The Droids

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This local Sweet Valley, California (near Los Angeles) band appears in at least two of the Sweet Valley series of young adult novels by Francine Pascal and some kind of unholy army of ghostwriters.


  • Dana Larson (vocals)
  • Guy Chesney (keyboards)
  • Emily Mayer (drums)
  • Max Dellon (lead guitar)
  • Dan Scott (bass guitar).

In Sweet Valley High #28: Alone In the Crowd (1986), Lynne Henry is extremely shy and has no friends. But she is a talented songwriter. She enters a competition to write a song for The Droids and wins. Attractive Droids guitarist Guy Chesney vows to find the songwriter, to Lynne's horror.

In Sweet Valley High #91: In Love With a Prince (1993), Dana, lead singer of the band The Droids, falls in love with the unfortunately named Prince Albert, a friend of the twin protagonists.