The Cherries

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Band mentioned in the 2011 novel Stone Arabia by Dana Spiotta.

... the Demonics were all underage and they weren't supposed to hang out after the gig. One night, though, they did manage to stay for the next band, the Cherries. There were four of them- ­drums, bass, and two guitars. They all had short hair (for that time) and wore collared, short-sleeved tennis shirts buttoned all the way up and tucked in to their beltless, tight, flat-front khaki pants. Nobody looked like that yet.

"Speed preps," Nik whispered, staring at them. The singer hardly touched his guitar and spent most of his time closed-eyed at the mic, hurling words into the dark. He would hold a chord and then wave his right hand at the strings at crucial moments, giving an underfill to their sound. The other guitar player, the taller, sweatier one, played the leads and sometimes sang harmony-his singing kicked in about as often as the lead singer swiped at his guitar. They played seven hard, fast, close rockets. They wiped the Demonics off the stage. Nik knew it, Denise could tell by how he studied them.

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