The Bower Family Band

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From the obscure 1968 Disney dog The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band. This period movie featured a brass band of Bower brats trying to get to the 1888 St. Louis Democratic National Convention to play their song, "Let's Put It Over With Grover," only by the end of the movie to end up in the Dakotas, changing their presidential tune to "Oh Benjamin Harrison."

This movie had it all: Buddy Ebsen AND Walter Brennan AND John Davidson AND of course, Disney movie mainstay Kurt Russell. Goldie Hawn makes her feature debut! Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) is there! Plus music by perennial Disney songsters the Sherman Brothers, Richard M. and Robert B. All that's missing is Dean Jones!


  • Renssaeler "Grandpa" Bower (Walter Brennan) - Violin
  • Calvin Bower (Buddy Ebsen) - Banjo
  • Katie Bower (Janet Blair) - recorder
  • Alice Bower (Lesley Ann Warren) - Coronet
  • Sidney Bower (Kurt Russell) - Snare drum
  • Mayo Bower (Bobby Riha) - Cymbals, Tuba, Coronet (?)
  • Quinn Bower (Jon Walmsley) - Tuba(?)
  • Nettie Bower (Smitty Wordes) - ?
  • Rose Bower (Heidi Rook) - ?
  • LuLu Bower (Debbie Smith) - ?
  • Laura Bower (Pamelyn Ferdin) - Ocarina