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Villain The Note
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Vaguely musical-themed villain from the "Death's Screaming Symphony" story of comic book Green Hornet Comics #28 (January 1946). He blackmails and kills violinist Yasha Bartok after bumbling Daily Sentinel reporter Mike Axford interferes with the money drop. Then he almost kills conductors Bruno Paraguay and Leopold Stravinsky, but hero the Green Hornet saves them.

The Green Hornet discovers that The Note, whose real name is Dragora, "was once a promising musical student! He was brutally hazed at music school by three fellow students, Bartok, Paraguay, and another, Leopold Stravinsky! ... His left hand was crushed...amputated! Dragora must've waited all these years to revenge himself on those three."

The Note has discovered a way to set off explosive "nitro-pellets" with sound waves of the proper frequency, which he used to murder Bartok, and tried on the other two.

His left hand has been replaced by a scary claw, and he runs Dragora's Music Shop on Ruthven Street.

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