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Captain Bart and the Tequila Mockingbirds

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In the "Bart to the Future" episode (3/19/2000) of FOX cartoon show The Simpsons, Bart Simpson (voiced by Nancy Cartwright) sees an extended vision of his future where he's a money-mooching loser trying to be a rock star with this "band." Meanwhile, his sister Lisa (voiced by Yeardly Smith) is our first straight female president. The band is Bart on lead guitar and vocals with Ralph Wiggum (also voiced by Nancy Cartwright) on tambourine. They would cover Jimmy Buffet, but since Mr. Buffet charges for that, they do a rip off called "Wastin' Once More Again in Daquiritaville." The band breaks up after their one and only gig at Nelson's Crab Shack.

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