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Bard (or poet) of lesser talent disparaged in passing in the 2016 fantasy novel Fall of Light, the second book in Steven Erikson's Kharkanas Trilogy.

"I am minded, friend Prazek, of the many artful expostulations of love, by decidedly lesser poets and bards of our age, and ages past. Shall I plumb this wretched trench? Ah, know you this one? 'Love is a dog rolling on a dead fish.'"

"Strapala of the South Fork. Guess this one: "I wallow in my love, and you the heart of a sow . . ."

"Vask, dead now a hundred years!"

"And still mired in mediocrity, no blow to his fame, no mar to his name, no challenge to all that is lame-"

"Barring what you peddle, Prazek."

"I yield the floor, step lightly over the chalk defining my place, and call an end to toeing the line."

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