The Silly Squirrels

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Novelty group with squeaky voices and parody of The Chipmunks from the 2012 young adult novel Fame, Fortune, and the Bran Muffins of Doom by Marty Kelley. Nerd protagonist Simon's attempt to win the school talent show consists of him and two friends dancing to an unnamed track from their album, Sing-Along with the Silly Squirrels.

Sing-Along with the Silly Squirrels screeched through the cafeteria speakers, their high-pitched voices whining like a dozen dentist's drills.

We are the Silly Squirrels,
We run and jump and play all day!
We'll do a crazy dance!
We'll wear some silly pants!
We'll bake a chocolate pie!
We'll fly into the sky!
And then we'll do it all agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

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