Snow White

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A one joke band from the 1980 movie Roadie- they're all midgets, er little people. Hanh?! Get it? Hanh?! When hot 16 year-old groupie/rock philosopher Lola Bouilliabase (Kaki Hunter), gets mad at the titular roadie, Travis W. Redfish (Meat Loaf), she decides to get him off her mind by going to this band's trailer to see if they need servicing. A little later, she tracks him down watching Asleep At The Wheel with Deborah Harry from Blondie. Snow White comes with her and gets in a fight with the boys from Blondie. The African American midget with the afro manages to pick up Deborah Harry, though. Lucky.

The movie also features a mishmash of real artists as themselves: Blondie, Roy Orbison, Alice Cooper, The Pleasant Valley Boys, Asleep at the Wheel, Hank Williams Jr., and The Bama Boys.

See also Spittle.