The Sicilian Dragon Defense

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Rock band mentioned in the 1975 novel Leviathan, the third book in Robert Shea's Robert Anton Wilson’s insane Illuminatus! trilogy. They show up at the Walpurgisnacht rock festival in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt. Their lead singer is Maria Imbrium, a play on Mare Imbrium, an area of the Moon.

("Holy Jesus," said Maria Imbrium, vocalist with the Sicilian Dragon Defense, "there are angels coming out of the lake. Angels in golden robes. Look!")

("You're tripping on that Kabouter Kool-Aid, baby," a much -bandaged Hun told her. "There's nothing coming out of the lake.")

("Something is coming out of the lake," the drummer with the Sicilian Dragons said, "and you're so stoned you don't see it.")

("And what is it, if it isn't angels?" Maria demanded.)

("Christ, I don't know. But whoever they are, they're walking on the water.")

Wearing my long green feathers, as I fly, I circle around, I circle around . . .

("Jesus. Walking on the water. You people are zonked out of your skulls.") ("It's just a bunch of surfers, wearing green capes for some crazy reason.")

("Surfers? My ass! That's some kind of gang of Bavarian demons. They all look like the Frankenstein monster wrapped up in seaweed.")

The "Sicilian Dragon Defense" is a chess gambit.

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