Annual Shotz Talent Show" episode (12/06/79) they sing "If Only I'd Have Listened To Mama." They also released a 1979 live album on Casablanca, Lenny and Squiggy present Lenny and the Squigtones. Apparently Christopher Guest's guitar playing is credited under the name "Nigel Tufnel." Michael McKean and David L. Lander wrote many of the above songs, and the ones on the album. Even more interestingly, it appears Lenny and the Squigtones appeared on American Bandstand, (07/09/79) singing "King of the Cars."

Lenny Stoke Band, The - From the TV show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (09/25/94).

Lennox, Keith - From the movie The Jazz Singer (1980).

Leonard and the Love Gods - From the comic book Hate (199?).

Les Garçons de la Plage - "The French beach boys" and one of the other musical groups managed by the Rutles' manager Leggy Mountbatten in the sixties, according to the 1978 documentary, All You Need is Cash. See also The Rutles, Punk Floyd, Arthur Hodgeson and the Kneecaps, The Machismo Brothers, Blind Lemon Pye, Ruttling Orange Peel.

Leslie - From the TV show Friends (1994-2004).

Lester Crabtree and the Three Crabs - In the "Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers" episode (10/3/66) of The Monkees, this band pops up at the end to win the battle of the bands contest, making a mockery of all the efforts of the Monkees and their rivals, The Four Swine. The genesis is when the group go to a restaurant where, on the deliberately bad advice of the Four Swines' manager, they've paid girls to run in and rip Davy Jones' clothes off. To create "buzz," dig? But the manager sabotages it, and the girls instead rip the clothes off of Lester Crabtree, a mild, middle-aged, visiting shoe salesmen.

Leverkuhn, Adrian - From Doctor Faustus: The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverkuhn As Told by a Friend (novel by Thomas Mann), 1948.

Levianthan, Leon - From Sonic Disruptors #3 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), Feb. 1988.

Lewis Jr., C.S. - From the TV show Mr. Show (10/31/97).

Lewis, Jimmy - Rock star who invites his pals Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy to the recording studio where a KISS-looking phantom is causing trouble and after a missing man's song. From the "The Diabolical Disc Demon" episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?. (see also Ace Decade)

Lewis, Regina - From the movie Eddie and the Cruisers (1983).

Li'l Embyro - From the TV show All That (//03). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Libby Chessler Generation, The - From the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch (02/27/98). Thanks to Charles Rempel, * carla * for this one.

Licorice Comfits - Possibly Liquorice Comfits. In the 2000 movie High Fidelity, based on Nick Hornsby's 1995 novel of the same name, sneaky Nick works in this fake band in passing just to give music snobs a sleepless night or two. Annoying dweeb Dick (Todd Louiso) mentions to an irritated Rob (John Cusack) that he just found their first album over at Vintage Vinyl you know the japanese import only? the one on Testament of Youth? anyway he can tape it for you it's no problem really since you liked the second album (Pop Girls, Etc.), the one with Cheryl Ladd on the cover oh but you didn't see the cover cause you just had the tape that he made you so he'll just go ahead and make a tape of it for you. Arrgh! Thanks to chase roden for this one. (see also Barry Jive and the Uptown Five, The Kinky Wizards, Marie deSalle)

Lilywhite, Lala - From the TV cartoon Samurai Jack (2003). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Zeenin' Dude!

Limozeen - From Homestar Runner (200?). Stereotypical cheesy 80s-style hair metal band from this nuttily popular website that is its own cartoon universe. And they don't work blue. Well, they say "crap" a lot, but that's it. Anyhoo, Strong Bad, the town bully, first mentioned this band when he was answering an email on what to name your band. He suggested taking a word and spelling it differently. After that reference, the band took on a life of its own, popping up here and there. Limozeen - Feed the Childrens - Maybe it's an album, maybe it's a song. On the site's 2003 CD Strong Bad Sings and other type hits, Limozeen have two tracks: "Because, It's Midnite" and "NITE MAMAS." In a much later email, Strong Bad shows the rare, short-lived animated cartoon show they made starring the band.

Limp Dilznik - From "The Rock and Roll Show" episode of Booty Call series of Internet Flash cartoons (by Jake The Pimp), 2003. Thanks to Pieter Offermans for this one.

Limp Lizards, The - From the TV cartoon Jem! (1985). Thanks to Jon Pennington for this one.

Limpid Harmonica - From Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (PC computer game) from LucasArts, 1993.

Lindsey, Jim - From the TV show The Andy Griffith Show (10/17/60 & 05/15/61). Thanks to Skid Jones for this one.

Lions, The - From the movie Brooklyn Babylon (2000).

Lipsticks, The - From the TV show The Cosby Show (12/01/88).

Liquorice Comfits - See Licorice Comfits

Lisa Swan and Shock - MacKenzie Phillips played conflicted, "million-selling new wave rocker" Lisa Swan in the "Metamorphosis" (9/21/79) episode of The Incredible Hulk. Thanks to her sister Jackie's marketing acumen, Lisa has become a white makeuped, silver lame-wearing, KISS-meets-Pat Benatar rocker. But Lisa still pines for the days when she sang sensitive country-inflected ballads in a heavily, HEAVILY treated singing voice. All of this comes to a head when a 16-year-old girl is paralyzed after a particularly raucous rendition of Lisa's big hit, "Necktie Nightmare," sparks a riot. Feeling suicidal, Lisa drives her car into a tree, but luckily David Banner (Bill Bixby) is there to save her. Lisa hires Banner as a roadie, but after her no-good brother Greg slips some "orange sunshine" acid (in pill form) into David's OJ, Banner transforms into a stoned Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) and trashes Lisa's studio, Paragon Records. Lisa drowns her sorrows in a fifth of Raleigh Rye, then decides to end it all at her next show by electrocuting herself with the twin Van der Graaf generators that form the background of her stage set. As her band, resplendent in white face paint and short-sleeved black t-shirts with iron-on lightning bolts watch, Lisa dances ever closer to the generators. But one fortuitous Hulkification later, and she's saved and back on her sensitive singer-songwriter track. Thanks to Al for this one.

Little Brittle - From the animated TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force (09/05/04). Old man rapper in the "Little Brittle" episode. He's the third reincarnation of MC Pee Pants. See also MC Pee Pants, Sir Loin. Thanks to Bcky19c6 for this one.

Little Jerry and the Monotones - From the TV show Sesame Street (1969-2002). Thanks to mmixingmike for this one.

Little Ladies, The - From the TV show Rock Follies / Rock Follies of '77 (1976-77). Thanks to Tom Tuerff for this one.

Little Tibia and the Fibulas - A quartet of animated puppetoon skeletons from the lesser known Rankin/Bass theatrical release, Mad Monster Party (1967). They perform the garage rocker "Do the Mummy." You can't beat skeletons in beatle wigs! Thanks to mr. pip and Chris Paulin for this one, especially Chris for sending the images to me.
Bonin' in the boneyard!
Rilly big shew...

Little White Girls Blues Quartet - From the TV cartoon The Simpsons (03/31/94). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Llama Lords of Science, The - From the animated TV show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (10/04/02). Three-boy garage band that was the focus of the "Battle of the Bands" episode of "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius." Like all great bands, they formed with one goal in mind: To beat snooty girls in an elementary-school talent show. The lineup was epic: Jimmy Neutron (voiced by Debi Derryberry) on guitar, Carl Wheezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen) on drums, and Sheen (voiced by Jeffrey Garcia) on bass. The talent was less so; instead of learning music, the threesome relied on Neutron Synchronous Mind Instruments. These amazing instruments are equipped with computers containing every note that's ever been played. All you do is think, and you get your music. Generic studio-sounding music, but music nonetheless. (Jimmy maintains that they play "techno alternative ska with free jazz thrown in to impress the critics," but we know it came straight off the "rock" section of some canned music CD.) Anyhoo, things went swimmingly at first. The three combined their original ideas for band names -- The Science Kings (Jimmy), The Mighty Disciples of Ultralord (Sheen), and "something with llamas in it" (Carl) -- into one mighty nom de rock. Then they tried out the instruments. When they realized that they actually could play (kinda), the trouble started. Within minutes there were suggested name changes (including The Jimmy Neutron Experience, The Carl Wheezer Project, and Sheen and the Sheenettes) and an idea for a bad concept project (Sheen's speed metal rock opera called "Ultralord: Superhero Star"). By the day of the talent show, the trio was all-but broken up; Carl insisted that the others only speak to him via his image consultant. Egos got the best of them, and tragically, the instruments were smashed. The band soldiered on, but Carl's snot bubbles just didn't rock all that hard, and Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen came in eighth (out of seven contestants). Thanks to Renata N Perry, Alan Benson for this one.

Lo-Town - From the TV show The Nick Cannon Show (02/09/02). Joke boyband of midgets, er sorry, "little people" put together by Nick Cannon on his Nickelodeon show. Their song was "Go Crazy." Members were hispanic Chad, African-American KT (for "Keep it Together"), and Caucasian Skit'ILL (so named cause he's not quite Eminem). From the "Nick Takes Over Music" episode. Nick goes for advice to real stars Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, and Usher Raymond.

Loaded Blanks - From the movie Maid To Order (1987). This band was played by members of 80s hair metal band Great White: Lorne Black, Jack Russell, Audie Desbrow, Mark Kendall, and Michael Lardie. Dick Shawn plays a rock and roll promoter. Thanks to Chris for this one.

Loeb, Horace - From the TV show Mr. Show (12/29/98 (?)). Thanks to brock ellis for this one.

Loggins and Oates - From the TV cartoon The Simpsons (01/10/99). Thanks to Joe for this one.

London's Bridges - From the TV show Laverne and Shirley (02/24/81).

Lone Rangers, The - Rock trio from the wretched 1994 movie Airheads. They hold a radio station hostage to get their song played. A strange lapse of judgement for star Steve Buschemi, but not Adam Sandler. Brendan Fraser was Chazz, Steve Buscemi was Rex, Adam Sandler was Pip.

Loogey Clap - From the movie Up In Smoke (1978). Thanks to Michael Northrop for this one.

Loose Lips - See Spinal Tap.

Looters, The - From the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1981). Thanks to chelsea the mod pixie for this one.

Lord, Lonny - Or maybe Lonnie Lord, I'm not sure. The rockabilly/rock 'n' roll singer who is secretly the nonsuper superhero Rat Pfink, from the 1965 nutsy cult film Rat Pfink a Boo Boo. Played by real rocker Ron Haydock, who was a close friend of the filmmaker, Ray Dennis Steckler. Ron Haydock and The Boppers perform "You Is A Rat Pfink," "Running Wild" and "Big Boss A Go-Go Party."
Ron Haydock

Lorells, The - From the long, long, LONG-running BBC show, Doctor Who. The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and companion Bonnie Langford (Mel Bush) win a trip to the British Shangri-La Vacation Camp in the year 1959 in the three part episode "Delta and the Bannermen" (Nov. 2, 9, & 16, 1987). This band plays the music for the camp dances. Its real reason for existing was to save the BBC a few quid by covering some 50's tunes to avoid paying for the original versions. It was made up of some studio musicians and singing duo The Wilson Sisters. The episode was written by Malcolm Kohll. Thanks to T.R. Sammis for this one. See also John Smith and the Common Men.

Louisiana Gator Boys, The - From the movie Blues Brothers 2000 (2000). Thanks to Chris Medellin, Jerry Wolf for this one.

Love Bisquits - See Spinal Tap.

Love Bugs, The - From the "Bugged By The Love Bugs" (01/18/65) episode of the short-lived The Bing Crosby Show. They sing "Someday You'll Cry" and in the finale Der Bingle joins the band in a living room jam of "Kansas City." Even more amazing amusingly, he tries to dance! Played by real sixties band The Standells, of "Dirty Water" fame. The Standells also appeared on The Munsters as themselves and Ben Casey, as a background band). Thanks to Mike Dugo of www.lancerecords.com for this one.

Love Fist - From Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Sony PlayStation2 video game) from Rockstar North, 2002. Thanks to Nick Steriovski for this one.

Love, Foxxy - From the animated TV show Drawn Together (2004). African American singer (voiced by Cree Summer) who also solves mysteries and is a sort of sexed up Josie and the Pussycats parody in this Comedy Central reality show spoof. Also, she's a big ole ho.

Lovebürger - From the movie Can't Hardly Wait (1998). This trio were to play their first gig at a graduation party. But they make some band T-shirts, and get into an argument over whether they should wear their own t-shirts onstage, and break up without playing note onscreen. Later, they reunite, but as soon as they start, the cops burst in! Lineup: guitarist Jimmy (Johnny Zander), drummer Dan (Donald Faison), and bassist Brian (Alaa Khaled). Thanks to Charles Rempel, Happper, Chip Bianchi, Brian Morrison for this one.

Lovely Lads, The - See Spinal Tap.

Lovettes, The - From the TV show Quantum Leap (02/26/92). In the "A Song for the Soul" episode (set in 1963), Sam jumps into body of amateur black girl group backup singer Cherrie (Tiffany Jackson). He must keep lead singer Lynell Walters (Tamara Townsend) from signing a contract with sleazy night club owner Bobby Lee (Eriq La Salle) who's also a part time pimp, AND reunite her with her minister father Rev. Walters (Harrison Page). See also King Thunder, Andrew Ross, Chris Stone.

Low Note Quintet, The - From the movie Short Cuts (1993). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Lubbock Lou and His Jug Huggers - From the TV show The Muppet Show. Hillbilly Muppet band. They made several appearances on the show performing: "Applejack" with Bernadette Peters (11/04/77); "Somebody Stole My Gal" in the John Cleese ep. (12/02/77); and "Cool Water" in the Gene Kelly ep. (02/28/81). They may have descended from or shared members with two other Muppet Show jug bands: The Googalala Jubilee Jug Band (Ruth Buzzi, 10/11/76) and Jeeter Jasper's Jug Band (Jim Nabors, 09/27/76). Thanks to Sally Myers for this one.
Lubbock Lou and His Jug Huggers with John Cleese

Lucky Goat Middle Marching Band - From the "Ginger's Solo" episode (06/30/02) of the cartoon As Told By Ginger. The titular Ginger Foutley (Melissa Disney) joins the school band at Lucky Junior High in Sheltered Shrubs, CT when she finds out their next trip will take them near her summer crush, Sasha (J. Evan Bonifant). And yes, the middle school vs. junior high inconsistency bothers us, too. Thanks to Alan for this one. See also The Ponies, The Wetheads.

Lucky Got Lucky - From Cool Cat Studio (Internet comic strip by Gisèle Lagacé), 07-10-2000.

Lucy and the Diamonds - Dianne Steinberg and trio Starguard in the 1978 stinkfest Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In the movie, Lucy basically serves whatever role her boss, Big Deal Records head B. D. Brockhurst/Hoffler (Donald Pleasence) wants: chauffeur, photographer, hostess, etc. What the hell kind of contract did she sign? (See also Future Villian Band and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

The Luminaries, The - Standard early 60s black female vocal group like say, The Shirelles from the 1996 movie Grace of my Heart. Doris Shelley (Jennifer Leigh Warren), Betty (Natalie Venetia Belcon), and Sha Sha (Kathy Barbour) make up the trio. Main character songwriter Denise Waverly (Illeana Douglas) meets Doris at the Philadelphia 1958 McMartin Singing Competition. They run into each other 11 months later in New York where they're both trying to make it big. Denise gets a job at the famous Brill Building and gets her boss Joel Millner (John Turturro) interested in Doris' group. Denise writes "Born to Love That Boy" for them, and with her goateed beatnik socialist songwriter boyfriend, Howard Cazsatt (Eric Stoltz), pens the controversial unwed pregnant teen weepie, "Unwanted Number" (really by Elvis Costello). They also write them two or three other controversial tunes that get banned from radio, so Joel brings in another songwriting team, Cheryl Steed (Patsy Kensit) and husband Matthew Lewis (Chris Isaak). Ironically, this unhappily married couple brings in an upbeat wedding tune, "I Do," which becomes a big hit, going to #4. Their singing was done by group For Real. See also The Click Brothers, Little Tammy Lee, Kelly Porter, The Riptides, The Stylettes, Denise Waverly.

Lurleen Lumpkin
Lumpkin, Lurleen - In the "Colonel Homer" (3/26/92) episode of The Simpsons, Homer discovers and promotes this country singing star voiced by Beverly D'Angelo. Lurleen sings several songs including "Your Wife Don't Understand You," "Bagged Me a Homer," and "Stand By Your Manager." She also mentions several other songs she's written: "I'm Basting a Turkey with My Tears," "Don't Look Up My Dress Unless You Mean It," and "I'm Sick of Your Lying Lips and False Teeth." She has a brief cameo in another episode where she just came out of the Betty Ford Clinic.

Lurch - From the TV show Addams Family, The (1964-1966).

Lyzzard Skyzzard - A puppet dinosaur band that made more than one appearance on the prehistoric 1991-94 series Dinosaurs. Their brief appearances usually consisted of being interviewed on DTV talking about their latest stupid career move, such as calling their new album, Don't Bother to Buy This, Tape It Off The Radio. They were unfortunately nowhere to be found on the show's soundtrack album.

just a line

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