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U Stink - From the TV cartoon Arthur (09/01/02). Thanks to Tom X. Chao and Karl Siewert for this one.

Ultimate Losers, The - From the movie Slacker (1991). Thanks to Mark Fisher for this one.

Ultimate Spinach Revival - From Sonic Disruptors #5 (DC comic book mini-series written by Mike Baron, drawn by Barry Crain & John Nyberg), May 1988.

Ultrafoam - From "Gianni" (short story by Robert Silverberg), 1982.

Uncle Dirtnap - A "wonderful group" mentioned in part two of the "Shut Out in Seattle" (05/20/99) episode of Frasier. Niles Crane sees them while out on the town with Cafe Nervosa waitress/post-Daphne tomato Kit (Jessica Cauffiel). Later in the episode, he mentions that during the date, he danced a "modified Charleston." Note: Since we never see the band, Uncle Dirtnap's wonderfulness is unconfirmed. UPDATE: Apparently, this is the name of a real band in Seattle the writers mentioned. So, um, ignore this entry! Thanks to Alan for this one.

Undead, The - Are a KISS-like hard/glam rock band... before KISS! From the 1974 movie Phantom of the Paradise. One of the bands on the Death Records label. Their lead singer was Beef (Gerrit Graham) and they sang "Somebody Super Like You (Beef Construction Song)." The singing voice of Beef was not Harold Oblong. See also The Beach Bums, The Juicy Fruits, and Phoenix

Underwood, Larry - From The Stand (novel by Steven King), 1978.

Underprivileged, The - The hard rockin' bar band (played by real band Reverend Horton Heat, plus one actor guy) that defeats Drew's band in a battle of the bands at bar The Warsau in the "That Thing You Don't" episode (11/26/97) of the The Drew Carey Show. Herb (the actor guy, Joseph D. Reitman) is the gang's arrogant old high school rival. His band has been playing a Holiday Inn for 20 years. See also The Horndogs, Satan's Penis, The Unreliables

Unit Shredders, The - From the TV show Roseanne (11/25/95). A riot grrl band mentioned in the "The Getaway, Almost" episode. Midway through a roadtrip to an outlet mall, Roseanne and Jackie pick up a hitchhiker (Jenna Elfman) who is in the band. The Unit Shredders' riotous grrlishness may be a matter for debate, though. First off, they are several years late to the riot grrl party (mainstays Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile, and Huggy Bear were already broken up). Plus, Elfman (who is comically credited as "teenager" in the episode) would have been 25 when the show aired. Perhaps The Unit Shredders could have claimed to have been riot wmmmen. Though it was kind of cool that they played a clip of Bikini Kill on a prime-time show. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

United Servo Academy Mens Chorus, The - From the Both Mystery Science Theater 3000 (10/29/94).

Unity - Third boy band (after 2gether and Whoa!) from the MTV boy band spoof tv movie 2gether. They have a song on the soundtrack album, "Breaking All The Rules." Thanks to TC Kirkham for this one. See also 2gether, Whoa!

Unreliables, The - Contestants in the battle of the bands in the "That Thing You Don't" episode (11/26/97) of the The Drew Carey Show. They don't show up- get it?! See also The Horndogs, Satan's Penis, The Underprivileged

Scuse me, have you seen the plot?
The band entitled "Untitled."
Untitled - The mixed gender, interracial, guitar-drums-bass-vocals Chicago rock quartet whose van breaks down in the hick town of Hereabouts, Alabama and has to deal with the eccentric inhabitants. From the 2000 indie movie Stalled , the brainchild of writer/producer Mindy Weinberg and based partially on her experiences in real band, 40th Day. Won an award at the Telluride Indiefest film festival.

Utensil (?) - From the movie Night on Earth (1991). Thanks to doug for this one.

U.S. Teens featuring Raoul, The - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer for this one.

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