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Taranchula Homestar Runner.png

From the Homestar Runner web site (03/04/02). Dark metal band in a Danzig vein. Their name was first mentioned in the "band names" email (03/04/02) when Strong Bad was answering an email on what to name your band. He suggested taking a word and spelling it differently. On the site's 2003 CD Strong Bad Sings and other type hits, they sing "Moving Very Slowly." In the Strong Bad email "death metal" (01/16/06) we get to actually see the whole band hosting an MTV Headbanger's Ball parody, The Half Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour. Lineup: Dave Bjornborg, Dave Olafstenston, and Schenkel McDoo. Their new music video is "The Decoupage," a parody of heavy metal music videos that rip off the Brothers Quay, where creepy depressing inanimate objects are stop-motion animated in as creepily depressing a manner as possible. Taranchula's no Limozeen, though.