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The "Hard Day's Pete" episode showed a "Hits of the Globe" chart, featuring a mix of real and fictional bands. here's a transcription:

  • "Arms" Limeheads (real-ish; band is the Lemonheads and the song is "Into Your Arms")
  • "Just for Yecks" - Mic Mac
  • "Found Out About" - Gin Blossoms (real; song is actually "Found Out About You")
  • "Which Way Is My Hat" - The R Mann
  • "School Today" - Davie Davie
  • "Go for Iliana" - Sakas
  • "New Shoes" - Danya & the Dominos
  • "Low" - Cracker (real)
  • "Healing" - Viscardi Band
  • "Yeah Yeah" - Stubbelfield
  • "Shoppin From A To Z" - Hot Hlips (real song, fake band)
  • "Radio Sync" - Barbara K
  • "Breaking Glass" - Saxe
  • "Deckhead" - Mr. Fahrer
  • "Butterflywings" - Machine Grace (real, though incomplete; band's name is Machines of Loving Grace)
  • "Gepetto" - Belly (real)
  • "My Only Sciole" - Barcia & the Beat
  • "Fish Head" - Jason's Rice
  • "Jokes In Vans" - The Spillars
  • "Kakel" -Elkind
  • "Shut Up" - The Platz
  • "Numbers" - Disano
  • "Not Me" - The Candrilli
  • "Giggling at Night" - Haftel
  • "Kite" - Nick Heyward (real)
  • "Belcho" - Nickason
  • "Kookie Man" -Littlejohn V
  • "Cayenne Man" - The Storn
  • "Mr. Tesla" - Corre
  • "Stepan Out" - Lisa Lisa (Lisa Lisa is a real musician, but we can't find this song)
  • "Walkie Talk" - Eddy Collyns (possibly a reference to Edwyn Collins, former Orange Juice frontman who would later have a hit with "A Girl Like You")
  • "Miss Teen USA" - Best Kissers (real, though the band's name is Best Kissers in the World)
  • "Fish Fish Fish" - Richmiester
  • "Hang On" - Teenage Fan Club (real)
  • "Stop Fishing Me" - The Fishers
  • "Allapologies" - All (possibly a fake Nirvana cover by the real band All; we kinda want this to happen now)
  • "Hockey Time" - The Phillips
  • "Arrghhh" - Jones

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