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Celeste (Six Feet Under)

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From the HBO TV series Six Feet Under (2004). In the fourth season, black gay police officer Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick) becomes a bodyguard to this Britney Spears-type pop star. After Celeste finds out he's gay, she goes out of her way to seduce him, and then fires him for sleeping with her!

Celeste sings "U Could Be (So Good For Me)" and "Legend In Your Own Mind" (originally by Stardust Twin).

Celeste appeared in four episodes: "Parallel Play" (06/27/2004), "Can I Come Up Now?" (07/11/2004), "The Dare" (08/01/2004), and "Coming and Going" (08/08/2004). She was played by Michelle Trachtenberg, who you may fondly remember as neighbor Nona F. Mecklenberg on The Adventures of Pete & Pete.