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C-Roc - From the TV show Early Edition (02/20/99). Rap star visiting in town who's an old friend of Marissa (Shanesia Davis-Williams) in the "Number One with a Bullet " episode. His real name is Julius Ruby; played by real rap star Coolio. Thanks to for this one.

Cadburys, The - See Spinal Tap

Caesare - From the movie The Idolmaker (1980). Waiter (Peter Gallagher) turned into a 50s pop star by manager Vincent "Vinnie" Vacarri (Ray Sharkey). See also Tommy Dee. Thanks to Chris Gruin, Karl A. Prohaska, Kristen Quaedvlieg, Harvey Stebbins for this one. Jordan Cahill

Cahill, Jordan - From the TV movie Stuck in the Suburbs (2004). Hot young pop idol all the girlies love, played by Taran Killam in this Disney channel movie. A couple of teens accidentally get hold of his cell phone/PDA. Taran (WTF kinda name is that?) does his own singing, credited as "Jordan Cahill."

Cailyn - From the TV show Babylon 5 (10/03/96). Lounge singer... IN SPAAAAACE! From the "Walkabout" episode. Played by Erica Gimpel. Detailed plot synopsis here. Thanks to Mark Lungo for this one.

Cain Was Able - From the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000). Thanks to Drey Cameron for this one.

Calhoun, Johnny - Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) wins a radio contest by knowing the title of this 1960/70s artist's second album, These Things I Believe, a spoken word album of his right wing political beliefs that kinda killed his career. From the animated FOX show The Simpsons episode, "Homer the Heretic" (10/8/92). His earlier hit song was "I'm Gonna Find Me a Genie With a Magic Bikini."

California Dreams - From the 1992-96 tv series of the same name. Pop/rock band of a bunch of pretty California high schoolers in this lightweight show from the same people who gave us Saved by the Bell. Original lineup: Matt Garrison (Brent Gore), Tiffani Smith (Kelly Packard), Tony Wicks (William James Jones), Jenny Garrison (Heidi Lenhart), and the band's manager, Sylvester "Sly" Winkle (Michael Cade). Tough guy Jake Sommers (Jay Anthony Frake) joined the band in the "Jake's Song" episode (09/11/93). Jenny was replaced by Hong Kong exchange student Samantha Woo (Jennie Kwan) in the "Wooing Woo" episode (09/25/93). Matt was replaced by Sly's cousin Mark Winkle (Aaron Jackson) in the "The Unforgiven" episode (09/10/94). In the "Dirty Dog Days" episode (date?), the band played their songs on pirate radio under the name The Dirty Dogs. A soundtrack album for the show was released on MCA in 1992. Thanks to Naylon, Mark Diamond, TC Kirkham, Brendan Seb Hynes, tatiana a.k.a. boogerfrog, Ben Hollin, Troy Brownfield, and Susannah Brooks for this one. See also Bradley and the Billionaires, Total Defiance, Zane Walker.

California Raisins, The - Invented by the Will Vinton Studios for a 1986 California Raisin Advisory Board commercial, their popularity inexplicably skyrocketed and they appeared in the CBS TV specials: The Claymation Christmas Celebration (1987), Meet the Raisins (1988), and The Raisins: Sold Out (1990). They actually had an animated Saturday morning kids show in 1989. Not claymation, but even more inexplicably, regular cel animation. Members are AC, Bebop, Red and Stretch, and their manager, Rudy. The California Raisins were accepted to the Smithsonian Institute in 1991, one of the biblical signs of the apocalypse, I believe.


Calvin Stopes and his Sixteen Sexophones - From Brave New World (novel by Aldous Huxley), 1932.

Camel Lips - All-girl rock band played by the members of real all-girl rock band L7 in John Waters' 1994 comedy "Serial Mom."

Cameron - See Lisa Simpson.

Cancer Boy - Inexplicably cheery wheelchair bound kid (Bruce McCullough) with, duh, cancer from the 1996 Kids In The Hall movie Brain Candy. The video from his album "Whistle When You're Low" is nominated for Best New Rap, Hip-Hop or Folk act at the World Video Awards. He doesn't sing, he just whistles. (see also Grivo)

Candy Band, The - In the General Cinema pre-movie promo trailer, an animated popcorn bag guy and his sexy Pepsi cup date go see The Candy Band play. This group of talented anthropomorphicized snacks is a... um, five piece combo, I think- it goes by pretty fast. There is a yellow candy box with sunglasses playing the guitar and I think a Reese's peanut butter cup on saxophone. They play a rockin' fifties-style version of the General Cinema theme music.

Gilda Radner as Candy SliceCandy Slice and the Slicers - Gilda Radner played this parody of punk rocker Patti Smith in a 1978 Saturday Night Live skit. She sang "If You Look Close." She also used the character on her 1979 Warner Brothers Live In New York album, where she sang "Gimme Mick." as well as "If You Look Close." The graphic is from the SNL video site.

Cane and the Stubborn Stains -Real hit punk rock trio Green Day play this horrible teenage garage band in "The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg" episode (11/16/97) of animated Fox show King of the Hill. These four punks irritate the neighborhood kicking out extremely poor jams in their garage. When Hank (Mike Judge) goes to tell them to turn it down, the four teens (Cane, Zeus, Face and a nameless guy) make fun of Hank and continue playing. Suddenly, Hank and his buddies are feeling old, and after the punks tear around the streets popping people in the foreheads with a paintball gun, they challenge the band to paintball duel. After Hank and his buddies get their asses kicked bad, they try again, this time relying on the cunning and deceit of old age instead of the physical prowess and energy of youth. Finally defeating the young snots, they win the band's amps, leaving Cane and his cohorts to thrash futilely and very, very quietly in their garage. Frank Wright (aka Tre Cool) played Cane Skretteberg, Michael Pritchard (aka Mike Dirnt) played Zeus, and Billie Joe Armstrong (aka Billy Joe) was Face. See also The Bluegrass Brothers, The Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience, 4 Skore, The Harris Twins, Pimp Franklin.

Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters - See The Wonders.

Captain Bart and the Tequila Mockingbirds - In the "Bart to the Future" episode (3/19/00) of FOX cartoon show The Simpsons, Bart Simpson (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) sees an extended vision of his future where he's a money-mooching loser trying to be a rock star with this "band." Meanwhile, his sister Lisa (voiced by Yeardly Smith) is our first straight female president. The band is Bart on lead guitar and vocals with Ralph Wiggum (also voiced by Nancy Cartwright) on tambourine. They would cover Jimmy Buffet, but since Mr. Buffet charges for that, they do a rip off called "Wastin' Once More Again in Daquiritaville." The band breaks up after their one and only gig at Nelson's Crab Shack.

Captain Gus and His Polka Pirates - From the TV show Cheers (10/24/91). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Captain Thunderpants - Hard rocker featured in one of Aardman Animation's "Angry Kid" shorts. In the unnamed song, the Captain sings such thought-provoking lyrics as: "One pound of middle cut/pork leg joint" and "stew my foot and call me Brenda." Whatever the lyrics are, the titular kid thinks it's airhorn-blowing good. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Carl Benson's Wildcats - From the TV show The Andy Griffith Show (02/04/63). Thanks to Ronnie McCurry for this one.

Carlos, Billy - From the TV series War of the Worlds (01/16/89). Uh, this is the 1988-1990 TV series, not the 1953 movie, or the 1938 radio broadcast, nor H.G. Wells' original 1898 novel. From the "Choirs of Angels" episode. Played by Billy Thorpe, who was actually the composer for the show.

Carlton, Rose - From the movie Klondike Annie (1936). Mae West is this singer, AKA The Frisco Doll and The San Francisco Doll, in 1890s Chinatown. She sings at The House of Chan Lo, until she can't stand it anymore, and tries to get away Boss/lover Chan Lo (Harold Huber) is not happy, and she ends up having to kill him in self-defense. Rose hops a ship for the Klondike, and takes on the identity of her roommate nun who dies en route, Sister Annie Alden (Helen Jerome Eddy).

Carrie Nations, The - Innocence-losing all female rock band from the insane 1970 movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Formerly known as The Kelly Affair, after lead singer Kelly MacNamara (Dolly Read). The other members are Casey Anderson (Cynthia Myers) and Petronella Danforth (Marcia McBroom). The music they played was boring, dreary and suffered in comparison to guest-appearing lightweights The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Songs by The Carrie Nations on the soundtrack are "Come With the Gentle People," "Look on Up at the Bottom," "In the Long Run," "Sweet Talkin Candy Man," "Find It!" and "Once I Had Love." Trivia Time! Did you know this ridiculous Russ Meyer movie was penned by none other than film critic Roger Ebert?

Carroll, Joy - From the movie Meet Danny Wilson (1952).

Carusa, Carlotta - From Westward Ho, Carlotta! (book by Candace Fleming ), 1998.

Carver, Andrew - From the film Showgirls (1993). Songwriter wannabe played by William Shockley. Singing voice by Buggsy Pearce.

Catfight - From the film My Chauffeur (1986). Rock star played by Leland Crooke. Thanks to Jim Street for this one.

Cattanooga Cats, The - From the animated TV show The Cattanooga Cats (1969-1971). All feline cartoon band from Hanna-Barbera that had some other self-contained cartoons in the same show. Lineup: Groovy the drummer (voiced by Casey Kasem), Country the guitarist (voiced by William Callaway), Scoots the bassist (voiced by Jim Begg), and Kitty Jo (voiced by Julie Bennett). A soundtrack LP was released in 1969. Thanks to Alan Benson, Bryce Rhude for this one.

Catwalk - From the TV show Catwalk (1992-1994). Neve Campbell made her debut on this Canadian series.

Catwoman and the Kittens - From the TV show Batman (12/14/66). From "The Cat's Meow" episode. Thanks to DAVID MASKA for this one.

Cave Family Swingers - From the TV series It's About Time (08/13/67). Imagine Gilligan's Island, only instead of being stuck on an island, you're stuck back in time with cavemen. That's the premise of this Sherwood Schwartz created sitcom. When the astronauts get rescued, the cave family sneaks aboard with them, where they are supposedly amusedly mistaken for beatniks and hippies. In the "Cave Family Swingers" episode, their primitive beating on things becomes a number one hit. Mom caveman was Shadd (Imogene Coca); Dad caveman was Gronk (Joe E. Ross).

CB4 - Rap group from the 1993 comedy of the same name. Their name stood for Cell Block 4. Comedian Chris Rock played MC Gusto. The other band members were Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike.

Celeste - From the TV series Six Feet Under (2004). In the forth season, black gay police officer Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick) becomes a bodyguard to this Britney Spears-type pop star. After Celeste finds out he's gay, she goes out of her way to seduce him, and then fires him for sleeping with her! Celeste sings "U Could Be (So Good For Me)" and "Legend In Your Own Mind" (originally by Stardust Twin). Celeste appeared in four episodes: "Parallel Play" (06/27/04), "Can I Come Up Now?" (07/11/04), "The Dare" (08/01/04), and "Coming and Going" (08/08/04). She was played by Michelle Trachtenberg, who I fondly remember as neighbor Nona F. Mecklenberg on The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Thanks to Kelly Woessner for this one.

Celestials, The - From the TV show ABC Stage 67 (12/07/66).

Chablis, The - From the TV show The Sopranos (03/14/99).

Chachi - See Arcola, Charles "Chachi"

Cham - Popular female j-pop (j for japanese) trio from the psycho-thriller anime flick, Perfect Blue. But lead singer Mima Kirigoe (Junko Iwao in the Japanese version, Ruby Marlowe in the English dub) pisses everyone off by leaving the band to start an acting career, only then to be threatened by an obsessed fan and haunted by her own past image. Thanks to Paff for this one.

Chan Clan, The - That Hanna-Barbera, always thinking- what if the Scooby Doo gang were also a band?! And had a magical van?! And ripped off an old movie character?! Thus, the 1972-74 animated Saturday morning show, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. They solve some mysteries, play some music, and if that wasn't enough, their van could change form to look like any type of car or truck. Take that, Mystery Machine! The older kids had the band, and their pet, Chu-Chu, played tambourine. He was Simon to their Garfunkels, really. Trivia time! Jody Foster was the voice of Anne Chan! Poppa Charlie was voiced by Keye Luke, who used to play Number One Son in the old 40s Charlie Chan movies. And Ron Dante, who also sung for The Archies, provided lead vocals. This guy's got a site about 'em. Thanks to Adam Kimmel for this one.

Chandell - From the TV show Batman (10/26/66 & 10/27/66). A concert pianist played by flamboyant real pianist Liberace. His evil twin brother Harry, aka "Fingers," has blackmailed him into committing crimes for him. They appeared in "The Dead Ringers" and "The Devil's Fingers" episodes. Thanks to Chris Gruin, Galen Black, ronald smith, Kim Newman for this one.

Chantrellines, The - From the movie That Thing You Do (1996).

Charles, Davy - From the movie Superchick (1973).

Charles Hawtrey and the Deaf Aids - From spoken bit by John Lennon before song "Two of Us" on Let It Be album by The Beatles, 1970.

Charles, James, William, and Stanley - From the TV series Otherworld (02/16/85). One of the boring popular music groups of boring Centrex City handled by booking agent Billy Sunshine (Michael Callan), and only glimpsed as a picture on his office wall in the "Rock and Roll Suicide" episode. See also Trace and Gina.

Charnel, Brother - From Soul Music (novel by Terry Pratchett), 1995.

Chatman, Fred - Old authentic old African American old acoustic old school bluesman from the 2001 movie Ghost World. Seymour (Steve Buscemi) and Enid (Thora Birch) go see him play. Seymour has one of his 78's- only one of two known copies! Fred Chatman has the misfortune to open for all-white "authentic" blooze rockers, Blueshammer. Seymour mentions other real period artists throughout the film (Skip James, Memphis Minnie, Geeshie Wiley, Lionel Belasco), but this one is fake. Played by J.J. 'Bad Boy' Jones. Thanks to Jon C. Pennington for this one. See also Alien Autopsy, Blueshammer, Vanilla, Jade and Ebony.

Cheap Girls, The - From the movie The Money Pit (1986). Thanks to angelo madrigale/jeff breil for this one.

Cheetah Girls, The - From the TV movie The Cheetah Girls (2003). New York teen girl quartet trying for a record deal in this Disney Channel movie. Lineup: Galleria (Raven, the littlest Cosby Show kid), Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), Aquanette (Kiely Williams), and Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan). Why do all their names sound like products?

Chef - See Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Cheney, Lila - From New Mutants (Marvel comic book series), 19??. Thanks to maurice & christine tate for this one.

Cherry Bomb - Bomb, indeed. This all female "punk" band was in the 1986 bomb Howard the Duck. They were the mid-eighties, Hollywood TV version of punk, that is to say, a terrible pop/rock band with dyed hair. Lead singer and guitarist Beverly Switzler (Lea Thompson) becomes disturbingly enamoured of Howard (Hello?! Different species!) and he ends up managing the band. As I recall, the movie ends with a rousing guitar duel between Beverly and Howard.

Chess, Johnny - From the book various Doctor Who novels (1991). The son of two of the Doctor's previous companions, this 80s pop star apparently is first mentioned in Timewyrm: Revelation (1991) by Paul Cornell, and has cameos or is mentioned in other subsequent novels, including: Love and War (1992) by Paul Cornell, The Hollow Men (1998) by Keith Topping and Martin Day, and Face of the Enemy (1998) by David A. McIntee.

Chesterfields, The - One of the artifacts of the 70's fad for the 50's was the 1978 flick, American Hot Wax, which dramatized real-life Cleveland DJ Alan Freed's championing of rock and roll. Real rockers Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins appeared as themselves, but for some reason, fictionalized versions of other real groups were created like this Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers stand-in. See also Delights, The, Clark Otis, Professor LaPlano and the Planotones, Timmy and the Tulips.

Chestnut Sisters, The - From the movie The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967).

Chief Kamanawanalea and His Royal Macadamia Nuts - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer for this one.

Childish An Hour - From the animated TV series To Heart (1999). From the "What Happened After School" episode of this Japanese anime series.

Children of Paradise - From the movie Roadkill (1989). This band on tour has gone AWOL. Rock promoter Ray Seth (Gerry Quigley) sends Ramona (Valerie Buhagiar) to track them down in Ontario. Only she doesn't know how to drive. Bruce McDonald's feature directorial debut. Supposedly part of a kinda, semi-trilogy with Highway 61 (1991) and Hard Core Logo (1996).

Chip Douglas and the Dynamiters - From the TV show My Three Sons (12/23/67). Thanks to Mike Dugo for this one. Chipettes, The - Back during the Chipmunks' 80's animated show, they were given female counterparts. Alvin, Simon and Theodore - meet the Miller sisters: Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor. (See also The Chipmunks)

Chipmunks, The - I guess popular hits sung in high squeaky voices just never gets old. This trio of high-pitched rodents was invented by Ross Bagdasarian (aka Dave Seville) way back in 1958. They had an animated show in 1961. After Ross's death in 1972, his son, Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., took over the franchise and revived the group with some albums and a new animated series (Alvin and the Chipmunks, 1983-1991). They've been around longer than the Rolling Stones, which ain't bad for what amounts to a glorified cover band. They had EIGHT top 40 hits from Dec. 1958 to Dec. 1962. Granted, three of those were the same recording of their Christmas novelty, "The Chipmunk Song". Even more bizarrely, they once covered that tune in a collaboration with 60's blues rock band Canned Heat! They've also made a couple of straight-to-video movies, Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999) and Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (2000). The members are Alvin, the roguish egotistical leader, Simon the bespectacled smart one, and Theodore the fat one who likes to eat. And of course, their manager and father figure, Dave Seville- "ALVVV-I-I-I-I-N!!" Personally, I think Dave beats the Chipmunks, and one day Alvin is going to snap and slit Dave's throat while he's sleeping. (See also The Chipettes)

Chippington Skylark and His Noah's Arkestra - From the animated TV show The Fairly OddParents (10/07/05). In "The Good Ol' Days" episode, cranky Grandpa Pappy babysits Timmy. We learn that current teen pop idol Chip Skylark is actually Chip Skylark III, and Grandpa used to enjoy listening to Chip's grandfather, who was also a singing star, back in the day. Then Timmy uses a magic wish to make the world like a 1930s black and white cartoon, and he and Grandpa have 30s stype black and white cartoon adventures, including dancing to this band of animals, fronted by Skylark. See also Chip Skylark.

Chock Full o' Notes - From a 1998 episode of NewsRadio. This was station manager Dave Nelson's (Dave Foley) college a capella (NOT barbershop) group. (They played BadgerJam '88). David Cross, Bob Odenkirk and Brian Posehn (all of HBO's sublime Mr. Show) played David, Bob and Brian, the other members. They talk about getting the band back together, but no one really wants to except Bob, so he kicks everyone else out of the group and goes it alone.

Choerilos, Odysseus - From A Clockwork Orange (novel by Anthony Burgess), 1962.

Chomsky, Irene - From the "Find the Monkees" episode (01/23/67) of The Monkees. The long suffering secretary (played by Bobo Lewis) for eccentric TV producer Hubbell Benson (Carl Ballantine), who has put invitations out to all the local bands, except, it would seem, the Monkees. When Benson finally tracks down the Monkees to sign them to do the theme of his new show, he asks the adequate Miss Chomsky to sing it to them. Suddenly entranced, Benson hires HER to sing the theme, leaving the other disappointed bands to mope back to the "extras" window to pick up their paltry checks. See also The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents, and The Jolly Green Giants.

Chris Waites and the Carollers - see John Smith and the Common Men

The Stratochrister! Christers, The - From the movie Never Been Thawed (2004). These guys are "the bad boyz of christian rock" in this odd indie flick. Formerly profane and secular punk band The ReachArounds, they go Christian in a cynical ploy to score dough to finish their record. When Christian rock proves way more profitable, they stay that way, and put out an album, Crucifixerupper. Members are Shawn Anderson (Sean Anders), Al McTavish (Allen Zwolle) on bass, Twelve (?) on guitar, and Steve Bogart (?). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one. Crucifixerupper

Christian White and His Aryan Reggae Band - From the book Johnny Mnemonic (1981):
"I guess he'd always been Ralfi Something or Other, but he owed his acquired surname to a singular vanity. Built something like an overripe pear, he'd worn the once-famous face of Christian White for twenty years -- Christian White of the Aryan Reggae Band, Sony Mao to his generation, and final champion of race rock. I'm a whiz at trivia. Christian White: classic pop face with a singer's high- definition muscles, chiseled cheekbones. Angelic in one light, handsomely depraved in another. But Ralfi's eyes lived behind that face, and they were small and cold and black."
The name of the band is also the code word to unlock the info in Johnny's head. Does anybody remember if this made it from the short story into the Keanu Reeves movie version? Thanks to Jason Burnett, mcnally for this one.

Chrome - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (02/08/03).

Chromium Skateboards, The - From the TV show Police Woman (11/18/75). Thanks to David Cornell Hurd for this one.

Chuck Roast and the Rares - From the TV show ABC STAGE 67 (12/07/66).

Chum Bukkit - From the animated TV series The Weekenders (03/25/00). From the "Band" episode.

Chunky A - Comedian Arsenio Hall invented this overweight rapper character, back in the heyday of his late night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show (1989-1994). He had an 1991 album, Large & In Charge.

Cicero, Vera - From the movie The Cotton Club (1984). Thanks to Chris Gruin for this one.

Circus Monkey - Poppy indie/alternative-type band and star of the independent 1998 movie Bandwagon. Personnel:
Tony Ridge (Lee Holmes) lead singer and rhythm guitar.
Charlie Flagg (Matthew Hennessey) drums.
Wyn Knapp (Kevin Corrigan) lead guitar.
Eric Ellwood (Steve Parlavecchio) bass.
See also Spittle (II).
Circus Monkey

Citizen Dick - Hey, remember Seattle? And grunge? Hollywood managed to make the 1992 movie Singles about it before the trend winds blew elsewhere. The movie featured this local grunge band, and their big song, "Touch Me, I'm Dick," (basically Mudhoney's first big single, "Touch Me, I'm Sick," with slightly changed lyrics.). Members were Cliff, Eddie, Stone, and Jeff played by Matt Dillon, Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament respectively. Their CD was called Smarter Than You, and track 7 is entitled "Louder Than Larry," a reference to Soundgarden's Louder Than Love album.

City Death - From the movie The Decalogue (vol. 5) (1987). Thanks to Dave Car for this one.

Clam Dandy - From the movie Prey for Rock & Roll (2003).

Clarences, The - See Walker, Clarence.

Class Action - From the TV show Knight Rider (05/13/84).

Clear Fog - At the end of the 1/20/99 episode, MTV's po-mo sock puppets, The Sifl & Olly Show, talk about how they're going to go see this band because of something back when they were exchange students in Appalachia with Uncle Cleo. They then are inspired to burst into the hillbilly tune "Hound-Dog," which goes "Uncle Cleo is a Leo and he's got a banjo trio called Clear Fog, Clear Fog! The show is the brainchild of Matt Crocco and Liam Lynch, who do the voices and compose and record the music. See also Kee Kee & The P.P. Gang, Sgt. Blind Kiwi Tarzan, Yeah, Zafo.

Clemens, Godfrey - From the TV show Ed (12/7/00).

Click Brothers, The - String tie-wearing Everly Brothers clones from the 1996 period flick Grace of my Heart. They are recording "Heartbreak Kid" when pregnant main character and the song's writer Denise Waverly's (Illeana Douglas) water breaks and everybody freaks out and bolts. They are also shown singing "Love doesn't Ever Fail Us." They were played by real singers The Williams Brothers. Trivia Time! The Williams Brothers, David and Andy, are nephews of the famous crooner Andy Williams. See also Little Tammy Lee, The Luminaries, Kelly Porter, The Riptides, The Stylettes, Denise Waverly.

Cliff Richard Jr. and the Shadows - From the movie Thunderbirds Are Go (1966). Thanks to Simon Beck and Kim Newman for this one.

Clifton, Tony - Deceased comedian Andy Kaufman invented this schlocky, obnoxious, bad attituded Vegas lounge singer character in a hideous '70s sky blue tux. He only played him a few times before letting his pal Bob Zmuda take it over. He made several guest appearances on various talk shows. He appeared on The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show (1982), guest starring with Miss Piggy of the Muppets! (see also Miss Piggy)

Cloudhead, Caitlin - From When I Grow Up (Internet comic strip by Jeffrey J. Rowland), 2001.

Clowns, The - From the movie Terror on Tour (1980). From the 1980 flick Terror On Tour. Someone's killing prostitutes/groupies dressed as this KISS-like group of a-holes. Thanks to The Millionaire for this one.

Clyde - From the TV show The Cosby Show (03/14/85). Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

Coconut Pete - From the movie Club Dread (2004). Thanks to Ken Toops for this one.

Cocozza, Toni - Small time Glasgow pub 'n' club crooner whose act is "Strictly Sinatra," also the title of this 2001 movie (aka Cocozza's Way). His piano accompanist is Bill (Alun Armstrong). He gets entangled with the local mob in the hopes of bettering his career. Played by Ian Hart, better known for his role as a young John Lennon in Backbeat (1993).

Cold Dog - From the TV show Sister, Sister (09/06/94). Thanks to Gary Wagner for this one.

Cold Slither - From the TV cartoon G. I. Joe (12/02/85). Thanks to brian tivol, robert.wonsetler, Andy Washburn, and Adam Greene for this one.

Collins, Bing - From the TV show The Bing Crosby Show (1964-65).

Colt, James - Rupert Everett played this hot rock star of the moment in the forgotten 1987 film Hearts of Fire,which starred ... Bob Dylan?! (see also Billy Parker, and Molly McGuire)

Coma, Perry - From the TV cartoon Animaniacs (09/24/93).

Comic Strips - Number ten artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Art Nouveau." Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it.See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Cyclops, Goggly Gogol, The Heaven Seventeen, The Humpers, The Legend, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

Commitments, The - Irish R&B/soul act from the 1991 hit movie of the same name. Popular enough to put out two soundtrack albums. See also And And And.

Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy Band - From the TV show It's Wallace? (Late 60s?). Thanks to John Apicella for this one.

Connolly, Niamh - Sinead O' Connor-like, feminist (to put it mildly), rock star who visits the tiny Irish isle of Craggy Island, looking for a place to live, from the blasphemously funny Irish sitcom Father Ted (episode "Rock-a-hula Ted" [04/12/96]). Played by Clare Grogan, who used to front 80's band Altered Images. Idiot priest Father Dougal McGuire (Ardal O'Hanlon) manages to give her the parochial house and Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan) has to convince her to give it back. Her beef with the church is evident when she sings "Big men in frocks, telling us what to do, they can't get pregnant like I do." She also claimed the Catholic church secretly had lots of potatoes during the Great Potato Famine, and hid them in pillows. Now, how the hell do you pronounce "Niamh?!" See also Eoin McLove.

Consonati, Jonnny - From the TV show Between the Lions (2000-2002). Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Cook, Natalie - From the movie Carnival Rock (1957). Natalie Cook (Susan Cabot) is a singer at rock and roll club. The owner, Christopher "Christy" Cristakos (David J. Stewart) has a crush on her, but loses the club gambling. Directed by Roger Corman.

Cool Tapes - From the web site Homestar Runner (08/15/05). From the "Cool Tapes" Flash cartoon. Marzipan on guitar, Stong Mad on bass, The Cheat on drums. Thanks to Sophia and KateLynn from Belmont, MA for this one.

Cooper, Afton - From the TV series Dallas (1981-1984). Afton (Audrey Landers) is an aspiring singer who has an affair with J.R., who gets her a gig singing at the Stardrift Lounge. Later J.R. tries to whore her out to Leland Vaughn. She refuses, and hooks up with J.R.'s enemy Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval).

Copperbottom, Herb - From the movie Robots (2005). Poor but honest and good-hearted robot father (voiced by Stanley Tucci) of protagonist Rodney Copperbottom. He wanted to be a musician, but his father had him refitted as a dishwasher. At the end of the movie, his son Rodney (voiced by Ewan McGregor) encourages him to return to his first love, and presents him with a bizarre three-belled brass instrument, which is a particularly bizarre instrument for a robot as they don't have lungs. He leads the local marching band in James Brown's "Get Up Offa That Thing."

The Copy Cats - From the animated TV show Kidd Video (1985-88). Thanks to TC Kirkham, and Jake Larson for this one.

Coq Roq - From the commerical Burger King (2005). Wow. This weird bird-themed "concept" heavy metal band was created to push the Burger King's new BK chicken fries. In August 2005, Burger King got sued by real band Slipknot for biting their style. Lineup: Fowl Mouth (lead singer), Freerange (bass), The Talisman (lead guitar), Firebird (fire breathing), Sub-Sonic (drummer), and Kabuki (rhythm guitar).

Coral Kings, The - From Lake Woebegone Summer 1956 (novel by Garrison Keillor), 2001.

Corleone, Anthony - From the movie Godfather, Godfather III (1990). Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

Coronets, The - From the book Sick of Being Me (2003). Sean Egan's first novel focuses on heroin addict Paul Hazelwood, guitarist for this band.

Cosmic Steeple, The (?) - From the TV show Knotts Landing (??/??/??). A&R dude Kenny Ward (James Houghton) is listening to this band's reel-to-reel demo tape in one show. Thanks to Gene Sculatti for this one.

Cosmo, Cosmic - From the TV movie Rockin with Judy Jetson (1988). Thanks to for this one.

Cotton Candy - From the tepid 1978 made-for-tv movie of the same name. Directed by Ron Howard, the plot concerns George Smalley (Charles Martin Smith) starting a high school band with a bubble gum sound that goes up against the obligatory evil hard rock band in the also obligatory "Battle of the Bands." Ron Howard's brother, Clint (who also co-wrote the movie), plays Corky Macpherson, the band's manager. Thanks to Chris Boznos for this one. (see also Rapid Fire)

Cotton, Johnny - From The Old Cotton Blues (book by Linda England), 1998.

Country Bear Jamboree - From the Disney theme park attraction (1971-1972). The Country Bear Jamboree animatronic Disneyland and Disneyworld theme park attraction was introduced to the two parks in 1971 and 1972. Their show sadly furthered the hurtful sterotypes of bears as ignorant, goofy hicks with their smorgasbord of cornpone comedy and hillbilly tunes. A 1972 soundtrack album was released with a lavish gatefold cover and copious liner notes on the fictional members which I will now plunder shamelessly:
Henry - The master of ceremonies, and "bearitone" (sigh) who wears Sammy, a live raccoon hat. He sings "The Ballad of Davy Crockett."
Wendell - Henry's partner, on mandolin. He and Henry sing "Mama, Don't Whip Little Buford."
Gomer - Honky-tonk pianist who studied classical piano at Julliard until prejudice against bears, fatties, and fat bears drove him back to the hills.
The Five Bear Rugs - Quintet that's been together since 1st grade. Zeke on banjo, Zeb on fiddle, Ted on jug, Fred on hamonica, and Tennessee on one-stringed thing. And Zeb's son Oscar.
Liver-Lips McGrowl - AKA "Miami Serenader," he sings "My Woman Ain't Pretty (But She Don't Swear None)."
Trixie - A Mae West-esque bearess and veteran music hall performer known as the " Tampa Temptress," she sings "Tears Will Be the Chaser For My Wine."
Terrence - Guitar playing bear known as "The Vibrating Wreck from Nashville Tech," he sings "How Long Will My Baby Be Gone?"
The Sun Bonnets - Trio of cute girl bears: Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah. They sing "All the Guys That Turn Me On Turn Me Down." Uh, maybe they turn you down cause you're jailbait?
Ernest the Dude - Dapper bear who plays the fiddle. He sings "If Ya Can't Bite, Don't Growl," a pearl of ursine wisdom if there ever was one.
Teddi Barra - The other Mae West-esque bearess, also known as "The Jewel of the Dakotas," she sings "Heart, We Did All We Could," descending from the ceiling on a swing.
Big Albert - Guitarist bear born in Pocatello, Idaho. He sings "Blood on the Saddle." Damn he's big. See also The Country Bears.

Country Bears, The - The vast and powerful Disney corporation works strangely backwards, taking their Country Bear Jamboree animatronic theme park attraction and turning it into the 2002 movie The Country Bears, instead of vice versa. Can't wait for the Tiki Tiki Room Birds movie! Lineup: Zeb Zoober (Stephen Root) on fiddle, Fred Bedderhead (Brad Garrett) on harmonica, Ted Bedderhead (voiced by Diedrich Bader, John Hiatt singing voice) on lead guitar and vocals, and Tennessee O'Neal (voiced by Toby Huss, singing voice Don Henley) on one-strang thang. More info at the official site. Thanks to Alan for this one.

Cowboy George - From the TV show The A-Team (02/11/86).

Cowlicks, The - From Lake Woebegone Summer 1956 (novel by Garrison Keillor), 2001. Calvin Coy, the Moping Minstrel

Coy, Calvin - From the poem "The Moping Minstrel" (1971-72). This is a first! The first fake musical artist I've found from a poem! And a poem by a well known and respected poet, even: Ogden Nash! From the collection The Old Dog Barks Backwards (1972), although it may have appeared in print in a magazine somewhere first.

CPQ - From the TV show Moesha (09/30/97). From the "Use Me Once, Shame On You, Use Me Twice I'll Kill You" episode. A rap trio of Hakim Cambell (Lamont Bentley), Kim Parker, and Quincy and named for their initials. Niecy (Shar Jackson) becomes the group's dancer. They play an open mic night at coffeehouse The Den, while Moesha sucks up to white girl Haley Dillard 'cause her daddy owns a record label. Haley (Dru Mouser) gives 'em all the smack down later when she lets loose that she hardly knows her own father and doesn't appreciate being used like this and ditches Moesha. See also Mayhem (II), What.

Crack Whore - From the TV show The War At Home (11/27/05). In the "The Empire Spanks Back" episode, teenage daughter Hillary (Kaylee DeFer) is late coming home from seeing classmate Keith's band, cause she wanted to "get on his radar." A henna tattoo of the band's name sets off Dad to clamp down on discipline. Keith (Ryan Devlin) shows later in person, a straight A student going to Princeton in the fall. He announces the band has changed its name because there was already a band called Crack Whore. Their new name? The Grateful Dead. Dad likes Keith- until the end of the episode when he shows up with an infant daughter.

Crackers, The - From the movie Zachariah (1972). The Crackers - A roving band of Wild West outlaws slash electric rock and rollers played by hippie band Country Joe and the Fish in the odd electric Western "Zachariah" (1972). The movie also features performances by The New York Rock Ensemble (who play naked) and bluegrass duo White Lightnin'. Thanks to Bennett Smith, Robin Campbell for this one.

Crane, Eddy - From the movie The Beatniks (1960).

Crash Papayas - From the TV show Saturday Night Live (04/06/02).

Crazy Old Man Singers, The - From the TV show The Simpsons (05/13/93).

Creation - See Dimension

Creatures, The - See Spinal Tap

Crenshaw, Otis Lee - Comedian Rich Hall (of Sniglet fame... hmm... is fame the right word here? Never mind.) plays this Tennessee-born country singer with seven ex-wives and over 12 jail terms. His songs include the prison rape ballad "He Almost Looks Like You" -- "when he sneaks off with other men/He almost looks like you." From the straight to video Otis Lee Crenshaw: Live (2001). There's also a CD and Rich toured in character with an entire Otis Lee show. Backup band: The Black Liars, bassist Rev. Alvy Ronson (Damian Coldwell) and guitarist Orson Carson (Christian Reilly). The Black Liars also have their own solo CD, The Black Album. Thanks to Alan for this one.

Crescendolls, The - From the animated film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003).

Crevice - From the TV show Dream On (09/13/95 & 09/20/95). Thanks to Claudio Hall for this one.

Crickets, Dickie - From the TV show Mr. Show (12/20/96). Thanks to Charles Rempel for this one.

Crinkle Cuts, The - From the TV show Pee-wee's Playhouse (1986). A psychedelic garage band of comprised of frozen french fries in Pee-wee's freezer from Paul Reubens' crazy 80s kids's show. Their loud rocking is keeping up the food trying to sleep in the fridge downstairs. Thanks to Chris Paulin for this one.

Crisis - From the TV show Law and Order (10/16/02). Drummer Travis Jones (Stivi Paskoski) was Pete-Bested from the group and turns out to be the third part of an otherwise thinly-veiled ripped-off Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain triangle plot. Thanks to Galen Black for this one.

Cross Fires, The - From The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (concept album by The Turtles), 1968. Thanks to John R. Zillmer for this one.

Crowe, Matthew - From the film Soul Hustler / The Day The Lord Got Busted (1976). Junkie musician (Fabian!) who hooks up with a holy hustler who turns him into a Christian rock star known as "Matthew, Son of Jesus."

Crucifolks, The - From the animated TV series Moral Orel (01/23/06). In the zombie-themed "The Lord's Greatest Gift" episode of this Cartoon Network/Adult Swim animated series, Orel's happy, happy, happy, dysfunctional, happy family listens to this Christian folk band's song "Think With Your Heart" on their way to church. Sample lyrics: "Reason is the enemy of faith my friends./A head that's filled with knowledge soon is too bloated with its own weight" and "Think with your heart/'cause you know that the Almighty sees us./ Think only with your heart./Whoever heard of the bleeding brain of Jesus?" Apparently, "Think With Your Heart" is number two behind the latest Multiple Godgasm single. See also Multiple Godgasm. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Crustacean, Leo - From the TV show Batman (01/11/67). Singer kidnapped by the Joker and the Penguin in "The Zodiac Crimes" episode. Thanks to DAVID MASKA for this one.

Crucial Taunt - Genericky hard rock/metal band fronted by Wayne Campbell's (Mike Myers) totally babealicious, bass-playing, Asian-American girlfriend, Cassandra Wong (Tia Carrere), in the movies Wayne's World (1992) and the sequel, Wayne's World 2 (1993). These movies are in a very rare category: Saturday Night Live spinoff movies that don't suck (Julia Sweeney should be indicted for crimes against humanity for It's Pat). They covered Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz." The rest of the band was played by George Foster (guitar), Anthony Focx (drums), and Marc Ferrari (guitar). Thanks to Tom Fish, The Bone Man, and Jerry White for reminding me of this one. (See also The Shitty Beatles, Jolly Green Giants)

Cry-Baby Combo, The - From the movie Cry Baby (1990). Thanks to Andy Walker, Galen Black, Peter Ledebur for this one.

Crystal Shit - From the song "Bitchin' Camaro" (1984). Doors cover band down at the Sandbar, this club down at the shore that lets 16-year-olds drink. Whoo! The song is from The Dead Milkmen's debut album, Big Lizard in My Backyard. Thanks to Alan Benson's friend Vanessa for this one.

C Square - From the TV show Law & Order (10/06/93). Thanks to Dan at NonsuchWorks for this one.

Cubenudo - Rubik's Cube-themed singing group whose song, "Got to Keep on Cubin'," was featured in a 2002 episode of the Cartoon Network's Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Thanks to Alan for this one.

Cube Squared - Swedish pop band who need a music video shot in one day, in the 1988 movie Tapeheads. They get doused in paint and covered with glitter and feathers. Their song was the Devo song "Baby Doll," sung in Swedish. The band was played by Dan Blom, Billy Ferrick, and Thomas Persson. (see also The Swanky Modes, Ranchbone and The Blender Children)

Cuffe, Deco - From the film The Commitments (1991). Ill-tempered, irritating plus-size soul crooner played by Andrew Strong. After the titular band breaks up, we see a solo Deco throwing a tantrum while recording for Eejit Records. See also The Commitments. Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Culps, The - Every generation of Saturday Night Live must have its own lounge act, it seems. The nineties belong to the middle-aged, middlin' talented, middle school music teachers Bobbi Mohan-Culp (Ana Gasteyer) and Marty Culp (Will Ferrell). A sort of sub-lounge act, this husband-wife music teacher duo tortures folks where ever they can find them. There is nothing new under the sun, I guess - see the Sweeney Sisters and Nick the lounge singer.

Cuntio - From Look What I Brought Home (Internet comic strip by Scott E. Kuehner), 01-31-2000 (1st appearance).

Cupcakes, The - From the comic book Wowie Zowie! (2003). Gay indie rock band? By Tim Fish. Review here.

Curr, Sammi - From the movie Trick or Treat (1986). Thanks to AaronBell, George Mealer, Kim Newman, Dale Barnes for this one.

Cute Multicultural Boys With No Attitude, The - From the animated TV show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. In the "Hall Monster" (11/01/02) episode of this Nickelodeon cartoon, one character mentions this boy band. The name says it all, don't it? Thanks to Alan Benson for this one.

Cyanide - From the "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge" episode (5/14/00) of the Fox hit animated series, The Simpsons. This "loving tribute to Poison" were the special musical guests at Otto and Becky's wedding. How great is that; a fake tribute band! Anyhoo, Cyanide played for a grand total of a couple of seconds before Becky (voiced by Parker Posey) yanked the power. She didn't like heavy metal, and Otto (voiced by Harry Shearer) did, which counts as "irreconcilable differences" in 18 states. Hence, the marriage got cancelled. Thanks to Alan for this one.

Cyclone Bill and the Tall Tales - From Cyclone Bill and the Tall Tales (200?). From the comic book of the same name, set in the near future.

Cyclops - Number nine artist on the top ten board in the record shop scene in the 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange. The song title is "Black Christmas." Anthony Burgess' original novel had even more bands in it.See also The Blow Goes, Bread Brothers, Comic Strips, Goggly Gogol, The Heaven Seventeen, The Humpers, The Legend, The Sharks, Johnny Zhivago.

Cylon and Garfunkel - From the TV show Futurama (2001). Thanks to Jim Dopkin Kael for this one.

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