The Erascists

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Or maybe The Eracists (Even the frickin' official Mad TV site had it both ways!). This quartet of upbeat teens sing about the evils of racism, in painfully earnest high school assembly-style, on at least six sketches on Mad TV. Ya see, they're here to "erase racism," hence the name. Lineup:

  • Leader Debbie (Nicole Sullivan)
  • handicapped Latina Ann (Alex Borstein)
  • African-American Steve (Phil Lamarr)
  • overweight ginger Hugh (Will Sasso)

In the "Erascists-Middle East" skit, Steve has been replaced with the gay Reggie (Aries Spears).


  • "Eracism" (11/08/1997)
  • "Eracists: Stand Off" (sent into a white supremacist compound) (01/31/1998)
  • "Eracists Go To Jail" (last minute replacements at a Johnny Cash prison concert) (03/28/1998)
  • "Erascists-Middle East" (burst into Israeli/Palestinian peace talks) (12/05/1998)
  • "Erascists-St. Patrick's Day" (put themselves between gays and the Irish) (03/19/1999)
  • "Erascists-Behind the Music" (parody of VH1 show, explains Steve's replacement by Reggie) (05/01/1999)

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