The Buddy Death Band

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Heavy metal band from the 1991 Hardy Boys novel Rock 'N' Revenge. (Hardy Boys Casefiles series #48) by "Franklin W. Dixon." The boys end up as Buddy's bodyguards on his tour stop in Bayport. Now I would like to take a moment to ridicule Buddy's chosen stage name. BUDDY DEATH?! Are you kidding?! This is HILARIOUS! You've combined one of the goofiest nicknames with one of the heaviest of concepts, and the cognitive dissonance it generates is making my eyeballs itch! Buddy Death?! WTF?! Jebus Crow, why not Rusty Reincarnation, or Spanky Transubstantiation?! Or, crap, I don't know...Donnie Divine-Right-Of-Kings. Buddy Death. Honestly.

Here's an excerpt that introduces the band (except for manager Bobby Mellor):

"There you are, Joe," said Callie as he joined them. "Just in time to meet the one and only Skeezer Bodine, Buddy's bass player." Joe shook hands with Skeezer, a small, elfin man with thinning blond hair. Then Callie introduced him to Sammy Shine, the drummer. Sammy was a rail-thin nineteen-year-old with a mop of bright red hair that hung down almost to his waist.

"Nice to meet you, man," Sammy said enthusiastically as he pumped Joe's hand. "And this here's our lead guitarist, Eric Holiday." Joe was reaching over to shake hands with the bearish guitar player when a loud bang startled everyone.