The Jolly Green Giants (The Monkees)

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Were you looking for the band that appeared in Wayne's World?

From the "Find the Monkees" episode of The Monkees (first aired (23 January 1967). A rock quartet all dressed, yep, you guessed it, as the Jolly Green Giants. They are never shown playing, but with a gimmick like that, do you really need to? They, along with The Monkees, are all desperate to audition for eccentric TV producer Hubbell Benson (Carl Ballantine), who has put invitations out to all the local bands, except, it would seem, The Monkees. One of them slags The Monkees as having "no gimmick." Which should be a lot funnier coming out of the mouth of a guy dressed as the Jolly Green Giant.

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