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Hum-Drum Galaxy magazine.png

Alien instrument from the planet Wellington V invented by one of it's native composers, Treth Schmaltar. From the humor article "Extracts from the Galactick Almanack: Music Around the Universe," by Larry M. Harris (pseudonym of Laurence M. Janifer) and published in the June 1959 issue of Galaxy. It was illustrated by MAD magazine's own Don Martin.

It consists of a large drum with a native Wellingtonian inside. When beaten, air containing the airborne plankton on which the Wellingtonians feed, rushes in, feeding the Wellingtonian, who makes a peculiar humming sound. Mechanical devices have since replaced the live Wellingtonian.

The instrument was featured in Schmaltar's Symphonic Storm Suite and Hum-Drum Sonata.

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