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The Brady Six

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In the "Dough-Re-Mi" episode (1/14/1972) of '70s über-sitcom The Brady Bunch, Greg Brady (Barry Williams), dreaming of rock and roll success, writes what he is sure is a hit song, "We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter." But the recording studio will cost $150. Peter Brady (Christopher Knight), chums with Johnny Dimsdale, the recording engineer's son, hears Mr. Dimsdale (John Wheeler) talk about how family groups sell millions of albums (a veiled reference to The Partridge Family?). So all six Brady siblings throw in together to sing the song and split the recording costs. But then puberty grabs Peter by the throat, changing his voice right in the middle of recording. But this is TV land, so the happy ending comes when Greg whips up another song, "Time to Change," that actually utilizes Peter's, um, unique vocal qualities.

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