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Cult American singer/songwriter who disappeared into seclusion-slash-obscurity years ago in the 2009 Nick Hornby novel Juliet, Naked.

Most people are unaware of Tucker Crowe’s music, let alone some of the darker moments of his career, so the story of what may or may not have happened to him in the restroom of the Pits Club is probably worth repeating here. Crowe was in Minneapolis for a show and had turned up at the Pits to see a local band called the Napoleon Solos which he'd heard good things about. Some Crowe completists, Duncan being one, own a copy of the local band’s one and only album, The Napoleon Solos Sing Their Songs and Play Their Guitars. In the middle of the set, Tucker went to the toilet. Nobody knows what happened in there, but when he came out, he went straight back to his hotel and phoned his manager to cancel the rest of the tour. The next morning he began what we must now think of as Is retirement. That was in June 1986. Nothing more has been heard of him since- no new recordings, no gigs, no interviews. If you love Tucker Crow as much as Duncan and a couple of thousand other people in the world do, that toilet has a lot to answer for.

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