The Dollybeats

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Sindy paul doll 1965-67 Time Off PoP Group Poster ref 13M05.jpg-for-web-normal.jpg

From a 1966 45 rpm single to promote the British Barbie-type doll, Sindy (Pedigree Dolls, Ltd.). Side A is a story about Sindy trying to buy a ticket for a Dollybeats show. Side B is a song about Sindy by the Dollybeats.

A tiny poster of the band was included in Sindy's pal Paul "Time Off" outfit and a "party pack" of random accessories: Pack A (Ref 12S86) Party. However, the poster shows five guys, and the 45 only has four guys. Hmmm. Did they add a member, or lose one?!


  • Cliff Warwick, lead guitarist.
  • Terry Coombes
  • Paul May
  • R.B. Graham

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