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Amatuer rock band from the "Battle of the Bands" episode (1989) of animated television series Denver the Last Dinosaur.

The show regulars form this band to play a talent contest, and go with a caveman-theme so their real guitar-playing pet dinosaur can be in the band without arousing suspicion. (People will think he's a guy in a suit).

Their friend Freddy Facknitts (Cam Clarke) invents robot rock band The Roborockers to enter the same contest. But when his band is stolen by evil concert promoter Morton Fizzback (Brian Cummings), Freddy and the show regulars scheme to get the bots back.

Unfortunately by the time they do it, there's only time for one more act. Instead of being forced to choose between their own band and Freddy's, they combine bands to form Dino Rock and the Microchips.


  • Denver, guitar
  • Wally Adams, guitar
  • Mario, bass
  • Jeremy Anderson, keyboards
  • Shades, drums
  • Heather Adams, vocals
  • Casey, vocals

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