The Do-Gooders

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Southern California high school band catapulted to fame by a song the lead singer wrote about his girlfriend breaking up with him. All from the girlfriend's point of view. From the 2009 young adult novel Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway.

“Hi, we’re the Do-Gooders,” Evan said into the mic, and you could hear some girls giggle and swoon. I had never been jealous of them before, but now I felt a small twist in my stomach. Just get this over with, I begged silently. “The name’s ironic.” Ha ha, hee hee. Oh, Evan, you’re a riot. Please. Stop. My sides.

They played through six songs and the crowd danced and sweated on each other and the bass shook the floors under our feet and the roof over our heads. The Jukebox was approximately the size of my parents’ kitchen and the walls would get slick from the humidity of too many people too close together. Onstage, Evan kept shaking his head back and forth in time to the music, his hair pinwheeling and sending little blue drops of sweat toward Bob, the rhythm guitarist, and Daniel, their bassist.

Here’s something you don’t know about Evan: He used to practice that move in front of the mirror. I’m just saying.

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