Hoppy Potty

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Swedish ABBA-esque synth pop dance quintet from a couple of Mad TV sketches: "Meet Hoppy Potty" (10/16/1999) and "Hoppy Potty Video" (10/30/99), which premieres their halloween video, "Hoppy Potty Shpooky Potty," a parody of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Lineup: Schtein (Pat Kilbane), Inga (Nicole Sullivan), Gunter (Will Sasso), Yarl (Michael McDonald) and some other one (Mo Collins). "Hoppy Potty" is how they pronounce "happy party" with their thick accents. Thanks to Matt Vander Plow and Shawn Eni for this one. See also Defcon One, Dr. Dazzle, The Erascists, Darlene McBride, Savante, Michael McLoud and Jasmine Wayne-Wayne, Shaunda, Little Hassan Taylor, Willow.