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Angie Craig

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Student at Midwest University who gets the lead in the school's annual musical show, in the "Angie's Antics" story of romance comic book Daring Confessions #4 (November 1952). This year the show's being produced by real-life bandleader Elliott Lawrence. When Angie gets Big Head Syndrome and wants to quit school and become a professional singer, her boyfriend Larry Lawton asks Lawrence to talk her out of it. Lawrence tells her she's not good enough to go pro, but Angie doesn't buy it, especially since it was Lawrence who told her she WAS good enough to go pro when she won the part. But that was just Lawrence's boneheaded idea to boost her confidence. So now Lawrence feels obligated to crush Angie's dreams. He enlists his (fictional) singer, Gywnne Ames to tearfully pretend she just lost her own boyfriend due to her career demands. Angie buys it and stays in school.

BUT, Gwynne's act hits too close to home and Gwynne ALSO decides to quit singing and marry HER boyfriend. Doh.

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