Bobby Mellon

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Frontman of a nameless Seattle bar/cover band in the drama film Georgia (1995). Played by punk band X frontman John Doe, he's singing Velvet Underground's "There She Goes" when he meets back up with walking disaster Sadie Flood (Jennifer Jason Leigh). He's stupid enough to give her a second chance singing backup in his band. She semi-auditions with Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue."

The rest of the band is Leland (Smokey Hormel), Paul (Tony Marisco), Clay (Jimmy Z.), and drummer Herman (John C. Reilly) Herman is so messed up on heroin, Bobby has to cut him loose. Herman's nickname is "H" for Chrissakes! They're not above doing "Hava Nagila" at a Jewish wedding.

Sadie eventually gets kicked out of Bobby's band and eventually forms her own band with Herman and a couple others played by Nick Rhinehart and Amy Stolzenbach ("Midnight Train to Georgia").