Georgia Flood

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From the 1995 film Georgia. Reasonably big time female country and western star, shown singing Stephen Foster's 1859 song "No More Hard Times." Mousy, with big, unflattering glasses, she's married to Jake (Ted Levine, who is determined to do his lines without opening his mouth), has two kids, and is sensible and sober. Jake used to manage the band, but hasn't for 6 years; he teaches now.

Unfortunately, Georgia is sister to Sadie Flood (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a walking, talking human trainwreck who wants to be a singer, but ends up leeching money and addicted to drugs. Georgia's band (The Holders) is played by real musicians Steven Soles, Kevin Stringfellow, Orville Johnson, Steve Smith, Kristen K. Gamble, Kevin A. Jones, Bruce M. Wirth, and Joel Hamilton.

See also Sadie Flood, Bobby Mellon, Trucker.