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The Duckles

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Duckles The Donald Duck 25 1985.jpg
Duckles The Mickey and Friends 25 1994 07 01.jpg

Daisy Duck's former favorite band, in the "Herrie op de Prairie" ("noise on the prairie") story of comic book Walt Disney's Donald Duck #25 (1985), printed in Dutch in the Netherlands where Donald Duck is/was much more popular. It was reprinted in an English translation as “Fun on the Prairie" in the UK comic book Mickey and Friends issue #25 (July 1, 1994).

Donald Duck has come over Daisy's (or Katrien, in the Dutch version) to give her this band's latest record, but she's thrown them over for a new favorite band, Sam en de zingede prairiewolven (Sam and the Singing Coyotes). Donald gets mad (big surprise) and upon finding out the band is in a talent contest in neighboring Swineburg, takes the same train as them to compete against them. But when the band taunts him, he secretly sabotages their instruments, but it comes back to bite him in the end.

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