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The Cave Family Swingers

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Band from the "Cave Family Swingers" episode (05 Feb 1967) of lowbrow high-concept TV series It's About Time. Imagine Gilligan's Island, only instead of being stuck on an island, you're stuck back in time with cavemen. That's the premise of this sitcom, also created by Sherwood Schwartz. When the astronauts get rescued, the cave family sneaks aboard with them, coming back to the present day.

Neighbor and talent agent Rick Stewart overhears them singing "Dinosaur Stew" in their apartment, and gets them a recording deal with Big Beat Records. He thinks their caveman thing is a gimmick, and they're going to be "... bigger than The Beatles, Sonny and Cher, and the King Family all rolled into one!"

At the recording studio, the Cave Family Swingers briefly meet Big Beat recording artists The Apes.

Big Beat Records head Mr. Adams (Jack Albertson) is delighted with the group and their caveman "act" and their primitive chanting and beating on things becomes a number one hit for him, with spinning headlines and everything. They even play the The Fred Gulliver Show (a parody of The Ed Sullivan Show). Astronaut Mac (Frank Aletter) lets the band self-sabotage their appearance so they'll come back home and be easier to deal with. The CFS cause chaos by trying to sing during a ballet performance on the show, and chasing the dancers around. This ruins their careers and they go back home.

Also in the episode, astronaut protagonist Hector (Jack Mullaney) mentions Morris the Missionary and the Four Cannibals as his favorite group, and Harry Hands and His Four Fingers and Dick the Dentist and His Four Cavities.


  • Mom caveman Shadd (Imogene Coca)
  • Dad caveman Gronk (Joe E. Ross)
  • Son caveman Breer (Pat Cardi)
  • Daughter caveman Mlor (Mary Grace)

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