The Music Box Trio

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The Music Box Trio
Melvin Mouse, do NOT argue with the disembodied voice that is the Spirit of Christmas!

Magic toy figures atop an antique music box that come to life in "The Music Box Trio" story of comic book Walt Scott's Christmas Stories (Four Color #1062, December 1959).

Melvin Mouse has wound them up to enjoy a private late night concert in the antique store he infests. Suddenly, the unseen Spirit of Christmas interrupts to bring the trio to life to help spread Christmas cheer in nearby Valley of the Small Ones. General store owner Packard Ratte is hoarding all of the food and the denizens are hungry. The trio's singing helps awaken Ratte's conscience. Under a three pronged assault by the Trio, his conscience, and finally the Spirit of Christmas, Ratte shares his food.


  • Holly
  • Tinsel
  • Jingle

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