The Bucks

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1980s hair metal-looking band whose fake greatest hits album, The Best of the Bucks, is the subject of a 2011 TV ad for the North Carolina Education Lottery. Their songs include:

  • Chance to Win Me"
  • "Quick Bucks"
  • "When You Scratch Me"
  • "Must Be 18 to Play"
  • "You Picked Me Up"
  • "Junior Big 'ol Bucks"
  • "Try Your Luck on Me"
  • "Save Me for Later"
  • "Your Point of Sale Caught My Eye"
  • "Gift Me"
  • "What Are the Odds?"
  • "Mega Bucks"
  • "Something in the Way You Scratch"
  • "Jumbo Bucks"
  • "Bucks, Bucks, Bucks"

The ad has caused some controversy.

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