Sadie Flood

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From the film Georgia (1995). Jennifer Jason Leigh starred in and co-produced this movie, where she gives a tour-de-force performance as this would-be singer who's a straight-up loser and f*ck-up. She's a druggie, a drunkard, and a flake so brain-fried she thinks raccoon eye mascara looks good. She steals food. She is also everything about Rock and Roll except the talent or the fun. She staggers through the movie like Nancy Spungeon meeting Courtney Love and although she's nigh intolerable, you eventually get to see Jennifer Jason Leigh's butt and breasts, so it works out. Her more successful country singer sister puts it best: "She swallows people up" and "She shouldn't sing."

She starts out singing back up for minor R&B-er Trucker, but goes off to see her successful country singer sister Georgia Flood in Seattle and hooks back up with old flame Bobby Mellon who gives her a job singing back-up in his cover band. She freaks and passes out at their Jewish wedding gig, and claims it was the "Nyquil." Sure, sure... white, powdery Nyquil, babe. How messed up is she? Well: "The other day, man, I couldn't find the door." Wow. Her highlight singing is at a Northwest AIDS Foundation benefit gig, when Georgia lets Sadie on stage to sing Van Morrison's "Take Me Back" which she ruins, ruins, ruins with her vocal histrionics. It's so bad it's bad. It's fast-fowarding fun. Amazingly Georgia doesn't just let her die on stage, she starts singing backup for her, which seems to make Sadie sing worse.

Eventually she gets so fried on heroin, her sister sends her a plane ticket to fly back up to Seattle and get into a rehab. Only Sadie can't get on the plane cause she isn't wearing shoes! She gives the detox nurse injection technique pointers! She ends the movie having learnt little or nothing, fronting another nameless small-time band, played by Marc Olsen on guitar/harmonica, Joey Veneziani on drums, and Guy Davis on bass.

See also Georgia Flood, Bobby Mellon, Trucker.