The Augie Gibbons Revue

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Band playing in the "Society Saps" comedy short by comedy team Morton & Hayes from the 1930s. Only really, it's an episode of the television series Morton & Hayes, a fictional loving homage to old Abbott & Costello routines by Rob Reiner. Each week presented an old short followed with interviews with cast members. In "Society Saps," (7 Aug. 1991) the team crash a high society party where this orchestra, led by crooner Augie Gibbons (Christopher Guest) introduce the latest dance craze "The Cold Potato," where the moves include miming digging up potatoes with a shovel.

The modern day part of the episode was an interview with the now elderly bandleader. "Society Saps" was his last film, due to one of his feet growing larger than the other.

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