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This skit from Peter Sellers' 1959 Songs for Swinging Sellers album parodies rock and roll with an interview with rock manager and former horse trader Major Rafe Ralph (a parody of real English rock manager Larry Parnes).

Mentioned in the intro are several of Ralph's successes: Lenny Bronze, Clint Thigh, Matt Lust, The Fleshpots, and The Muckrakers.

Interviewer Nancy Lisbon (a parody of real reporter Nancy Spain) speaks with the Major (a profiteering Svengali) and one of his new up and comers, Twit Conway, an idiot who can't remember which way round the guitar goes.

Peter Sellers does all the voices.

The skit contains possibly one of the best summations of most young rock star's lives: "He's just as normal and well balanced as any other 17-year-old ex-plasterer's mate suddenly earning a 1,000 quid a week."

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