Guitar Villain

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Guitar Villain
Okay Guitar Villain, kidnapping your enemy whilst playing guitar on the back of your flying dragon is actually pretty darn metal.

Rock music themed supervillain with a sad, boring name... oh wait, it's a joke on "guitar hero"... no, still boring, from the Guitar Villain" episode (28 Feb. 2016) of animated television series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Normal British rock star Jagged Stone becomes infuriated when pop DJ Mr. XY disses him in an interview. Stone becomes vulnerable to supervillain Hawk Moth's "akuma," butterflies infused with negative energy that transform ordinary folks into supervillains. (Hawk Moth does this every episode.) So Stone turns into unimaginatively named supervillain Guitar Villain with a guitar that can shoot out sonic blasts. Stone's pet alligator Fang becomes a flying dragon Guitar Villain rides.

He confronts and tries to kill Mr. XY on top of the Eiffel Tower. Heroes Ladybug and Cat Noir save Mr. XY and turn Guitar Villan back into Jagged Stone.

Once recovered, Moth's victims never recall their time as a supervillain. So Stone goes back to his regular life with no repercussions.

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