Sloppy Secondz

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One-hit wonder hair-metal band from the 1980s fronted by Nash Rickey, a Bret Michaels-inspired singer whose stage presence owes more to David Lee Roth. Rickey's quest to reunite the band decades after the height of their fame was chronicled in the reality series Nash Rickey's Rock N' Reunion on Comedy Central's Kroll Show.

The band's only hit was "L.A. Deli," a celebration of the strange-but-true 1980s tradition of hair-metal bands such as Guns N' Roses hanging out at Jewish delicatessens late into the night after performing on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. The song and its accompanying music video combine sexual imagery with references to deli staples such as pastrami, corned beef and eggs, and matzo balls.

The band other members were drummer Spit DeCreaux, who ended up selling stuffed animals on the beach after having fried his brain on crack cocaine; bassist Anthony "Stud" Cardoni; keyboardist James St. James, who Rickey said "lived too hard" and died in 1997; and guitarist Mikki Lixxx, whose successful solo career recording what he acknowledged as "terrible music" made him very wealthy.