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Alien producer and exploiter of innocent aliens, born 8181, from the humor article "Extracts from the Galactick Almanack: Music Around the Universe," by Larry M. Harris (pseudonym of Laurence M. Janifer) and published in the June 1959 issue of Galaxy. It was illustrated by MAD magazine's own Don Martin.

He never claimed to be a musician or composer, only a representative of various natives of the planet Harsh XII. When Pill's publisher discovered the composers of all the songs he sold were dead, with Pill collecting their money, a horrific scandal was revealed. Pill confessed that the Harshians don't sing or make any sound, except when they die. Pill murdered them to record the songs he then sold. Pill eventually escaped from prison and sought sanctuary at a neuterary of the Benedictine Order, where he died penitent.

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