The Etoiles

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Band from the 1980 novel The Boys in the Mail Room by Iris Rainer. Their name is French for "stars."


Kids, black ones, white ones, were standing in line waiting to get in. The tickets were sold out. Had been snapped up in just a few days. The kids loved the Etoiles.

Four gorgeous black girls with a soft sexy singing style that made each single they cut an instant hit. First "Got to Have Ya, Baby," then "Give It to Me," and after that "I Got My Heart on My Sleeve." Songs with double-entendre messages that drove the teenagers wild.

Annie Jordan, the lead singer, was skinny and waiflike and she had huge sad eyes and everyone fell in love with her when she held her arms out, reaching for her imaginary lover,

Oh, baby, give it to me

How I need it

Give it to me

I need your love so bad.

Later in the novel, she's left the band to successfully go solo, getting movie deals, TV specials, and a solo album at the top of the charts.

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