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Gywnne Ames

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Ames Gwynne Daring Confessions.jpg

Professional singer for real-life bandleader Elliott Lawrence in the "Angie's Antics" story of romance comic book Daring Confessions #4 (November 1952). Although Lawrence is real, Ames is fictional. Lawrence and Ames are producing a university musical, and Ames coaches student Angie Craig, who gets picked for the lead role. When mediocre Angie thinks she can quit school and turn pro, Ames plays an important role in the plot. Ames tearfully pretends her boyfriend broke up with her because of her career, so that Angie will quit singing and stick with her own boyfriend.

Unfortunately for Lawrence, the heart-string-tugging scheme works too well, as Ames decides to quit her OWN career and marry HER boyfriend.

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