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Barbara Millicent Rogers, aka Mattel's famous Barbie doll, ventured into the rock music game as Barbie and the Rockers when under fire from Jem and the Holograms, but Barbie had a recording career far before that 1987 outing.

A doll of many careers, her first time as a singer was a set of three 45 rpm records with a booklet titled Barbie Sings!, released in 1961. Perennial boyfriend Ken got to duet with her on a few tracks. Perhaps as a tie-in, she appeared as a nightclub singer (with Ken at piano) in the "Barbie the Nightclub Singer" story of the Dell comic book Barbie and Ken #2 (August-October 1962).

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Many albums followed sporadically, including some in other languages and countries, but with a strangely prolific burst of American releases in the early 1980s. Don't call it a comeback, she's been here for years.

In 1987, she fronted BOTH a retro-1950s pop group called Barbie and the Sensations (Barbie and the BiBops in Europe), AND Barbie and the Rockers.

In the early 1990s, a "Rappin' Rockin' Barbie" doll was released, with a boom box that played "a real rap sound," according to the now cringe-worthy commercial.

Barbie Discography (incomplete)

  • Barbie Sings! (Mattel, set of three 45 rpm records with booklet) 1961
  • A Happy Barbie Birthday (Columbia #105163) 1965
  • "I'm Happy I'm Barbie" (Mattel, 45 rpm single) 1970
  • "Fly, Children, Fly" (Mattel, 45 rpm single, included with the Barbie "Fashion 'n Sounds" playsets) 1970
  • "A Little Bit Of That Sky" by Ken (Mattel, 45 rpm single, included with the "Live Action Ken On Stage" playset) 1970
  • "Rapping in Rhythm" (Mattel, 45 rpm single, included with the Barbie 'Groovin' Gauchos' outfit, no.1057) 1971
  • Barbie and Her Friends (Kid Stuff Records KPD 6003 LP) 1981
Barbie Christie and Teresa Think Pink AlbumArt Large.jpg
  • Barbie Christmas Album (Kid Stuff Records KSS 5009 LP) 1981
  • Country Favorites (Kid Stuff Records KSS 5008 LP) 1981
  • Barbie Dance Party (Kid Stuff Records KSS 5010) 1981
  • Barbie Birthday Album (Kid Stuff Records KSS-5011)1981
  • Looking Good, Feeling Great (Kid Stuff Records 1016 LP) 1982
  • Barbie Sing-along (Kid Stuff Records KSS 5019, 6 song EP) 1982
  • The Look (Rincon Recordings ‎– R2 70797, LP) 1990
  • Beyond Pink as Barbie, Christie and Teresa. (Sony Wonder 63489) 1998

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