Snakes n' Barrels

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Hair metal band featuring future Dethklok drummer Pickles. They appear in two episodes of Adult Swim cartoon Metalocalypse.

According to the "Snakes n' Barrels" episode (first aired 24 Sept. 2006 ), the band consists of:

  • Pickles, vocals and lead guitar
  • Antonio Tony Demarco Thunderbottom (a Slash parody) on bass
  • Sammy "Candy Nose" Twinskins, drums
  • Snizzy "Snaz" Bullets ("Snizzy-Snazz" in "Snakes n' Barrels II"), rhythm guitar

While they had broken up before the beginning of the series, they reform in their titular episode only to go insane due to the effects of a psychotropic drug called "Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake." The non-Pickles members later reform in "Snakes n' Barrels II" (first aired 24 Aug. 2008). Rikki Kixx (voiced by real musician Mike Patton) handles vocals in this incarnation.

Side note: the conjunction in their name has contributed to a real lack of clarity online. We're going with n' because that's what WIkipedia uses. The Metalocalypse Wiki uses N', and IMDB uses both 'n' and "and." WTF internet? Get your conjunction-punctuation together!

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