The Plague

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Obnoxious English heavy metal band from the "Sledge, Rattle & Roll" episode (January 15, 1988) of TV cop show spoof series Sledge Hammer!.

At their show at The Wiltern, the marquee has them billed as "Rak Vulture and the Plague," but their album cover (which is mostly just the Union Jack) and a later news broadcast, shows the name as just "The Plague."


  • Rak Vulture (Dana Williams), guitar, lead vocalist
  • Zippy (B.J. Barie), guitar
  • Rocket (Page Moseley)
  • Buzzy (Lee Arenberg)
  • Jerry Vicuna (Davy Jones of The Monkees), their sleazy producer at Electrocution Records

Song titles from their album The Plaque:

  • "Born Fried"
  • "Stranglers in the Night"

Rak gets murdered in his limo, and the rest of the band goes on a 16 city "Fatality Tour" in his memory. But then their plane crashes and they all die.

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